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Sweet Libertine Mineral Eyeshadow Review

I received the lovely colors  Cafe au Lait, Freakshow and Raisin Girl Mineral Eyeshadows from Sweet Libertine Cosmetics.   The eyeshadows are paraben free and the colors are amazing.  What you see in the containers is what you get, I did not find the colors changed once I applied them and wore them for a while.

I haven’t had such luck with mineral eyeshadows.  I usually have to pile on a primer to get the colors to stay on my oily eyelids without turning silvery in a few hours.  These colors stay put and against my dark skin look great.  Freakshow, a lime green, is amazing against dark skin, and behind eyeglasses looks stunning. Even better, the product doesn’t make my eyes water, I put it on and as I went about my day I completely forgot I had eyeshadow on until I looked in a mirror hours later.

They have tons of colors, are reasonably priced and have giveaways on Facebook often.   The founder is Sarah Waller, who got fed up with overpriced inferior cosmetics and started her own line.  I find this the standard among ladies who are turning to handmade cosmetics as a solution to the garbage we are subjected to.  Beauty does not have to be dangerous, harmful, or toxic.

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Soap by Simmons Natural Body Care

Mint Leaves

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I won a bar of soap on Facebook!  No really, I did!

I won a bar of Simmons Naturals Mountain Mint Soap, made with 100% organic oils of Olive, Palm and Coconut, spring water, Akali, chlorella and essential oils.  Its a beautiful jade green color.

When I first unwrapped it the minty scent threw me for a loop.  Not only was it potent but it was soothing, like sticking your nose into a cup of mint tea.  I spent two days simply sniffing it at my desk.  It was like a bar of caffeine, that’s how stimulating it was.  Talk about a boost in the afternoon!

Finally, I took it with me to shower and I couldn’t get over how good it smells or how wonderful the lather was.  I washed my hair, face, my entire body with that one bar of soap.  Energizing!

That herbal, minty scent is so revitalizing, I would love a spray bottle of it to give myself and my environment an uplift.

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Goodness in the Mail.


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I had the bonus of coming home to my order from The All Natural Face sitting on my desk.  Great timing as I was almost out of the Rosewater and Elderflower Facial Toner.  Panic!

A quick background on my face:  I used a direct sales brand of makeup for several years until I broke out in a nasty oozy mess of eczema from using their mineral foundation (first ingredient was talc).  My face hated me:  it was itchy, dry, every single pore was clogged, I kept having odd eye infections, my eyes watered whenever I used the eyeshadow…so I finally dumped it all out.  After experimenting I realized my face was damaged and it would need to heal before I did anything else.  After cruising around I came across The All Natural Face and emailed the owner, she said her powder foundation could help heal my face, and she had some other wonderful, vegan items as well.  So I bought some samples…SOLD.  My face has NEVER looked this good, and I can proudly go WITHOUT makeup.

So that’s my story.

One product I absolutely cannot live without (and there are several) is the Rosewater and Elderflower Facial Toner (for dry-normal skin).  This toner is soothing, calming, amazing.  Rose is known to “repair the skin and reduce swelling and bruising, heals blemishes and irritations.  Elderflower is is known to make the skin soft and can even out skin tone with a slight lightening effect, and can shrink large pores.  All these things are true for my skin, my skins tone is even for the first time in years and using this toner doesn’t make my skin dry and tight.  Oh, the ingredients are as follows:  Distillate of purified water, rose petals, Elderflower blossoms, Tinosan SDC (a natural silver preservative) and Potassium Sorbate (a natural food grade preservative).  No alcohol at all.  Your face will feel amazing.

4 oz of this runs about $7.  I was using a skin solution to even out my skin tone from the direct sales cosmetics I was using and 1 oz. was $35 and I never saw a change.  Oh, and it burned.

Just goes to show there are alternatives to standard chemical laden cosmetics that WORK, and leaves you some money left for a latte.  🙂

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An Aromatheraputic Pick-Me-Up

Owens Acres Energizing Solid Perfume and Roll-On

Owens Acres Energizing Solid Perfume and Roll-On

I have seen, on several places on the web, all natural perfumes designed to use at certain times of the day.  Certain essential oils to use in the morning to wake us up, to re-energize us in the afternoon, and to calm us in the evening before sleep.  I like the idea of using certain essential oils for certain times of the day.

