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Real Life Can Get In the Way

on September 8, 2011
Autumn colors in Lappeenranta, Finland

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Whoa, its been a while since I have been here.  Real Life has been kicking lately, with job, family, and everything else that has been thrown my way.  The seasons are changing, kids are back in school, the nights are cooler…you name it.  Its happening.

No matter how peaceful I try to be, there’s always STUFF to contend with.  I find it difficult to relax, no matter how many self help books I read.  Take deep breaths.  Fix your posture.  Eat only certain things.  It gets to the point where we are living an extension of ourselves instead of our true selves, because everyone else has the answers for us.

Sometimes I just need to be.   I have to control what comes  into my body, and I don’t mean just food, I mean news, social media, all that.  I can only take so much electronic onslaught before I lose my mind.  Sure, I can spend time on the computer, but I can control what I see or don’t want to see, for the sake of my sanity.

I hope Fall  slows things down a tad.  I would like to be able to stop and breathe on my own again.


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2 responses to “Real Life Can Get In the Way

  1. I can certainly relate.I have been so overwhelmed lately.You can definately overload on information and all that is expected of you.

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