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Andalou Naturals: Citrus Verbena Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Andalou Natruals Citrus Verbena Shower Gel

Sometimes we fellow beauty bloggers exchange requests from beauty companies to do reviews on their products.  Makes sense, right?  I mean,  why would a beauty blogger with normal skin do a review for anti acne products, or in turn, why would a blogger with freaky, hyper-reactive skin do a review on products for oily skin?

As a blogger, you have to choose your product reviews carefully, because you don’t want to try a product that reacts poorly with your skin.  As well, as natural beauty bloggers we are careful to review products that are considered healthy to use.  Personally, I’ve been playing it real safe and have reviewed products that 1.  work on me and 2. have an ingredient list I understand.  Technically, I know how my skin is, and when I try a product that doesn’t make my skin morph into shoe leather or even worse, the oozy, broken out skin I have been used to, I get a bit excited.

All this being said, I was put in contact with Andalou Naturals to do a review on two of their products (they let me chose, which was super nice of them) and after scouring their website (which is a nice website, easy to get around, has tons of information and is very easy to read) I picked two products and waited for them to come in the mail.

Andalou Citrus Verbena Body Lotion

I am now the proud owner of their Citrus Verbena Body Wash and matching Lotion.  I used the lotion first (having already been in and out of the shower) and immediately fell in love with the smell, texture and performance.

Citrus Verbena Body Lotion:

1.  Square green pump bottle with a very attractive label.  Comes in a generous 11 oz size.

2.  The first ingredient is Aloe, which is impressive to me.  In my mind, lotions with the first ingredient of water makes me doubtful because hello, water!  I look for some sort of fruit or plant oil, something I know that is going to do more than cover up my dry skin.

3.  My skin (which is dry and flaky and like a dusty chalkboard) soaks this stuff up and it leaves  behind softness, no grease, weird residue, or anything shimmery.  It moisturizes like you wouldn’t believe, goes on like a dream (must be the Sunflower oil, which I love) and leaves you feeling clean, not like you just smothered yourself in lotion.  I think we all know that feeling? Your clothes stick to you?  Not with this.

4.  The citrus verbena smell is very natural, there’s nothing perfumy about this.  Its crisp, refreshing and just smells good.  I am a very frequent hand washer, and I use it over and over again over the course of the day on my hands, but once I put it on my horribly dried out legs I don’t have to reapply.

5. The website had tons of information regarding the Advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science this company is all about.  Their ingredients are very impressive, are clear on the website and on the bottle, but the Fruit Stem Cell thing is greek to me.  The lotion contains Evening Primrose Oil, Apricot Oil, Shea Butter, Citrus Extracts (Lime and Lemon) as well as other healthy things.  They have a glossary of all of their ingredients on their web page.


Citrus Verbena Shower Gel

  1.  I love this stuff.  Smells good, rinses away well, foams up well and I don’t itch after washing.  My skin is soft afterwards, and not overly dry (I take hot showers so I can’t blame dry skin on products alone).  Comes in an identical green bottle like the lotion, but has a flip-top cap instead of a pump.  11 oz.
  2. The ingredients in the Shower Gel are nearly identical to those in the Body Lotion, save for a few I listed below.

All in all?  I like this product.  I like it a lot.  I love the shower gel more than the lotion because the citrus scent is very refreshing in the shower.  I would suggest heading to the website and reading all of the information they have to offer on their products.  I know my sister-blogger Melissa Whitman is trying the Andalou Naturals Omega Glow Facial  Concentrate.  She will be coming out with a review of that soon, so check her blog for that.

(Note:  This post has been edited for content by the blogger.)

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New Juni By Xango: Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil

New Juni by Xango Hair & Scalp Treatment

Disclaimer:  I am not a Xango Distributor.  I am just talking about their products.

Yeah, I know I’ve already done a Juni by Xango review, but here I am to do another.  Xango reformulated the entire line and reintroduced it at their @011 International Convention.  The packaging and logo have changed, the same wonderful, healthy ingredients are still the same, and they added three new products, one being the new Juni Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil.

The website says “Nourishing mangosteen, purifying rosemary, stimulating peppermint, cleansing thyme, balancing cedarwood and soothing lavender help cleanse and increase hair density while stimulating the scalp”.  I don’t have a problem with hair density at all, really, but this product is awesome for an entirely different reason:

Its awesome for your sinuses.

