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I have OA’s Rose Salve in my Hair. Seriously.

on February 12, 2011

This salve is a great moisturizer, but I found an accidental use for it.

In my hair. Mind you, I have ethnic hair. Its not kinky, but its corkscrew curly and there’s a lot of it.

The description on the website says, “Contains olive oil and pure essential oil of Rose Absolute. True rose scent – not a perfume! Now contains real Rose powder!”

I put this in my hair and it worked like a dream. The Rose Salve moisturized my scalp, made my hair super shiny, soft, and easy to pick through. I used to process my hair with chemicals, but I haven’t done that in several years because the upkeep was getting to be a bit much, the chemicals are well, chemicals and I am a hair washer. Technically, when one has processed hair you aren’t supposed to wash, but I cannot stand a dirty scalp and my scalp itches if I don’t keep it clean.

Unfortunately, there is still this European mentality that straight hair is a must among African American women. I, for one, am over it.

Organic Ethnic hair care is out there, but what I have found is the cost is a bit much. I didn’t want to use traditional hair care anymore, that stuff you find on the drugstore shelves that is toxin upon toxin with some aloe vera thrown in, but I didn’t want to go broke in finding something that I could put in my hair and feel good about it. Smelling good is a plus.

I feel good and smell good with OA’s Rose Salve in my hair, and hey, if my elbows need a bit of moisture, I can take it there as well.


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