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My Favorite Herb for Aromatherapy.

on March 31, 2011

There are many single herbs and herbal combinations that make for great uses for aromatherapy, but my all time favorite, one that I cannot do without, is lavender.

I’ll take lavender in anything:  soap, lotions, salves, mixed with peppermint for headache relief, in honey, even in tea.  Lavender is simple yet elegant, clean, soothing and versatile.  Ever had a Lavender Shortbread Cookie with a fresh cup of coffee?  Delicious.

Owens Acres Lavender Salve

Lavender calms my nerves, eases my headaches, soothes my stomach and in a humidifier helps with my colds.  At work, with only three hours under my belt and another five to go, I have a lavender salve I daub beneath my nose and rub into my temples for a quick pick me up.  I also have a Lavender Lotion I use on my hands, my co-workers wonder what that fresh smell is.

Lavender can be blended with many other essential oils as well.  Like I mentioned above, a Lavender/Peppermint oil mixture works on my headaches like nothing else.  Lavender mixed with lemon makes a wonderful lotion, Lavender mixed with Rose is absolutely elegant, I have a tiny bottle I purchased of the two mixed together and used as a perfume.


Mountain Rose Herbs (here in my home state) is having a giveaway over at their blog for a copy of Kathi Keville’s book, Aromatherapy:  A Complete Guide to the Healing Art as well as Mountain Rose Herbs Classic Essential Oil Kits. Check out their blog, check out their wonderful website (they even have tea!)and enter to win.


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