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The All Natural Face

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Oil in clear gla...

Jojoba Oil

I have gushed about the products from The All Natural Face before, but here I am again to do the same thing.

I look at my collection of beauty products and I realize the majority of my products come from The All Natural Face.  From eyeshadows to foundation (she makes a Pressed Powder Foundation which is amazing and a healthy pressed powder isn’t as widely available, loose powder seems to be the thing) to lipsticks and lip balms and lip glosses  (the Chocolate Roses is my favorite) and the one thing that really, truly saved my face from a horrible reaction I got wearing a mineral powder foundation that had, well, not the healthiest ingredients is their Natural Oil Makeup Remover.

My face broke out in a weepy rash from that awful mineral powder foundation, and I could not get the foundation out of my pores.  My skin also turned super sensitive and I could no longer use my standard products for cleansing because my face burned.  See, for the longest time I thought I had oily skin so I was using products that got rid of the oil.  For years I did this.

Come to find out, I was starving my face.  Literally.  So there I was, with an itchy, weepy face, clogged pores and not a clue.  Since my face was so dried out and sensitive, I contacted The All Natural Face after seeing their shop on www., literally begging for help.  I was told by the owner her products, as well as her foundations, could help heal my skin.

Well, she was right.  The foundations are amazing and yes helped heal my skin but the most wonderful thing was her Oil Makeup Remover.  I followed the simple directions (put it on face, rinse with a warm, wet washcloth as many times as needed, some of the oil will remain on the face.

My skin loves this.  It removes makeup and dirt and leaves your skin soft.  I don’t get any breakouts or weird skin issues from it, my face looks much better now that I use it.  The ingredients are skin loving and very simple:  Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapfruit Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Organic Argan Oil.

I have to pat myself on the back for finding this product.  Best ever.

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The Courage to Be Yourself

Its not as easy as you think, it took me years to realize it doesn’t matter what other people think.

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Promise Me Perfume

Here’s an interesting article regarding the new Susan G. Komen perfume, Promise Me, the toxins it contains, and how these toxins are harmful.

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$238 of Natural Skincare for Free.

Check out the warm and beautiful people over at for your chance. From those who sign up for the blog, two will be chosen to win.

I’m already over there, so I can’t win 😦 but the products that are being given away are absolutely amazing. I can say this because I use them as well. Go check us out!

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Gluten Free Beauty: UPDATE

I wore the foundation all day today, which means 8 hours of sitting in an office. When I got home my face didn’t look like I was sprayed in the face with pan coating, nor did it look like the bottom of a cake pan. I blotted around my nose twice, and that was all the upkeep I did. I still look amazing, like I just put it on. Even better, it didn’t bother me: when I usually wear makeup I am wanting to wash my face to be rid of it about four to five hours in. This glorious foundation? I forgot I had it on until I looked at myself in the mirror as I was washing my hands. It was really hard NOT to preen.

Really hard.

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Gluten Free Beauty Foundation: LOVE.

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I just received this lovely set today thanks to Todra over at Healthy Beauty Social and I am still just absolutely amazed.

First and foremost, this absolutely wonderful foundation comes in three shades, so there wasn’t any guess work as to what color I needed.  The dark is perfect because its so sheer.

The Natural Anti-Aging Foundation Set  comes with the creme foundation, a jar of loose setting powder, which also comes in three different colors to match the foundation.  There’s also a latex free blending sponge.  The loose setting powder (which is a rice powder) comes with a shaker lid that’s closeable, which is handy.

I didn’t know what to expect with the foundation.  When I first looked at it I thought the color wasn’t going to be deep enough, until I washed my hands and ran my finger around and around the top of the foundation.  The color was extremely sheer and I could feel all of the wonderful stuff that were in the foundation:  jojoba, sunflower, sesame, mango butter, as well as other yummy things.  The consistency wasn’t really creamy nor was it oily…it was silky smooth and thin.  When I put it on my face (with my finger) it slid on effortlessly.  I am sure the color is buildable but even just a thin application my skin tone was evened out and HEALTHY looking.

I cannot say enough about how my skin looked, I can’t.  I have tried many mineral powder foundations and it covered way too much and sunk into the wrinkles around my eyes and was just so heavy, I could feel it on my face.  This foundation was like putting on a facial serum: light, breathable, airy and healing.  I couldn’t believe it how well my face looked with such a sheer product.

The rice setting powder is odd, at first.  Its not as fine as I am used to when it comes to powders, but the result was stunning.  I tapped some into the lid of the container, dipped in my mini kabuki brush and pressed it in.  Even with a small application of powder I still didn’t have that bottom-of-a-floured-cake- pan look.

My face looked like my face, only better.  There was no streaking of color, no heavy coverage, no cakey feel.  Simply, I looked absolutely amazing.

I love makeup, but I haven’t been wearing any because I haven’t had any luck with a healthy mineral foundation powder.  Even with all the veils and setting powders, I just looked too heavily made up and the color would change over the course of the day as the oils of my skin broke through.  I got fed up with trying sample after sample of foundations for the right color.

I have dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin and this foundation felt amazing.  I highly recommend it to those of us who want our skin to look better but not made up.

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How Much Are You Willing to Spend…

…for a lipstick?  Face Moisturizer?  Cleanser?

Say you walk into your local mall to visit the department store.  Ah the Cosmetic Section!  All of the shiny counters, the pretty labels and bottles, the Gifts with Purchase…back in my days of using OTC cosmetics, visiting the department store and dropping several hundred on beauty products didn’t phase me at all.  I simply charged my credit card and didn’t pay a whole lot of attention as to how much the facial scrub cost, all I knew is that it worked, smelled good and I had to have it. I can’t remember what I was paying then, but checking out the brands online store,  $53 for the three step system, $18 for the facial scrub, $36 for the skin renewal treatment…and this is before I hit the makeup.  $22 for foundation, $14.50 for a lipstick, and this was going into a department store and being hypnotized by the lights and smells.

