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Juni by Xango Product Review

on August 11, 2011

Juni Products by Xango

Blogger Disclaimer:  This review is solely regarding the Juni by Xango products.  I will not be talking about the business opportunity.  I am not, in any way, affiliated with Xango.  I simply tried the product.

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to try the Juni Body Care line by Xango.  We were discussing the line over at Healthy Beauty Social and I had visited the Xango website and was really impressed with the ingredient list, which was listed in full in the website.

Each Juni product contains mangosteen pericarp oil, an oil the folks at Xango are very proud of and is the core of their products. From what I could find, the mangosteen fruit has been used in Southeastern Asia for years, and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Xango has mangosteen juice, supplements, a meal pack plan to send to impoverished nations, a facial care line and Juni.

The Juni line consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Bar Soap and a Hand Refresher.  The Xango website claims “The Juni family of products is a family that embraces simplicity, purity and safety…very ounce of Juni is enriched with an exclusive blend of mangosteen actives, saturating your skin, scalp and follicles with phytonutrient goodness. Combined with pure botanicals and fresh lavender—the signature essential oil blend—Juni calms, cleanses, purifies and hydrates your hair and body…Juni offers wholesome hair & body products that blend the most powerful phytonutrients of the mangosteen with other family-friendly botanicals for a pure and simple revitalization that doesn’t go against nature. It’s a natural clean.”

The ingredients for each individual product is listed and even though don’t quite understand the mangosteen thing, the ingredients are pretty impressive.  You can find them here.  There is no doubt there are no sulphates or silicones or parabens, this stuff is pretty healthy.

I was most impressed at the availability of the ingredients of the products on the website.  These days ingredients are difficult to come by.  Some products list “Key Ingredients” only, leaving you wondering what’s the rest of them.  Based on that availability, and the fact the ingredients read as healthy, I was curious about the product.

I was most curious about the Hand Refresher, because I use hand sanitizers and the Juni Hand Refresher is considered a “plant based alternative to traditional hand sanitizers.”  This product works, smells amazing (due to the cinnamon in it) and leaves my hands feeling clean.  The bottle is a perfect size to keep in your purse (2 fl oz) and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky.  This is a great alternative to standard hand sanitizers.  If I was giving grades, I would give the Juni Hand Refresher an A+.

The Juni Body Wash was a real treat as the scent captivated my nose immediately, turning my shower into a very enjoyable experience.  Its very gentle yet cleansing, has a gorgeous foam and leaves your skin soft and clean.  Actually, once I smelled it I really didn’t care what it did, the fact that it smelled so good won me over.  I have super reactive skin, and this formula is gentle and soothing.  The Lavender scent comes through above the other scents, which makes your shower an uplifting, refreshing experience.  I give the Juni Body Wash an A+ as well.

The Juni Shampoo…let me start out by telling everyone I have thick, natural, ethnic hair, so two washes get good results for me.  Because there are no sulfates, this shampoo doesn’t have insane lather, it lathers gently and cleans and doesn’t bother my scalp.  In fact, my hair nicely clean but not squeaky clean, which tells me y hair wasn’t stripped of its oils.  The only negative thing is that if you have a lot of hair, it will take time to work this through your hair.  I give the Juni Shampoo a B.

 The Juni Conditioner was a shock.  This stuff is super thick, and when I leave it on for about five minutes it leaves my hair bouncy and soft but not heavy…and my hair does not bounce.  It does now.  I did not expect the conditioner to work on my thick, dry hair, but it did.  Be warned, as you go thru the bottle the stuff is so thick you really have to shake the bottle to get the product to the top.  I give the conditioner an A.

The Juni Lotion is my least favorite, but that doesn’t mean its not effective.  The Juni products are meant to be gentle enough to use on the entire family, and my skin is so dry I usually have to go hard-core with my moisturizers to be effective on my dry, reactive skin.  I have to apply this several times a day, it washes off easily, so there’s reapplying to your hands after washing, no doubt about it.  It works into my skin well, and it leaves skin soft and silky without being greasy or leaving a heavy residue, and the breakouts of eczema I had on my arms are diminishing (that I did not expect) but it doesn’t work on my legs very well, and about halfway through the day I feel the need to reapply.  I grade the Juni Lotion a B, because those patches of eczema are almost gone.  For sure I am not flaky and scratchy anymore.

Overall, I am impressed with this line of products.  Most importantly, I am extremely impressed with their website and how up front their product information is.  I have purchased products from direct sale companies before, but this is the first who had a website that seems dedicated to education.

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3 responses to “Juni by Xango Product Review

  1. NIce one! I agree on most of your comments and as you mentioned – here personal preference plays an enormous role. I love the Body Lotion – because it’s light and non-greasy. I normally hate the feeling of most body lotions on my skin. I usually have to fight the urge to actually wash my hands after applying lotion or to rub it off with a towel. With Juni, my skin feels moisturized and nourished and delicately frangranced.

    I ABSOLUTELY agree 100% (Can you agree 1000%??) on your rating of the hand sanitizer. In fact, I would give it an A++. I think I’m addicted to the stuff. Don’t you just love the way it makes you hands feel afterwards? It doesn’t just sanitize your hands, but actually makes it feel moisturized and silky smoorth-beautiful. I fly through mine ’cause I find myself reapplying throughout the day just because I love the fragrance and the way my skin feels afterwards.

    Talking about the fragrance of the products… all natural fragrance it reminds me of the aromas you’ll find in very exclusive spas.

    I also agree with what you said about the shampoo. We are so used to the rubbish in our shampoos that not having lots of lather does feel a bit strange. With long hair, I also tend to go through a lot of product. But the conditioner! Wow! Awesome, awesome stuff.

    • The Hand Refresher is absolutely amazing. I love how the cinnamon smell comes through.

      I still use the lotion, I love how it smells.

      We need to remember that natural products “use” differently than the chemical products we are so used to: soaps and shampoos lather up differently and aren’t as thick, same with lotions. Consistency is a big thing for some people, and the thought of using a thin shampoo in their hair can be very foreign to them. Granted, it takes a bit more work to lather up, but it works even better than the stuff off the shelves.

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