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Nessa’s Naturals

on September 21, 2011

Nessa's Naturals Frosting Body Cream

One of the greatest things about this “business” I am in is finding lovely little companies run by the most beautiful people, and what an experience to fall in love with the products and the person behind them.

Vanessa at Nessa’s Naturals is amazing, and so are her products.  I am now the proud owner a hefty four ounce jar of her “Frosting” Body Cream in her Fresh Pear Scent.  I’ve always been a bit leery of products labeled “frosting” because all I can think of is a thick, greasy lotion.  She proved me wrong.  Her Body Creme is thick, but its not greasy, and when I put it on my disgustingly dry legs this morning it vanished.  My skin soaked it up so fast I didn’t have to rub it in, and that horrible tight, dry feeling is gone.  I actually wore it to work yesterday and one thing I hate is having to reapply lotion to my legs in the middle of the day.  My hands sure, because I wash them over and over, but when it comes to my legs I don’t want to deal with ashiness in the middle of the afternoon.  Nessa’s Frosting lasted all day, and the delicious smell of pears didn’t fade or turn as the day went by.

Its think and luxurious. What a skin treat.

Nessa's Natural's Red Riot Lip Stick: Bold red with a slight orange tone

I also fell in love with her lip sticks, they come in the cutest little tubes and have this unique domed shape (well unique to me) and her colors are amazing.  They are kinda like a balm with sheer yet solid color.  Blaze’N is my all time favorite, but then she came out with Red Riot.  Apparently she knows how to keep me ordering.

So go check her out over at her website, check out her many other goodies and be impressed!  She uses only healthy, good for you ingredients, so you know you aren’t getting a tube full of prettily colored chemicals.

Nessa's Natural Blaze'n Lip Stick: gorgeous orangy red

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8 responses to “Nessa’s Naturals

  1. I’ve never heard of this company, but I’ll definitely have to check it out. On another note, I just stumbled across your blog today and like what I see. I’ll definitely be back 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    I’ve seen that brand on HBS but I never checked it out. That pear body frosting sounds amazing though – I’m a huge fan of pear scented stuff. Love the bright lipstick too, I will definitely be checking her stuff out!

    • She’s rather new on HBS, I recommend checking her out. She’s the sweetest lady, so if you have any questions or looking for a custom item she would love to hear from you. She’s super talented as well.

      I am a huge fan of pear as well, and I get lots of compliments on her products. If you drop her a line tell her I said hi and she will see my next order soon.

      Also, thanks for commenting and welcome!

    • Also: Mary, are you located in Oregon? I was reading your blog and came across the post about The Farmers Market in Portland.

  3. Mary says:

    I love that Oregonians are so active in the natural beauty community! I also just found out that the blogger from is from Salem.

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