I work in an office, surrounded by people and computers kicking out hot air.  Of course the windows don’t open.  Even though we are told that our ventilation system is top notch, the air still seems a bit stuffy, and even an application of a natural Lavender Essential Oil lotion seems to freshen the air a bit.  The idea of an aromatheraputic pick-me-up sounds really good to me (because I can’t always get to the Starbucks when I need t0 *g*) because sometimes I need a break from the air at work.

So!  I got, from Owens Acres, her Energizing Blend Natural perfume!  Contains Ginger, Lime, Grapefruit and Ginger Essential Oils, in a blend of pure fruit and nut oils with Jojoba Oil.  At first whiff the very first thing that came to my mind was Lime Lifesavers and oh so yummy, but the blend is a lovely mixture and I feel a bit brighter after putting it on!  Very subtle, not perfumy, I wear it at work and get no complaints.  Natural smells seems to be the most acceptable.

This goes with me everywhere.

There’s a whole page of lovely scents, this is my third one (I also have Oh So Citrus and Fruit Salad) but I am aiming for more, the Honey Orange will be next!

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Edible Flower Garden: Great Sustainable Gift!

Mother’s Day.  This year I realized how early it was, so I figured I needed to get ordering!  I went right over to Owens Acres and loaded up on organic goodies, but this year I got something I had yet to purchase before.

The Owens Acres Edible Flower Garden.  Seeds come in a 2oz tin for $5.95, which is amazing.  The flower seeds you get are as follows:

Bachelor Buttons, Calendula, Chrysanthemums, Cilantro, Dames Rocket, Dill, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Red Clover and Sunflowers.

There’s a little instruction page that comes with the tin on how to grow the seeds, how to dry, how to make tea out of the flowers and even better, save the tin to collect new seeds from the flowers.  The 2 oz. tin contains 1.5 oz of seeds, enough for 200 sq. ft. of garden, or you can grow them in c0ntainers.

I got one tin as a present, should have gotten one for myself…and several more to hand out.  Really, for the price and the sustainability, I think this is a great gift for anyone.  Edible flowers are wonderful in salads, teas, lemonade, and make your organic cupcakes look gorgeous.

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Breakfast. Meh.

I have never been a fan of breakfast.  Never.  I know its good for me to eat a decent breakfast, but really, food is the LAST thing I think about when I first get out of bed.  The coffee comes first  *smirk*.

This morning I am having breakfast.  Oatmeal with raisins.  I am usually not a fan of raisins, but I like how fat and juicy they get when they are in oatmeal.  I am not thrilled, but hey, I am eating breakfast.

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A Few Things I’ve Realized


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1.  Pea Pods and Carrots in a Taco Salad are pretty tasty, as well as a hefty helping of Black Bean and Corn Salsa with fresh Cilantro.  I actually had ground beef in my salad (I usually stick with beans) but the meat was equal parts of meat and pulverized spinach and carrots.  Pretty yums.

2.  The more I take care of my skin with decent facial products the less need I have for foundation.  Once I quit the chemical-laden cosmetic line I had been using for two years, healed and cleared my skin from said products, and found out what actually works for my skin due to trial and error, I have no desire to cover my skin up for the first time in my life.  Mind you, my skin isn’t perfect by any means, but I don’t have glaring issues as well.   My skin is soft and glowing all on its own, and this is from a 40 year old who SWORE she had horribly oily skin, so everything I was using was to eliminate that oil.  I had no idea I was starving my skin.  Now I know better.  I alternate between Olive Oil Soap and Oil to clean my face, tone with an alcohol free Rose Petal and Elderflower Blossom Tonerand I moisturize with different products, from Coconut Oil, Argan Oil beneath my eyes, to Owen’s Acres Ultimate Beauty Salve. the last time my skin looked this good,I was spending an absolute fortune on a department store skin care line.


I still love lipstick and eyeshadow, though.

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