Its been years since I have gone to a department store for anything.  For skin care, right before I went “healthy”, I was using cosmetics from a direct sales company.  No shiny displays, no bright lights, but I still didn’t blink when I spent $13 on a lipstick, $6 for one eyeshadow, $90 for the age-fighting system that included a foundation.  $30 for eye cream, microdermabrasion for $55.  It all adds up.  These products had more “bad” ingredients than good, and the mineral powder foundation literally ruined my face.  I was spending $18 on the foundation and $10 for the brush for the foundation, as well as ingredients such as talc (the #1 ingredient), dimethicone, methacrylate copolymer, methyl and propylparabens.

Having spent all that money on products with questionable ingredients, do I cringe when I spend $14 dollars on a foundation that doesn’t have the icky ingredients?  Not at all.  $7 for a lipstick without lead?  $3 for an eye primer that doesn’t make my eyes turn read?

Check out this excellent article, found on How much are we willing to pay for beauty, especially for beauty with healthy ingredients?

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The Deliciousness that is Clairvoyant Beauty

Fleur d'hibiscus

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About two weeks ago I was the proud winner of a contest over at The Healthy Beauty Social.

Clairvoyant Beauty was giving away three of their lovely products and how excited was I that I won!  I got to pick the products that I was interested in, and how gracious is that?  I picked a facial cleaner, a toner, and eye cream, and as a bonus, I got a facial serum, which was totally unexpected yet so welcome.

As I have said before on this blog, I have gross skin (in my opinion, of course).  Its dry, scaly, flaky, super sensitive, prone to eczema blisters, and I still get breakouts.  I have to be really careful as to what I use on my face in regards to cleansing products and cosmetics, ever since I ruined my skin using a talc laden mineral powder foundation several years ago.  Ever since then my skin reacts to about anything and I have given up on standard over-the-counter products, discovering my face is much happier with products with as little “dirty” products as possible.

And now to the products:

Detoxifying Clay Cleanser with DMAE:  The grapefruit smell is uplifting and my skin doesn’t feel tight, but it feels clean.  I have used cleaners that don’t leave my face feeling clean, but this does, and leaves it soft.  You aren’t going to get that “squeaky clean” feeling due to the moisturizers but you can tell your face has been cleansed.

Simply Rosewater Toner:  Comes in a generous 8 oz. spray bottle.  This stuff is super gentle but super effective at getting the gunk off the skin.  I spray my face then go over it with a cotton round.  I guess I could spray the cotton round but the rosy scent is wonderful and I just like to smell it.

Gentle and Healing Rosewater Eye Cream:  I’ve never had a big issue with puffiness around the eyes, but I have noticed how fragile the skin around my eyes is now that I am 40.  My eyes themselves are sensitive-I have to watch the types of color cosmetics I used on them, as well as eye products.  I have used eye products that made my eyes water, turn red, swell or cause eye infections, but never worked on the skin around my eyes.  My eyes also water from hayfever, making the corners very sensitive around the eyes.  This eye cream is soothing yet it moisturizes all day.  It doesn’t wear down or break down or make my eyes filmy or icky and it really soothes the skin, but its not heavy.  This product does exactly what it says it does, and really, how many eye products do that?

Balancing Rosehip Oil and Hibiscus Facial Serum:  this comes in a tiny bottle but that’s perfectly fine, a little goes a long way and goes on very smoothly.  After I put this on I am out the door, I have yet to put any foundation on over it because I don’t feel I need any.  The flaky patches, the scales, it all smooths out and my face looks, dare I say it, normal.  There’s no color to this, so I am not covering up flaws, but it moisturizes and protects all day and is super light.  There’s no film or greasiness or heavy feeling, it is absorbed immediately into my skin.  Even better, my skin doesn’t bother me over the course of the day.  I usually have to blot oil around my nose, pick at an itchy spot, and I don’t do that with the serum. I love hibiscus in my tea, I never thought of it on my face.

An amazing product and an amazing company.  I think I hit the mother lode with this one.

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Owens Acres Headache Balm

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Owens Acres Heachache Balm

I love headache balms.  I love how they soothe the pain away without having to take any medicine and they have the most wonderful smell.  The days of standard over the counter petroleum-based topical analgesics are over with, there’s now a wide selection of organic, handmade, balms to soothe every day aches and pains.

Owens Acres has a whole page of handcrafted salves, and I can say that I use several of them.  Well, more than several.  The newest products is a Headache Balm, which excites me greatly.  It’s available in a 1/2 oz twist up tube and it works.

Its a very simple blend of Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils, Menthol Crystals (which give it a tingly zing, avoid the eyes please), Olive Oil and Beeswax.  The Peppermint and Menthol Crystals make this salve a wonder if you’re dealing with sinus pain and pressure, yet the Lavender gives it an extra punch for those everyday headaches.  The product is solid, so there’s no worry of leakage in your purse, and it glides on effortlessly without getting your fingers into it.  I glide it over my eyebrows, daub some on my temples, under my nose (the menthol might be a bit much for those with tender skin, but I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t bother me) and massage it into the back of my neck.  The Peppermint and Menthol are immediately refreshing.

At $4.95 a tube, its easy to try.  Keep one at home and the other in your purse for work.  Its quick, easy, and no water needed.

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