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Gluten Free Beauty Foundation: LOVE.

on June 17, 2011
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I just received this lovely set today thanks to Todra over at Healthy Beauty Social and I am still just absolutely amazed.

First and foremost, this absolutely wonderful foundation comes in three shades, so there wasn’t any guess work as to what color I needed.  The dark is perfect because its so sheer.

The Natural Anti-Aging Foundation Set  comes with the creme foundation, a jar of loose setting powder, which also comes in three different colors to match the foundation.  There’s also a latex free blending sponge.  The loose setting powder (which is a rice powder) comes with a shaker lid that’s closeable, which is handy.

I didn’t know what to expect with the foundation.  When I first looked at it I thought the color wasn’t going to be deep enough, until I washed my hands and ran my finger around and around the top of the foundation.  The color was extremely sheer and I could feel all of the wonderful stuff that were in the foundation:  jojoba, sunflower, sesame, mango butter, as well as other yummy things.  The consistency wasn’t really creamy nor was it oily…it was silky smooth and thin.  When I put it on my face (with my finger) it slid on effortlessly.  I am sure the color is buildable but even just a thin application my skin tone was evened out and HEALTHY looking.

I cannot say enough about how my skin looked, I can’t.  I have tried many mineral powder foundations and it covered way too much and sunk into the wrinkles around my eyes and was just so heavy, I could feel it on my face.  This foundation was like putting on a facial serum: light, breathable, airy and healing.  I couldn’t believe it how well my face looked with such a sheer product.

The rice setting powder is odd, at first.  Its not as fine as I am used to when it comes to powders, but the result was stunning.  I tapped some into the lid of the container, dipped in my mini kabuki brush and pressed it in.  Even with a small application of powder I still didn’t have that bottom-of-a-floured-cake- pan look.

My face looked like my face, only better.  There was no streaking of color, no heavy coverage, no cakey feel.  Simply, I looked absolutely amazing.

I love makeup, but I haven’t been wearing any because I haven’t had any luck with a healthy mineral foundation powder.  Even with all the veils and setting powders, I just looked too heavily made up and the color would change over the course of the day as the oils of my skin broke through.  I got fed up with trying sample after sample of foundations for the right color.

I have dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin and this foundation felt amazing.  I highly recommend it to those of us who want our skin to look better but not made up.

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2 responses to “Gluten Free Beauty Foundation: LOVE.

  1. Todra Payne says:

    I’m glad this was such a hit with you. The entire line from Gluten Free Beauty is really good. I love her lip colors/stains. Like her foundation, they’re really sheer, but add just the right amount of polish.

  2. Its a truly amazing product: light, airy, and gorgeous.

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