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Winter Aches and Pains

on February 24, 2011


Owens Acres Arnica Warm 2 oz. Roll on

I think I have already said how awesome Owens Acres Arnica products are, but new to the line up is a two-ounce roller ball! I love it for its ease when trying to hit those hard to reach places, like my shoulders, but it also works really well on the back of my neck, I can get through all the hair I have.


I have found I get better relief from organic topical products in the Winter from the tendonitis and arthritis in my hands, the bone spurs in my neck, and my shoulders (whatever is going on there).  OA’s Arnica products come in warming and non-warming, but this time of year I get the most benefit from the warming. This stuff does not burn!  Have you ever put on an OTC topical pain reliever and can’t wash it off fast enough because it feels like you’re on fire?  You won’t get that from this.


Ingredients:  Arnica, Feverfew, Gooldenseal Root, Devils Claw, Olive Oil, Essential oil of Capsicum.  Rub in well, wash hand and keep out of eyes!

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