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Online Shopping for Vitamins and Sickness

on March 18, 2011
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When it comes to ordering things online, I haven’t an ounce of shame.  As long as the shipping is non existent or decent, I will order what I can online.  Cosmetics, bath and body care, you name it.

One of my regular places to shop is because they have pretty much everything I am looking for

So yesterday I ordered my vitamins from, as well as extra Vitamin C with Rose Hips as well as Echinacea.  Now, I checked online at Walmart and Rite-Aid and Walgreens (all of which are here in town) to see how much it would cost if I just went into the store and bought them.

My Alive Whole Food Vitamins are between $45-$55 for the exact same amount of pills.  VitaCost (where I’ve always ordered them) is $22

I found Vitamin C with Rose hips, for $11, and its only 100 pills.  I got 500mg, 250 ct bottle of Vit C with Rose Hips for $5.79

Echinacea?  50 ct bottle for 9 bucks.  I got a 1200mg, 180 ct bottle for  $6.95.  Both are the NSI brand, which I have found to be a good brand for herbs and vitamins.

Oh, and not only were the vitamins a good price, there was also free shipping.

Now I know of all the press Echinacea has been getting recently, that it doesn’t work, but for me it works, which is why I am stocking up on it and Vitamin C.  My workplace is a hotbed of disease:  one person that I know of has walking pneumonia, and several others have bronchitis.  The last thing I want is to catch any of this, so I am doing what I can to boost my immune system so I don’t (oh, and I am also taking a probiotic as well) end up with the same illnesses.  I had an upper-respiratory thing a few weeks ago and after spending two days drinking nothing but hot, organic Ceylon tea, I wasn’t sniffling anymore, so of course I am still drinking tea (I read hibiscus helps as well) and disinfecting everything in sight.

I will have the Four Thieves blend in my hot little hands in a few days to use as a germ killer, anyone have success using this?

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