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How Much Are You Willing to Spend…

on June 8, 2011

…for a lipstick?  Face Moisturizer?  Cleanser?

Say you walk into your local mall to visit the department store.  Ah the Cosmetic Section!  All of the shiny counters, the pretty labels and bottles, the Gifts with Purchase…back in my days of using OTC cosmetics, visiting the department store and dropping several hundred on beauty products didn’t phase me at all.  I simply charged my credit card and didn’t pay a whole lot of attention as to how much the facial scrub cost, all I knew is that it worked, smelled good and I had to have it. I can’t remember what I was paying then, but checking out the brands online store,  $53 for the three step system, $18 for the facial scrub, $36 for the skin renewal treatment…and this is before I hit the makeup.  $22 for foundation, $14.50 for a lipstick, and this was going into a department store and being hypnotized by the lights and smells.

Its been years since I have gone to a department store for anything.  For skin care, right before I went “healthy”, I was using cosmetics from a direct sales company.  No shiny displays, no bright lights, but I still didn’t blink when I spent $13 on a lipstick, $6 for one eyeshadow, $90 for the age-fighting system that included a foundation.  $30 for eye cream, microdermabrasion for $55.  It all adds up.  These products had more “bad” ingredients than good, and the mineral powder foundation literally ruined my face.  I was spending $18 on the foundation and $10 for the brush for the foundation, as well as ingredients such as talc (the #1 ingredient), dimethicone, methacrylate copolymer, methyl and propylparabens.

Having spent all that money on products with questionable ingredients, do I cringe when I spend $14 dollars on a foundation that doesn’t have the icky ingredients?  Not at all.  $7 for a lipstick without lead?  $3 for an eye primer that doesn’t make my eyes turn read?

Check out this excellent article, found on How much are we willing to pay for beauty, especially for beauty with healthy ingredients?


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