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Review: Owens Acres California Gold Fruit Tisane

on March 21, 2011


Owens Acres California Gold Tisane

Owens Acres California Gold Fruit Tisane contains dried Persimmons and Pears, Chamomile, Calendula, Sunflower Petals and Orange Peel Chunks.  Called a “Tisane” because there’s no actual tea in this.

I used a Japanese Self Fill Tea Bag instead of a traditional strainer, and I steeped it for about 15 minutes in a mug that’s about 22 oz.  I like my tea strong, needless to say.  Still steaming hot (that water was BOILING) I admired the color and inhaled the glorious steam coming off of it.  The only way I can describe the color, other than the fact that its yellow, is by this picture:

sunlight through daffoldil

Image by jiva via Flickr

Seriously, the sun shining through a daffoldil is EXACTLY how this brewed up, its just the most gorgeous yellow I have encountered in a hot tisane.

Its chamomile heavy, but the Sunflowers and the Calendula mellow it so its even more soothing.  the fruit adds a gentle sweetness that is like biting into a piece of fresh fruit, not like eating candy.

I came home after an absolutely cruddy day at work and dove right into this to settle my frayed nerves and upset tummy from said nerves.  I have a passion for Calendula in tea because its good for tummies.


Lets look at some of the health benefits of this lovely blend:

Persimmon: I found a whole slew of valuable information here

Pear: Great information about the health benefits of pears here

CalendulaHere, thanks to

ChamomileHere, thanks again to

Sunflower Petals:  My brain hurt after reading up on the benefits of the petals of a Sunflower.  Sunflower petals contain Carnitine, which is an amino acid, a nutrient that helps the body turn fat into energy.  You can buy it as a supplement.  I found information all over the internet.  If you click on the highlighted word above, it wills send you to a very useful link.

Orange Peel:  I honestly had no idea orange peels were good for us, but I found a very interesting article here.   I actually bookmarked this website, it was easy to read and had lots of good information on other things.


Now that I am finished researching and highlighting and linking, my cup in empty.  I could imagine how wonderful this would be iced.  If you need a tea to take the edge off  and help you slow down, this bright refreshing cup is a must.


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