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Soap by Simmons Natural Body Care

on April 24, 2011
Mint Leaves

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I won a bar of soap on Facebook!  No really, I did!

I won a bar of Simmons Naturals Mountain Mint Soap, made with 100% organic oils of Olive, Palm and Coconut, spring water, Akali, chlorella and essential oils.  Its a beautiful jade green color.

When I first unwrapped it the minty scent threw me for a loop.  Not only was it potent but it was soothing, like sticking your nose into a cup of mint tea.  I spent two days simply sniffing it at my desk.  It was like a bar of caffeine, that’s how stimulating it was.  Talk about a boost in the afternoon!

Finally, I took it with me to shower and I couldn’t get over how good it smells or how wonderful the lather was.  I washed my hair, face, my entire body with that one bar of soap.  Energizing!

That herbal, minty scent is so revitalizing, I would love a spray bottle of it to give myself and my environment an uplift.

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One response to “Soap by Simmons Natural Body Care

  1. Dot says:

    Delighted you like it 🙂 The fragrance is a blend of mints & herbal essential oils. We used to make plain Peppermint soap, but the solo note was too strong and too dull at the same time!
    Blending aromatic harmonies for our soaps is one of our favorite pastimes.

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