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Finally nice weather…

on July 2, 2011
Iced tea with lemon.
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Summer always shows up when it darn well wants to here in the Pacific NW, with the blue sky and sunshine I am assuming its going to stick around for a while.

The Cottonwood has been blowing regularly, and there’s drifts of it in spaces, like snow.  Needless to say, allergies are just awful this year and every other person I know has a wet, spongy cough which is treated with an inhaler and allergy meds.  I’ve been fairing not too bad this year, I’ve been taking extra Vitamin C.  I’m not saying I have no hayfever symptoms at all, but I have yet to reach the point where I am clawing my eyes out and fumbling for a Benadryl. 


The rain has been a sort of a blessing because in my space the world is green and lush.  My lavender plant is thriving to the point of taking over the pot it’s in.

When I drive home from work at night, I roll the window down and I can smell the wonderful aromas of hay and lavender.  Hayfever be damned, I am going to enjoy what is around me. 

Now.  There’s been a lot of press regarding diet drinks and how they don’t help with weight loss.  I plan on offering my own opinion in the form of tisanes.  I went over to Owens Acres and ordered several different teas.  She has some new ones and my stash of Summer Sunset has been depleted.  I had a difficult choice picking what I wanted (one of everything, please, no gift wrap needed) but I have a goodish supply coming so look for a post soon on the benefits of tea over diet drinks.

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