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My visit to the local lavender farm

on July 8, 2011

I was on my way back home after driving the hour into town for an appointment, and for some reason I decided to visit the U-Pick lavender farm.  I pass the sign for it every time I drive to and from town, but after all my years living here I never once visited the place.

It was smaller than I had expected with no parking lot to think of yet still very pretty.  The little store was closed (which was a shame, I really wanted soap) and there was two ladies with several little kids already there.  One lady was super nice, introduced herself to me and I thought she ran the place.

She asked what it was like living in the country, I told her is was a very nice change after spending the majority of my life in the city.  She pointed to the kids and said they were city kids, but she was really wanted them to understand farming and growing your own things and such.  The plan was to spend the day out there doing all the u-pick farms (there’s several of them, and they were all packed with people) and she asked where I was stopping next?  I told her I was simply going home, but I wanted to stop and recharge for a bit there at the farm before I did so.

As we were there the place started to fill up.  Before I knew it every aisle of lavender were full of people with twist-ties and blue handles scissors.  It was nice to see so many people, even though it was cool and cloudy.  There’s something soothing about being out in nature, harvesting lavender.  The farm is up on a little hill so you can see farmland all around you.

The super nice lady offered me a strawberry oatmeal muffin she had made for the trip, that’s when it hit me I wasn’t talking to the owner of the lavender farm, I was talking with a real nice lady who was out cutting lavender just like me.

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2 responses to “My visit to the local lavender farm

  1. That sounds awesome! I bet it smelled amazing… I absolutely adore lavender.

  2. OwensAcres says:

    I’m surprised there are not more U-Pick places by me! How fun is that! You know if you trim your lavender stems – SAVE THEM! They’re great tossed onto the BBQ!

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