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Vitamins, Movement, and Tea of the Moment

I discovered one of the first things I could do to feel better was to take a multi-vitamin that made a difference.  I’m not talking about walking into your standard drugstore and picking up some “average” OTC vitamin, I mean a vitamin that makes you feel good.

I searched, of course, and my search didn’t take long.  I came across Natures Way ( Whole Food Energizer Multi Vitamin.  This product has been amazing because it contains Amino acids, a Garden Veggies blend, an Orchard fruit Blend, a mushroom blend, a blend of digestive enzymes, omega fatty acids, citrus bioflavanoids and a Green Food/Spirulina Blend.  This product is good for someone who wakes up on morning and simply realized they are freaking tired of being tired, yet have no idea where to start with doing something healthy for their body.

This was my concern.  I read articles upon articles about what to do to jump start your health but everything I came across was meant for women who were under 200 lbs.  Hello!  Hefty heffer here,  can I do yoga?  Do I dare?  What about my emotional state…do I want to sweat like a horse in a room of people?  Do I want to waddle down the street with my iPod turned up so loud I can’t hear myself panting like an ox in heat?

Folk, as you can see, there are things we all need to get over.    We need to move, breathe, eat and function and be emotionally all right at the same time.  If I feel like a bloated cow how the hell is that going to motivate me to do anything?

I discovered its one little thing at a time.  I drink my tea, which makes me feel good (tonight I am having a lovely cup of Summer Sunset Tea from Owens Acres.  It contains Hibiscus, Lemon Balm and Rose Petals) I take my Alive Vitamins (these are horse pills, don’t get me wrong, sometimes they are HARD to swallow, but I think they now come in capsules and I know they come in liquid) and I stopped with the fast food.

Exercise?  I am a BIG BIG girl and I stretch for now.  Simple stretches, to get my blood flowing to my muscles.  Next month I am going to my first yoga class (I need the money and the nerve, which is why I am waiting) but right now the simple stretches make me feel really, really good.

Check these out:

My initial goal?  To be able to tie my left shoe lace without heaving myself  into some freakish position to do so.

A NOTE ABOUT THE TEA:  I like my tea sweet, so with the Summer Sunset a touch of honey or even Agave Nectar brings out the tang of the hibiscus.  I also let it steep for a long time.  The color is a deep, deep magenta and the taste is divine.  Mmmm.

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Tisanes: health in a mug

For the longest time I was on the search for THE shade of lipstick that was going to save my life.  I looked high and low and spend tons of money on that one color that was going to make me absolutely fabulous.

As you can imagine, that didn’t happen.  20 years later my search has finally ended (but that’s another story) but I did find something else that really saved my life.  Well, my gut, really.

Tea.  Or to be exact, tisanes.  According to, a tisane is an “aromatic or herb flavored tea”.  I know a tisane to be a tea without actual tea.

We’re talking flowers, herb and weeds here, people.  You brew it up like tea and the benefits from all of the goodies inside are simply staggering.

I came across tisanes purely by accident a couple of years ago.  I was performing a Google search (for what in particular, now I don’t remember) and came across a rather lovely website,  I was impressed by her organic certifications and the fact that all of her products were handmade.

Some background:  I have always been a tea drinker.  Being lactose intolerant growing up and having a mother who was the Worlds Greatest Hippy in California, I was drinking soy baby formula (all that was available at that time?) and herbal tea.

I ordered some of her soaps (wow) and lotions (double wow) and healing salves (where has she been all my life) then I started ordering some of her tisanes.  Wow wow wow.

I knew nothing about the medicinal properties of flowers and herbs.  After doing some research, I found that Calendula helps with gastrointestinal disorders.  Lemon balm is a natural anti spasmodic.  Lavender helps with an upset stomach.  Hibiscus is an all around life saver, as it helps with blood pressure, is good for lowering bad cholesterol, and is full of vitamin C.  (

Not only are her teas healthful, they are totally delicious.  Her Sun Tea Herbs are now a staple of mine, hot AND iced.  It contains a lovely blend of  Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Assorted Mints, Stevia (the real fresh cut leaf, not the powdered processed stuff) Calendula, Lavender, Catnip, Rose Petals and Hibiscus.  Brewed up hot, its a beautiful deep pink color and is so soothing after a difficult day, I have a huge cup of it right before bed.  I drank it hot before I realized hey, its not so bad iced as well!

