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Was Digging Around the Trunk of My Car for a Pen

on March 8, 2011
Inspired by my lipstick on a wineglass I attem...

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…when I found the lipstick I used to wear all the time in a tote bag.  Its the best color EVER on me, its described on the website for the brand as, “Beautiful bronze tones mixed with warm chocolate hues”.  And there’s gold sparkles in it as well.  Its a warm, beautiful color and looks so good on me!  I grabbed the lipstick (oh and I found my pen) and went back inside to work.

Now, this lipstick is from a direct sales cosmetics company, of which I used to wear all the time.  Sadly, its the same company that got me on the bandwagon for better products in our cosmetics.  That being said, I forgot myself for a moment.  Once I was back at my desk I put the lipstick on and preened into my compact mirror for a moment.  Man, what a color!  Did I look good!  Wow.

I didn’t have that lipstick on for more than five minutes when my lips started to burn.  I didn’t even consider my lips would be sensitive to chemicals like the rest of my face (never said I was smart) but it was awful.  I wiped it off as fast as I could, then I ran to the bathroom and WASHED it off.  When I got back to my desk I dug through my purse and found my natural lip balm .  That soothed my mouth immediately.  Talk about uncomfortable!

Owens Acres Natural Lip Balm-unflavored, but comes in mango, peach, cucumber, just to name a few!

Just in case anyone was wondering, no, I didn’t throw the lipstick away.  Believe me when I say I won’t wear it ever again, but now I am on the hunt for a like color that’s organic.  Then I got to thinking…did the lipstick bother me when I was wearing it, totally oblivious to what I was actually putting on my mouth?  I know certain products from the same line of cosmetics bothered me, the eye primer made my eyes water yet I kept using it, I had styes and odd eye infections the entire time I wore their mascara, and of course my skin revolted when I wore the mineral makeup, which was the end of the line for me.  Seriously, I wore this line of cosmetics for years and during that entire time did I wonder what I was putting on my face or why my eyes were always watering or I was putting topical ointment in my eyes all the time due to the weird issues I had?


None of these things were a wake up call for me.  NONE.  Now I shake my head and think wow, beauty was that important to me that I would go through that much discomfort before realizing what the issue was.  Now I love lipstick, I love THAT shade of lipstick, but the side effects are no longer worth it.

I had no idea digging around in the trunk of my car could be so eye opening.

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