The prevailing scent is peppermint, toned down a bit with the rosemary and lavender essential oils, but its still potent enough to open up your sinuses.  I put a drop on the tip of each finger (the oil comes in a cute little glass pump bottle which makes doing this easy) and go right for the sinus cavities in my head:  the top of my head, behind my ears, at the base of my neck.  If you’re like me and have sinus pressure due to the weather change, this oil will bring a welcome relief to stuffiness.  Massage gently, don’t use too much pressure, and the peppermint will open up your sinuses.

When I first applied the oil I was thinking, sure this might be great for my hair by OMG my sinuses!  I can breathe!

So yes, the Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil is great for your hair and scalp, but your sinuses will benefit from it as well.

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Driving Home in the Rain

I meant to write this Monday night, but by the time I got home I was done.

Then i tried to write it Tuesday night, but by the time I got home I was done.  Again.  Just done.

I was going to talk about driving home in the rain Monday night.  How when I left work I was in a torrential downpour, and how the rain became a drizzle, then a mist, then nothing.  Then I noticed the pavement getting progressively drier as I made my way home, to the point where the roads were completely dry when I pulled up to the house.

I have no idea what it meant to me at the time.  If I had written this post when I should have, something profound would have come out of me.  Now, three days later, I have nothing.

I have something else, though.

My job isn’t physical.  I sit in a cubicle for 8 hours.  Nothing cool, nothing, glamorous, nothing to work up a sweat about. The job isn’t even difficult, I can literally do it in my sleep (and yes, yes I have) but what wears me out is the  mental aspect of being so helpful all the time.

By nature I am a naturally helpful person.  I like helping people, but sometimes it gets to the point where I am drained because some people suck me dry with the help they need.  You know, when a friend needs someone to talk to, and you offer advice…but it seems to fall on deaf ears because nothing changes with that person.  You have sympathy, and you still try to help but that person still is wallowing in misery.  There’s only so much of myself I can give before I turn into an empty vessel full of cobwebs.

That’s how I was feeling Monday when I was driving home in the rain.  Empty.  Because the person with the issues suddenly got silent and distant, which in turn made me feel stepped on and used.  So does the conversations end when the problems are solved, then start up again when problems come ’round?

Is that what I’m good for?

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Sick? Maybe…

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower 2

Hibiscus Flower

Spent time today with my fellow blogger and friend, naturalbeautyvixen for a lovely several hours of carbs and caffeine.  On my drive home I started feel that ‘great, getting a cold feeling’ and by the time I got home I went straight to bed.

Now, I am drinking strong peppermint and hibiscus tea (thank you, Owens Acres) and dosing myself with Vitamin C capsules (with Rose Hips).  I have a box of Emergen-C Immune Defense Formula, which also contains hibiscus extract, but the stuff tastes absolutely hideous.  If I have to…

There’s no one to blame for this but myself.  Horrible stress, mixed with me not taking care of myself brought me to this place.   I admit, I wasn’t sleeping,  wasn’t eating right, wasn’t taking my vitamins, and now I am totally useless.  Well, that’s being dramatic.  I am not too far gone but I feel I am teetering on the edge.

What’s sad and funny about this situation is that I am not ignorant in how I need to take care of myself.  In theory is one thing, in practice is another.


Being unable to take standard OTC cold remedies (yet I long for the days I was able to swill Nyquil and call it a night) I have alternate ways to deal with a cold.  Tea.  Organic cough and cold salves.  Cough drops.  When it gets real bad, Advil for fever and Benadryl for the runny nose.  Hey, you have to do what you have do.  Sometimes staying home isn’t a luxury. Life does go on.

So, lesson learned.  I need to take care of myself better, lest I find myself in the situation I am in now:  blogging while listening to New Order.  When I started this post I was listening to The Smiths. *blushes*

Time for more tea…

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Owens Acres Goddess Butters

Owens Acres Goddess Butter

Laura called them butters, but I wouldn’t really describe the product as a “butter”.  Its not a creamy, thick, frosting-like consistency, it actually reminds me of coconut oil.  It melts at the moment of contact into a clear liquid that vanishes into my skin once I put it on.  I have tried the Almond (mmmm) and I purchased the Lavender, but there are also Chamomile, Coffee, Neroli, Orange, Rose, Rosemary and Vanilla scents.

