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The All Natural Face Review: Again

on July 8, 2011
Tiare French Polynesia National Flower

Image by Jürgen Lison via Flickr

Yeah, I am a shameless fan of The All Natural Face.  I can’t help it, because of their products my face recovered from a horrible cosmetic reaction from a mineral foundation that contained talc and other unsavory ingredients.  I am still working my way through their product line and so far, there isn’t a single thing I don’t like but there are many things I find myself going insane over.

The most recent item is their French Polynesian Tahitian Gardenia Body Oil.  Its coconut oil infused with Tahitian Gardenia, in other words.  This stuff is amazing for two reasons:

1.  The smell.  Gardenias smell good.  The scent is light yet feminine, flowery without being heady.  There’s nothing worse than a scent that’s so heavy it comes off of you in waves.  This product has a fresh, real gardenia scent:  in other words, it doesn’t smell like it came out of a laboratory.  The gardenia is there, but its not overpowering, once the oil sinks into your skin there is a subtle, lingering scent left behind that is just amazing, to the point where I cannot stop sniffing my arm.  By the way, gardenias are a species of the Rubiaceae family of flowering plants, which is in the coffee family of plants.

2.  How it treats your skin:  This stuff isn’t greasy, sticky, oily…in fact, its amazingly moisturizing, yet it sinks into your skin and vanishes, leaving behind only the scent and soft skin.  Ever use a lotion product and your skin sticks to your clothes or you feel as if you were dipped in a vat of syrup? I don’t know about anyone else, but I use oils and lotion to make my skin feel better, but I don’t like to feel like a frosted cake, especially when its hot outside.  This oil literally evaporates:  I am not sticky, slimy, nothing.  My skin feels soft but you can’t tell I put anything on other than the fact that my arms smell really good.

Comes in several sizes, Igot the 1 oz jar for $4.50.

I nosed around the internet and found the Technical Sheet on the oil.  Check it out, its healthy and has many uses.


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