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Goodness in the Mail.

on April 24, 2011

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I had the bonus of coming home to my order from The All Natural Face sitting on my desk.  Great timing as I was almost out of the Rosewater and Elderflower Facial Toner.  Panic!

A quick background on my face:  I used a direct sales brand of makeup for several years until I broke out in a nasty oozy mess of eczema from using their mineral foundation (first ingredient was talc).  My face hated me:  it was itchy, dry, every single pore was clogged, I kept having odd eye infections, my eyes watered whenever I used the eyeshadow…so I finally dumped it all out.  After experimenting I realized my face was damaged and it would need to heal before I did anything else.  After cruising around I came across The All Natural Face and emailed the owner, she said her powder foundation could help heal my face, and she had some other wonderful, vegan items as well.  So I bought some samples…SOLD.  My face has NEVER looked this good, and I can proudly go WITHOUT makeup.

So that’s my story.

One product I absolutely cannot live without (and there are several) is the Rosewater and Elderflower Facial Toner (for dry-normal skin).  This toner is soothing, calming, amazing.  Rose is known to “repair the skin and reduce swelling and bruising, heals blemishes and irritations.  Elderflower is is known to make the skin soft and can even out skin tone with a slight lightening effect, and can shrink large pores.  All these things are true for my skin, my skins tone is even for the first time in years and using this toner doesn’t make my skin dry and tight.  Oh, the ingredients are as follows:  Distillate of purified water, rose petals, Elderflower blossoms, Tinosan SDC (a natural silver preservative) and Potassium Sorbate (a natural food grade preservative).  No alcohol at all.  Your face will feel amazing.

4 oz of this runs about $7.  I was using a skin solution to even out my skin tone from the direct sales cosmetics I was using and 1 oz. was $35 and I never saw a change.  Oh, and it burned.

Just goes to show there are alternatives to standard chemical laden cosmetics that WORK, and leaves you some money left for a latte.  🙂

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2 responses to “Goodness in the Mail.

  1. Just placed an order with The All Natural Face 🙂 Can’t wait to try her products!

    • Awesome! I have had nothing but luck with her facial products…I love her eyeshadows, but they turn silver on my dark skin after wearing them for a long period of time. Her Eye Primer is AWESOME and her Elderberry and Rose toner is just amazing. AMAZING. Her roll on of Argan Oil is so reasonably priced I can’t believe it. Her natural oil makeup remover is WOW. WOW. My skin loved it from the first time I used it. i also love her lip products, and her black vegan eyeliner. The only issue I have is her eyeshadows…but they didn’t bother my eyes at all!

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