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Edible Flower Garden: Great Sustainable Gift!

on April 21, 2011

Mother’s Day.  This year I realized how early it was, so I figured I needed to get ordering!  I went right over to Owens Acres and loaded up on organic goodies, but this year I got something I had yet to purchase before.

The Owens Acres Edible Flower Garden.  Seeds come in a 2oz tin for $5.95, which is amazing.  The flower seeds you get are as follows:

Bachelor Buttons, Calendula, Chrysanthemums, Cilantro, Dames Rocket, Dill, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Red Clover and Sunflowers.

There’s a little instruction page that comes with the tin on how to grow the seeds, how to dry, how to make tea out of the flowers and even better, save the tin to collect new seeds from the flowers.  The 2 oz. tin contains 1.5 oz of seeds, enough for 200 sq. ft. of garden, or you can grow them in c0ntainers.

I got one tin as a present, should have gotten one for myself…and several more to hand out.  Really, for the price and the sustainability, I think this is a great gift for anyone.  Edible flowers are wonderful in salads, teas, lemonade, and make your organic cupcakes look gorgeous.


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