Pair a nice cup of tea along with her Sweet Dreams Salve rubbed at your temples and I hope you find a blissful rest such as I do.

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A Little Thing Makes a Big Difference

About a month ago I was performing an experiment on myself by not eating fast food AT ALL for two weeks.

Fast food is simply a way of life, especially if you’re in a hurry.  If I am not motivated to get out of bed at a certain time to pack a lunch or even have breakfast I go for the fast food.

The breakfast issue I will touch on in a later post.  That’s its OWN issue.

Anyway.  I work swing, which means 2:30PM to 11PM.  I also live an hour away from my job.  A typical night is me getting home at midnight, staying up until at least 3AM, then trying to get motivated to get out of bed before 1030.  If I am awake early I plop myself in front of my computer and I read my blogs and email and everything else.  I have to be in the shower by 1230, and sometimes I don’t make it.  I have to be out of the house by 1:15.

I won’t lie, most mornings I am no so organized and I leave the house without consuming anything but coffee.  So!  I hit the Starbucks as I head out of  town for a beverage, the next town over I hit Burger King for two Whopper Jr’s without condiments or tomato OR Subway for a full size Cold Cut Combo.

I did this regularly.

Went to my nurse practitioner and my blood pressure was off the charts.  My medication was upped.

Eat Fresh at Subway…it works if you don’t concern yourself with the sodium content.  I found out that the Cold Cut Combo has nearly 1300 mgs of sodium in it.  So I quit eating them.  Quit eating fast food all together.  Went back to the NP and my blood pressure dropped like a ton of bricks.  Hint taken.

So I now go out of my way to NOT eat anything processed.  No fast food at all, even scaling WAY BACK on the frozen dinners, even the so-called “healthy” ones.

Here’s my reason for no longer eating processed food:  two weeks ago at work I had a complete meltdown.  The workload was too much, the stress was overwhelming and I couldn’t stop crying.  My gut (IBS) was AGONY and I was miserable and stressed out and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I excused myself and went home early, to the tune of almost four hours.  After driving home for an hour I felt a bit better, my friend (whom I live with) saved dinner for me.  I filled up my plate with salad, fresh broccoli and half a chicken breast and ate.  With my dinner I had a cup of lovely Summer Sunset tea from

The change was immediate and in my mind, miraculous.  I felt so much better.  It was the last day of my work week and it had been a crazy week with an abundance of stress, not eating right, not sleeping right and constantly being on the move.  That homemade meal made such a difference in how I felt I vowed right then and there that processed foods do nothing but throw us off track by overloading us with chemicals.

It was a wake-up call on a grand scale.  It’s too bad I am so freaking hard-headed it took me to bolting out of work to realize what the issue was.

I highly suggest you try it.  Quit eating processed foods for a week, and see how you feel.  Really feel.  Our bodies weren’t built to tolerate such an influx of chemicals.  No wonder American’s are so unhealthy and overweight and in poor health:  we’re poisoning ourselves.

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The Beginning…

This is going to be my account of learning to live holistically.  Having turned 40 this year, I realized it was time to put all of my bad habits behind me and to start living like I wanted to:  I want to be able to breathe, move, and live effortlessly.  I don’t want to be stiff, bloated and living with chronic health problems.

There’s plenty of information on the internet regarding holistic living, but my question is:  where do you start?  How do you start?  Do you put an Organic Sticker on your car to proclaim to the world you’re greener than everyone else (or would like to think so) or do you start by purchasing all natural toothpaste?  Or buying handmade soap?  Do yoga clothes automatically make you a yoga chick…and by the way, can we fat chicks do yoga?

I didn’t find a whole lot, to be honest, on the web that could help me.  When I googled Fat Chicks and Yoga I got a movie title.  Um, great.  Does me nothing.

Since I didn’t find what I was looking for I decided to create it.  Why not?  What’s one more blog to add to the other two I already have?

Regardless, this is going to be my journey.  I hope it helps others who are out there who are tired, simply tired.  I have some things I have already figured out, some things I am learning.  I have a lot of baggage to get over.  I am no one special:  I have a day job, car payments, insurance, a 401K, and dreams.  My goal is to be as realistic and honest as possible so I can maybe help others who are trying to reinvent themselves.

This isn’t going to be fancy.  This is going to be realistic, raw and for everyone who’s interested.  I am no expert, but I will point out what has helped and/or worked for me.

By the way, handmade soap is simply awesome.

More later…

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