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I don’t care if its still August

The nights are beginning to cool down.  Not freezing, mind you, but enough to make me forgo the shorts I have been wearing all day for a fuzzy pair of sweatpants.  Chilly enough to want a steamy hot cup of tea.

I had my options, of Ceylon (pre-bagged), simple black (pre-bagged) or dig into my loose tisanes.  I have Sun Tea Herbs, Summer Sunset and Moonlit Summer, but I dug into my stash and found about 2 oz of Christmas Eve tea I have been hoarding since last year.  Its exactly what I wanted.

Christmas Eve Tea is a lovely creation from Laura Owens of Owens Acres.  She took two products and blended them together, which I thought was ingenious.  She took her Winter Berry Bliss tea (contains Peppermint, Rose Hips and Petals, Elderberries, Lavender and Ginger Root) and mixed in some of her Mulling Spices (contains California Bay Leaf, Cardamom, Cloves, Orange Peel, Cinnamon Sticks and Chips) and the end result is this beautiful, rosy brown colored tea that is warming and soothing all over.  The Peppermint, Ginger Root and Lavender all help soothe and comfort a bad tummy, Elderberries may help with joint aches and pains (like those aches from cool weather) Cinnamon may help with cold symptoms, circulation and a bad tummy, and so many other things its like having a wonder pill in a cup.

Most important, its soothing.  After a long day a big mug of this (I like it sweetened, honey is a must for this tea) soothes and warms you.  I had the tea and some toast, and I was warmed to my soul.

I can’t wait until she makes more for this season!

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