No horrible synthetic scents here.  I could do a whole post on how I absolutely despise artificial scents, but I think my readers already know of my horrible disdain for fake scents, especially vanilla.  Regardless!  The Lavender smells…like Lavender.  Laura only uses pure essential oils so if you purchase the Chamomile, its gonna smell exactly like Chamomile, not some strange idea of Chamomile.

Even better with the Goddess Butters, they are flexible. I use it in my hair.

Winter is coming, lets save our skin from suffering through that  horrible dryness that comes with the season.

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Nessa’s Naturals

Nessa's Naturals Frosting Body Cream

One of the greatest things about this “business” I am in is finding lovely little companies run by the most beautiful people, and what an experience to fall in love with the products and the person behind them.

Vanessa at Nessa’s Naturals is amazing, and so are her products.  I am now the proud owner a hefty four ounce jar of her “Frosting” Body Cream in her Fresh Pear Scent.  I’ve always been a bit leery of products labeled “frosting” because all I can think of is a thick, greasy lotion.  She proved me wrong.  Her Body Creme is thick, but its not greasy, and when I put it on my disgustingly dry legs this morning it vanished.  My skin soaked it up so fast I didn’t have to rub it in, and that horrible tight, dry feeling is gone.  I actually wore it to work yesterday and one thing I hate is having to reapply lotion to my legs in the middle of the day.  My hands sure, because I wash them over and over, but when it comes to my legs I don’t want to deal with ashiness in the middle of the afternoon.  Nessa’s Frosting lasted all day, and the delicious smell of pears didn’t fade or turn as the day went by.

Its think and luxurious. What a skin treat.

Nessa's Natural's Red Riot Lip Stick: Bold red with a slight orange tone

I also fell in love with her lip sticks, they come in the cutest little tubes and have this unique domed shape (well unique to me) and her colors are amazing.  They are kinda like a balm with sheer yet solid color.  Blaze’N is my all time favorite, but then she came out with Red Riot.  Apparently she knows how to keep me ordering.

So go check her out over at her website, check out her many other goodies and be impressed!  She uses only healthy, good for you ingredients, so you know you aren’t getting a tube full of prettily colored chemicals.

Nessa's Natural Blaze'n Lip Stick: gorgeous orangy red

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Stress. Oh How it Hurts

Lavender and Fountain: Cuxa Cloister

Image by The Loopweaver via Flickr

Since Sunday I have been consumed by horrible stress.  The not eating, not sleeping type of stress.  The type of stress that, now I have my two days off from work, makes me wants to stay in bed for extended periods of time.

I am tired.  Exhausted, really.  I got two hours of sleep last night, was able to take a nap this afternoon.  Now, after dinner (homemade soup and bread, pure delicious comfort food) I wanna go back to bed in the worst way.

I am armed to the teeth with my own “anti stress” remedies:  tea, lavender everything, and rest.  The rest is the hardest part, because once I am in bed, the mind starts replaying the incident at work that brought me to write this post.

One thing that I keep going  back to is the people and the situation that made me feel  this way.  Do they have that much power over me that I can’t sleep, can’t eat for days?  Am I that receptive to what happens around me?

Apparently so.  Now time for more tea…

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Real Life Can Get In the Way

Autumn colors in Lappeenranta, Finland

Image via Wikipedia

Whoa, its been a while since I have been here.  Real Life has been kicking lately, with job, family, and everything else that has been thrown my way.  The seasons are changing, kids are back in school, the nights are cooler…you name it.  Its happening.

No matter how peaceful I try to be, there’s always STUFF to contend with.  I find it difficult to relax, no matter how many self help books I read.  Take deep breaths.  Fix your posture.  Eat only certain things.  It gets to the point where we are living an extension of ourselves instead of our true selves, because everyone else has the answers for us.

Sometimes I just need to be.   I have to control what comes  into my body, and I don’t mean just food, I mean news, social media, all that.  I can only take so much electronic onslaught before I lose my mind.  Sure, I can spend time on the computer, but I can control what I see or don’t want to see, for the sake of my sanity.

I hope Fall  slows things down a tad.  I would like to be able to stop and breathe on my own again.


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