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Winter Aches and Pains


Owens Acres Arnica Warm 2 oz. Roll on

I think I have already said how awesome Owens Acres Arnica products are, but new to the line up is a two-ounce roller ball! I love it for its ease when trying to hit those hard to reach places, like my shoulders, but it also works really well on the back of my neck, I can get through all the hair I have.


I have found I get better relief from organic topical products in the Winter from the tendonitis and arthritis in my hands, the bone spurs in my neck, and my shoulders (whatever is going on there).  OA’s Arnica products come in warming and non-warming, but this time of year I get the most benefit from the warming. This stuff does not burn!  Have you ever put on an OTC topical pain reliever and can’t wash it off fast enough because it feels like you’re on fire?  You won’t get that from this.


Ingredients:  Arnica, Feverfew, Gooldenseal Root, Devils Claw, Olive Oil, Essential oil of Capsicum.  Rub in well, wash hand and keep out of eyes!

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Learned something today

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Mentha x piperita: Flowers and leaves.

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I was told by my doctor some time ago that hayfever is a combination of things:  the sinuses, the skin, and the lungs.  The sinus issue came first.  I always had sinus headaches and “pressure episodes”, to the point I was constantly swallowing sinus medicine.  My sinuses still are very sensitive to the weather to this day:  I know ahead of time if we’re gotta get snowed on.  Like this morning.

The skin issue came next.  I was breaking out with eczema every spring.  Now I break out all through spring and summer.  I was told eczema was part two of hayfever.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with asthma.  After spending two hours with a respiratory therapist, taking tests and all that fun stuff, my asthma is hayfever related.  Sure enough, an allergy pill away keeps the lungs open.

This year, for some reason, the pressure episodes are bad.  I would so much love to run to the drugstore and buy sinus medicine, but my blood pressure says otherwise.  So I resort to more natural methods:

1.  Saline Spray.  Yep, plain, unmedicated saline spray.  There are the brand names, but I simply buy the store brand.  One day I will get around to making my own, like I found here, but in the meantime I buy it.  I give it a kick by adding several drops of peppermint oil, 8-10 drops per 3 ounces of solution.  I would start off with 8, then go to 10 if you feel the need.  It will sting the first time you use it, but as you use it that will go away.  This takes away my sinus pressure immediately.

2.  Cold and Flu Salve:  I swear by Owens Acres Cold and Flu Salve simply because it works, its non evasive and its not toxic.  I massage my temples, above my eyebrows, behind my ears with it, and put a daub under my nose.  The salve contains pure oils of Camphor, Eucalyptus, Clove, and Wintergreen.  A simple Google search of “Organic cough and cold salve” brings up many options.

3. Hot Tea:  The steam from a hot cup of tea helps unclog sinuses and the hot liquid makes the mucus thinner, making it easier to drain.  Regular or herbal tea works, but be warned that caffeine can dehydrate!   Peppermint tea is beneficial, but to be honest, there’s only so much peppermint tea I can drink.  If  using herbal peppermint tea in bags, double up on them to get a more potent mixture, and as it cools down, simply inhale the steam.

We don’t have to suffer with sinus issues, but we don’t have to drug ourselves up, either.  There are natural products out there, all we have to do is find them and use them!  What’s great about the products I listed above is that you can take them with you.  I am never without teabags, my sinus balm or saline spray, because I never know when a pressure episode is going to hit.

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Excellent Article about Organic Products…and if they are really organic

Official seal of the National Organic Program

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A link on my Facebo0k page led me to this VERY informative article on the Bubble and Bee blog about how to tell if a product is really organic.  One thing that really stood out for me is the illegal use of the USDA organic seal on websites, but not on the product.

The example she gives is a banner with the USDA badge, the badge from Cruelty Free and Vegan and some others.  Across the top in small print there’s the words, “Our Partners”.  There is no such thing.  A company has to be certified by the USDA, that’s how they can use the badge.

This is just an example, the rest of the article is just as interesting.  Bravo!

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Parabens! Parabens Everywhere!

Lavender Cream Soap from Owens Acres-Paraben Free!

Like dust mites, parabens ARE in fact in the majority of the products we use on our bodies.  It is actually very difficult these days to find a product that does NOT have parabens included into the ingredient list, because they are a cheap form of preservatives.

