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The Beginning…

on July 25, 2010

This is going to be my account of learning to live holistically.  Having turned 40 this year, I realized it was time to put all of my bad habits behind me and to start living like I wanted to:  I want to be able to breathe, move, and live effortlessly.  I don’t want to be stiff, bloated and living with chronic health problems.

There’s plenty of information on the internet regarding holistic living, but my question is:  where do you start?  How do you start?  Do you put an Organic Sticker on your car to proclaim to the world you’re greener than everyone else (or would like to think so) or do you start by purchasing all natural toothpaste?  Or buying handmade soap?  Do yoga clothes automatically make you a yoga chick…and by the way, can we fat chicks do yoga?

I didn’t find a whole lot, to be honest, on the web that could help me.  When I googled Fat Chicks and Yoga I got a movie title.  Um, great.  Does me nothing.

Since I didn’t find what I was looking for I decided to create it.  Why not?  What’s one more blog to add to the other two I already have?

Regardless, this is going to be my journey.  I hope it helps others who are out there who are tired, simply tired.  I have some things I have already figured out, some things I am learning.  I have a lot of baggage to get over.  I am no one special:  I have a day job, car payments, insurance, a 401K, and dreams.  My goal is to be as realistic and honest as possible so I can maybe help others who are trying to reinvent themselves.

This isn’t going to be fancy.  This is going to be realistic, raw and for everyone who’s interested.  I am no expert, but I will point out what has helped and/or worked for me.

By the way, handmade soap is simply awesome.

More later…


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