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Sweet Libertine Mineral Eyeshadow Review

on April 24, 2011

I received the lovely colors  Cafe au Lait, Freakshow and Raisin Girl Mineral Eyeshadows from Sweet Libertine Cosmetics.   The eyeshadows are paraben free and the colors are amazing.  What you see in the containers is what you get, I did not find the colors changed once I applied them and wore them for a while.

I haven’t had such luck with mineral eyeshadows.  I usually have to pile on a primer to get the colors to stay on my oily eyelids without turning silvery in a few hours.  These colors stay put and against my dark skin look great.  Freakshow, a lime green, is amazing against dark skin, and behind eyeglasses looks stunning. Even better, the product doesn’t make my eyes water, I put it on and as I went about my day I completely forgot I had eyeshadow on until I looked in a mirror hours later.

They have tons of colors, are reasonably priced and have giveaways on Facebook often.   The founder is Sarah Waller, who got fed up with overpriced inferior cosmetics and started her own line.  I find this the standard among ladies who are turning to handmade cosmetics as a solution to the garbage we are subjected to.  Beauty does not have to be dangerous, harmful, or toxic.


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