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My Happiness Has No Boundaries

on March 10, 2011

Owens Acres Spring Bloom Tea

When I got these two blog updates in my email the other day I was so excited containing myself was out of the question.  I whooped for joy and woke up several sleeping cats.  They got over it, but it took some time.  The Evil Feline Look of Doom doesn’t get very far in this house, but they like to think it does.

Anyway, this showed up first:

I never thought I would see the day when Laura would give us caffeinated tea.  Not that I am complaining, her tisanes have been very beneficial to me and my health and I don’t know what I would do without them, but a little pick me up is always welcome, especially if its healthy!   She says on her blog:

Yerba Mate is one of the best healing beverages in the world with over 196 active compounds which shadows the active compounds compared to green tea which has about 144. It’s good for you!

Am I thrilled?  You better believe it!  Because of an anxiety disorder I cannot drink green tea at all, which leaves me with black for the most part, which has caffeine but also comes with its own positive health effects as well.  Two weeks ago I had a nasty upper respiratory thing going on, and I drank an entire box of organic Ceylon tea.  It tasted good, made me feel better, and my upper respiratory thing never got any worse and in fact is now gone.  I never took any OTC medications because I can’t, and I hate doing so, so I drank tea and blew my nose and rested extra when I could.  At night I would have a super strong cup of Owens Acres Christmas Eve tea before bed, the cinnamon really made a difference.  Yeah, I drank a lot when I was sick, an awful lot, but I think I saved myself from feeling worse and the infection turning into something much worse.  I work with people who are battling bronchitis and I do NOT want to go that route!

All right, now we have the second post:

This had me running around the house.  Being lactose intolerant my entire life, my first beverage (other than soy milk) was a fruit tea a neighbor used to give me.  My mother didn’t believe in horribly sweetened kids juices and the like, but tea was acceptable, so I drank that more than anything else.  I guess that’s where my love of tea comes from.

Here’s a part of the Fruit Tea blog:

First teas/tisanes will feature:
California Persimmon, Pear, Apricot, and Pluots (cross between plum and apricot – my favorite)

Blended with sweet flowers including:
Calendula, Rosehips, Hibiscus, Heather, Chamomile, Blackberry leaf, Elderberry, Ginger, Sunflower petals, orange and lemon peel, Raspberry leaf, and of course, Lavender!

I haven’t quite sorted out the combinations, I’m still brainstorming this week!

I cannot even begin to imagine the sheer awesomeness of these, and how healthful!  The benefits from all the goodness is staggering, I quickly looked up the benefits of Heather, Lavender, Calendula and Ginger over at and just imagine all of that goodness in a hot (or iced) flavorful cup of tea.

Its a small thing we can do for ourselves, drinking healthy beverages like tea, and tea is fairly easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.  Some folks are intimidated by loose leaf tea, I know I used to be, but not anymore.  I have different strainers and the like, but I also have these wonderful Japanese self fill tea bags I use as well.  I take some along in my purse wheneven I want tea at work, they are easier to pack than a tea ball.  Owens Acres sells them at a very reasonable price.
So lets drink up healthy!

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