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The Deliciousness that is Clairvoyant Beauty

on June 2, 2011
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About two weeks ago I was the proud winner of a contest over at The Healthy Beauty Social.

Clairvoyant Beauty was giving away three of their lovely products and how excited was I that I won!  I got to pick the products that I was interested in, and how gracious is that?  I picked a facial cleaner, a toner, and eye cream, and as a bonus, I got a facial serum, which was totally unexpected yet so welcome.

As I have said before on this blog, I have gross skin (in my opinion, of course).  Its dry, scaly, flaky, super sensitive, prone to eczema blisters, and I still get breakouts.  I have to be really careful as to what I use on my face in regards to cleansing products and cosmetics, ever since I ruined my skin using a talc laden mineral powder foundation several years ago.  Ever since then my skin reacts to about anything and I have given up on standard over-the-counter products, discovering my face is much happier with products with as little “dirty” products as possible.

And now to the products:

Detoxifying Clay Cleanser with DMAE:  The grapefruit smell is uplifting and my skin doesn’t feel tight, but it feels clean.  I have used cleaners that don’t leave my face feeling clean, but this does, and leaves it soft.  You aren’t going to get that “squeaky clean” feeling due to the moisturizers but you can tell your face has been cleansed.

Simply Rosewater Toner:  Comes in a generous 8 oz. spray bottle.  This stuff is super gentle but super effective at getting the gunk off the skin.  I spray my face then go over it with a cotton round.  I guess I could spray the cotton round but the rosy scent is wonderful and I just like to smell it.

Gentle and Healing Rosewater Eye Cream:  I’ve never had a big issue with puffiness around the eyes, but I have noticed how fragile the skin around my eyes is now that I am 40.  My eyes themselves are sensitive-I have to watch the types of color cosmetics I used on them, as well as eye products.  I have used eye products that made my eyes water, turn red, swell or cause eye infections, but never worked on the skin around my eyes.  My eyes also water from hayfever, making the corners very sensitive around the eyes.  This eye cream is soothing yet it moisturizes all day.  It doesn’t wear down or break down or make my eyes filmy or icky and it really soothes the skin, but its not heavy.  This product does exactly what it says it does, and really, how many eye products do that?

Balancing Rosehip Oil and Hibiscus Facial Serum:  this comes in a tiny bottle but that’s perfectly fine, a little goes a long way and goes on very smoothly.  After I put this on I am out the door, I have yet to put any foundation on over it because I don’t feel I need any.  The flaky patches, the scales, it all smooths out and my face looks, dare I say it, normal.  There’s no color to this, so I am not covering up flaws, but it moisturizes and protects all day and is super light.  There’s no film or greasiness or heavy feeling, it is absorbed immediately into my skin.  Even better, my skin doesn’t bother me over the course of the day.  I usually have to blot oil around my nose, pick at an itchy spot, and I don’t do that with the serum. I love hibiscus in my tea, I never thought of it on my face.

An amazing product and an amazing company.  I think I hit the mother lode with this one.

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