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Moody Sisters Review

on March 4, 2011

I was recently blessed with several samples from Moody Sisters over on Etsy!

Moody Sisters creates “organic natural skincare for your moody skin” and that alone made me curious, although I wouldn’t call my skin moody, its more like downright stubborn and foolish.  I have said this once and I will say it again, I swear my skin has permanently changed from the poor quality mineral make up I was using, which is why I am constantly searching for products that will help with the damage and not cause more damage.  My skin is now super sensitive and I really have to watch what I put on it, so needless to say I no longer use OTC products.  I rely on Etsy a whole lot for my skin care these days!

First thing is first:  I absolutely cannot stand mint lip balm, or any lip product with mint.  Its either too strong or too fake or just too much.  Why some products absolutely have to scent/flavor their lip product with mint is beyond me.  One lip tint I had was so minty it burned, and the flavor was just off.  Moody Sisters sent me their Mischievious Mint Lip Balm and I gagged before I even opened it, because like I said before, I cannot stand mint lip products.  When I saw this line in their Etsy listing,”Scented with Moody Sister’s Aromatherapy *Relaxing* Essential Oil Combo: Mischievious Mint”, I decided to give it a try.

I love it.  LOVE IT.  Whatever is in their Essential Oil Combo tones down the mint a lot and makes it feel and smell like an afterthought.  The mint is there, but it is blended beautifully with something else that makes it an absolute JOY to wear.  Yes, it is also creamy, goes on like a silky dream and really protects my lips but this is a mint lip balm I want to wear, and I don’t say that about mint lip balm at all.  Sold.

Kiss My Almond Intense Moisturizer Cream by Moody Sisters

Another product I was blessed with was their Intense Moisturizing Cream.  “It is best on elbows, feet and hands or for Dry/Sensitive Skin, Eczema and Dermatitis for an intense hydration morning or night.”  Huh.  Sounds like my skin.  This product is light and fluffy, but packs a complete moisture punch to your skin.  I put it on a spot of Eczema thats on my arm, slathered my hands because my fingers were itching.  For kicks, I put it on my face before I went to work because the cold weather we’ve been having has been making the skin around my eyes and eyebrows flake.  The outside corners of my eyes get irritated from my eyes watering, especially if I don’t keep the skin in that area hydrated.

The moment I put this cream on I fell in love.  Heck, the moment I dipped my finger into the jar I fell in love.  My fingers haven’t itched since I started using it and when I put it on my face?  I stand on the mountaintops and yell to everyone my face did not break out.  No rashes, no acne, nothing.  My pores weren’t clogged at all.  My eyebrows didn’t flake, the corners of my eyes didn’t get irritated, my face didn’t feel like it was covered in Crisco, I was shocked as to how light a lotion can be yet be so powerful.  Sold.

My last treat was their Spicy Orange Face and Body Lotion.  These sisters are

Moody Sisters Spicy Orange Face and Body Lotion

master scent blenders because the smell is to die for.  Its not masculine (which is what I initially thought, reading the description and not smelling it)  and the description reads, ” *Scented with our *INVIGORATING* Essential Oil Aromatheraphy Scent combo Spicy Orange.”  Its YUMMY.  It reminds me of orange spiced tea, which I love.  My skin, which has just been miserably dry all winter, sucked it up like a sponge, especially my legs which are just violently dry.  The best thing about this lotion is that it got rid of the uncomfortable feeling of dry skin, yet it soaked into my skin instead of just hanging out on the surface.  I have a hard time with OTC skin creams and lotions that don’t do anything other than protect the skin, I would like my skin to be healed in the process.  I know I might be asking too much, but with this lotion I don’t think I am.  Sold.

They are doing a contest over on Facebook for free product!  Here’s some more information:

One lucky fan will win their own full size 8 oz jar of Love Me Lavender – Soothing Bath Oats AND a $10 gift certificate! To enter, you must be a fan of Moody Sisters AND you must leave what you love best about Moody Sisters (It could be anything or a product)

Get more entries by doing any of these items below – please leave a separate comment for each entry. We will use to pick a # and determine a winner. Entries must be made by Saturday at midnight.

Additional Entries
-Follow Moody Sister’s blog at
-Favorite Moody Sister’s Etsy storefront at
-Share the news about this giveaway in a blog post, tweet, or Facebook status update and just leave a comment here with a link. (leave a comment for each blog, tweet or status update)
-Tweet/facebook/blog example: Check out one of my favorites– Moody Sister’s Organic Skincare! They’re giving away a free product and gift certificate to reach 200 fans. Enter to win here:


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