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One of the Many Nice Things Regarding Natural Cosmetics

on August 3, 2011
…the kind you eat

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There are  plenty of reasons to use natural cosmetics, but I am going to focus on just one at this time:  you don’t have to chisel it off before bed. 

Back in my day of using OTC cosmetics (oh heck, I’ll say it, I was a fan of Mary Kay Cosmetics for about two years) I would come home and begin the process of getting all the product on my face off.  I used nearly the entire line each and every day for work:  after I washed, toned, moisturized and used the Day Solution for sunscreen protection, I used the foundation, the powder foundation, eye primer, eyeshadows, liner, mascara, lip primer, lip liner, lipstick and gloss.  I had horrible skin which I thought was oily, so I spend the day touching up with the powder.  By the time I got home I was caked in foundation.  Granted, my eyeshadow always looked as if it were just applied (their eye primer is amazing stuff, but my eyes watered miserably, oh how we suffer for beauty) but the rest of my face was caked in powder, so much so I had wrinkles around my eyes and around my nose I would get lines of powder from the oil in my skin.

The worst part was getting it all off.  The eye makeup part wasn’t a problem, I went through bottles of Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover.  The biggest issue was my face, getting all of that makeup off my face and out of my pores.  My face never seemed clean, I had a dark patch on my right cheek where the pores were clogged and I was breaking out on a regular basis.  When MK came out with their Mineral Foundation, I used the Eye Make up Remover on my face because I couldn’t get that stuff off my face.  Several uses later I was breaking out in blisters, so that was the end of my MK journey.

Now I use  less product that actually makes my face look good even after I take off my makeup, and its easy to remove.  Could be I am using better product, or I now know what kind of skin I have…regardless, I no longer have to chisel.

This morning I did the following to my face:

Washed with Clairvoyant Beauty’s Detoxifying Clay Cleanser with DMAE

Scrubbed with Sugared Beauty’s Happy Face (freaking out because my 2 oz jar is almost empty and this stuff is a MUST.)

Clairboyant Beauty’s Simply Rosewater Toner

Dabbed some Clairvoyant Beauty’s Gentle and Healing Rosewater Eye Cream around the eyes(with hayfever my eyes weep and the corners of my eyes get red and irritated, this solves that problem)

For Makeup I did the following:

Gluten Free Beauty’s 2-Step Foundation Set (I cannot say enough about this.  BEST. FOUNDATION. EVER.)

Sweet Libertine Eyeshadows in Cafe Au Lait and Freakshow

Gluten Free Beauty’s SunKiss Me Lip Gloss…the most amazing color and lip gloss ever.

and I was out the door.  I blotted three times over the course of the 10 hours I was out of the house.

When I came home I goofed around, then I realized I still had to take my make up off.  See, its good stuff if you forget you’re wearing it, right? So this is what I did to my face this evening:

All Natural Face Natural Oil Makeup Remover (BEST EVER) and a hot washcloth.  I rinsed several times then just let the hot washcloth sit on my face a couple times.

I will interject here about the glories of Gluten Free Beauty’s foundation:  my skin looked really good even after the foundation came off.  All those good oils she uses really makes a difference.  Now back to our regular programming…

Tones with The All Natural Face Non Alcohol Rose Petal and Elderflower Blossom Toner.

All Natural Face Argan Oil Roll On around the eyes.

Gluten Free Beauty’s Facial Moisture Serum (my face soaks this up like I soak up coffee in the morning.  This stuff is EXCELLENT)

And that’s it.  I think I spent 10 minutes “washing” my face with the oil makeup remover becaue I simply like to stand there with that hot washcloth on my face.  No chiseling, no scrubbing, no drying my face out to regulate the oil production.

Some Paranoid Writer Stuff:

1.  All the links for the stuff I mentioned is over on the right hand side of the blog page under Favorite Places to Shop

2.  Don’t know why I used the blackberry picture for this post, I thought it was pretty.

3.  Do what works for you and your face.  I just gave an example of what works for me, and believe me, it took months to find products that worked.  Several times I wanted to run to my nearest big box store and throw myself onto the highly waxed floor in the cosmetic aisle in front of the Cover Girl display, but I stuck it out.

Enjoy.  We can either be gifts to this world and the people in it, or we can be miserable wrecks.

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One response to “One of the Many Nice Things Regarding Natural Cosmetics

  1. First of all, YOU are a gift to this world, Holistic Chick, (reading your last sentence made my eyes water with happiness), and thank you for the mention and for enjoying my Happy Face cleanser!

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