The big controversy is how parabens can mimic estrogen, which plays a roll in the formation of breast cancer.  Here’s something I found on Wiki that freaked me out.  Heads up, there’s some medical mumbo jumbo ahead but the meaning is staring right at you:

The lead researcher of the UK study, molecular biologist Philippa Darbre, reported that the ester-bearing form of the parabens found in the [breast] tumors indicate that they came from something applied to the skin, such as an underarm deodorant, cream or body spray, and stated that the results helped to explain why up to 60% of all breast tumors are found in just one-fifth of the breast – the upper-outer quadrant, nearest the underarm.[12] “From this research it is not possible to say whether parabens actually caused these tumors, but they may certainly be associated with the overall rise in breast cancer cases. Given that breast cancer is a large killer of women and a very high percentage of young women use underarm deodorants, I think we should be carrying out properly funded, further investigations into parabens and where they are found in the body,” says Philip Harvey, an editor of the Journal of Applied Toxicology, which published the research.[12]


A bit eye opening?  The entire post is here.  We need to educate ourselves.  Just because the mainstream cosmetic industry feels parabens are safe, we really don’t know the long term effects of them.  I am going to be mindful of the products I use, and that they don’t contain parabens.  I really don’t want to be the mainstream cosmetic industry’s lab rat.

It is not difficult to find paraben free product.  Put Paraben Free Skin Care into the Amazon search engine and you will see 949 results from your search.  Search using Paraben Free Cosmetics and you will have 221 results come back.  Yes, it takes a bit more work, but to be healthy, its worth it.


For Owens Acres lovely Cream Soap, go here to Owens Acres.



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Fruit Salad Roll On and Solid Perfume Scent


Believe me, its not really a perfume, meaning its not sicky sweet or cloying.  These scents are natural…it reminds me of walking into a Farmers Market, and the summer fruits are beneath a tent and the sun has been beating down on the tent, amplifying the smells of the peaches and berries.  Like that.  I use the lotion and LOVE IT.  Even better, it doesn’t bother anyone in my work setting, where perfumes are a no-no.

I am so excited for this!

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I have OA’s Rose Salve in my Hair. Seriously.

This salve is a great moisturizer, but I found an accidental use for it.

In my hair. Mind you, I have ethnic hair. Its not kinky, but its corkscrew curly and there’s a lot of it.

The description on the website says, “Contains olive oil and pure essential oil of Rose Absolute. True rose scent – not a perfume! Now contains real Rose powder!”

I put this in my hair and it worked like a dream. The Rose Salve moisturized my scalp, made my hair super shiny, soft, and easy to pick through. I used to process my hair with chemicals, but I haven’t done that in several years because the upkeep was getting to be a bit much, the chemicals are well, chemicals and I am a hair washer. Technically, when one has processed hair you aren’t supposed to wash, but I cannot stand a dirty scalp and my scalp itches if I don’t keep it clean.

Unfortunately, there is still this European mentality that straight hair is a must among African American women. I, for one, am over it.

Organic Ethnic hair care is out there, but what I have found is the cost is a bit much. I didn’t want to use traditional hair care anymore, that stuff you find on the drugstore shelves that is toxin upon toxin with some aloe vera thrown in, but I didn’t want to go broke in finding something that I could put in my hair and feel good about it. Smelling good is a plus.

I feel good and smell good with OA’s Rose Salve in my hair, and hey, if my elbows need a bit of moisture, I can take it there as well.

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An Orange. A Simple Orange

Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orang...

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I ate an orange today at work.

It was sweet, juicy, delicious and an absolute pain to peel.  I hadn’t cut my thumbnails recently so I had that to my advantage, but still

A basic, 3.5 oz orange has 45 grams of Vitamin C.

I was working as I ate it, so it was a slow process.  Afterward I felt refreshed and pretty darn good, because I knew I just did something good for myself.

Amazing what a real, pure food can do for you.  I will be taking another orange with me tomorrow.

I had no idea an orange is a hesperidium, a type of berry.

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Adding to FB

Adding FB

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Starting this up again

The New Year is here (well, has been here for over a month) and its time to start this blog over.  I managed to get one major cold over the course of the winter, butt other than that am holding steady on everything else.  Beginning tomorrow I will start up with more tidbits on holistic living, on the different things I have found that work for myself based on my own research.  Consider this Holistic Living for Dummies, in a way.  There’s plenty of information and resources out there to get off of this wheel of unhealthy living, and I plan on utilizing it to the best of my ability.

Shall we carry on?

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