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Some Great Information Regarding Headache Balms and Why Peppermint Works for Headaches

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Peppermint: Image via Wikipedia

My last post was about my own survival products which I pack with me everywhere.  Included in my list was Owens Acres Headache Balm.  To be honest, I swear by this stuff, for my headaches, pressure “issues” and the pain from the bone spurs in my neck, which also makes my head hurts.

One of my readers asked about the Headache Balm and how  it works, and dear Laura from Owens Acres popped in and answered, better than I ever could have:

Hi, Laura Owens from Owens Acres. The Headache Balm works just like a lotion, it it absorbed into the skin and the peppermint relieves the pulsing and pounding when applied directly. Secondly anything you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream – hence why you want natural or organic products. Peppermint relaxes blood vessels and airways and has a natural cooling affect.

Want to test this theory? Rub a drop of Peppermint Essential oil on the top of your foot. In a couple of minutes you will taste it in your mouth!

Peppermint inhaled will also help a headache or nausea/vomiting.

Hope the info is helpful!

Thank you so much, Laura!  I did the Peppermint Essential Oil test on the top of my foot, and she was right, I tasted it in my mouth not too soon after.

I just ordered another tube of Headache Balm from her, I really hope eventually she makes it in a bigger tube, I can’t live without it. Well, my head and sinuses can’t live without it.

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Fall Wonders


Image by eschipul via Flickr

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  The colors of the changing leaves, the crunchy sound as they blow across pavement, the way the sunlight changes, all of these things brings a sense of calm to me.  I don’t know why.  Summer always seems so glaring and hectic, fall brings around a stronger feeling of comfort for me.  Extra blankets on the bed, comforting hot drinks, the soothing bowl of homemade soup, warm clothing…it all adds up to a more calming time for me.

For some reason I require a high degree of comfort from things.  Here are some of those things that put a smile on my face this time of year:

Owens Acres Harvest Moon Tea in a Jar
Owens Acres Harvest Moon Tea:  I would personally love to use this as a perfume.  Contains cinnamon chips and sticks, Orange Peel, Chamomile, Cardamom pods, Dried California Persimmons, Calendula and Rose Petals.  Its so soothing I drank a huge steamy cup of it before bed and slept like a log.  The pretty 8 oz.  jar seen in the picture is perfect for gift giving, but it also comes in 1 and 2 oz bags, starting from $4.45.  Its delicious but it also very pretty to look at.  I would personally drink it, but it would look really  nice in a bowl as potpourri.

Owens Acres Mulling Spices in Hand Stamped Musliin Sack

Owens Acres Mulling Spices
Owens Acres Mulling Spices:  (half way down the page beneath the Bombay Chai Tea blend)  Laura says its great in hot apple cider or hot wine, but its also delicious in black iced tea (yeah, still drinking iced tea) with lots of ice and sweetened.  Contains California Bay Leaves, Cloves, Cardamom, Orange Peel, Star Anise, Allspice Berries, Cinnamon Chips and Sticks.  Comes in the lovely tin for $8.95 or an adorable hand-stamped muslin bag for $4.95.

Owens Acres Lip Balms in Cinnamon and Pomegranate Flavors:  (located half way down the page, beneath the lotions)
I am a big fan of Laura’s lip balms already, but when she came out with her Cinnamon and Pomegranate flavors I wasted no time in purchasing four of each, because I had to have my blogging friend, Melissa Whitman and Natural Beauty Vixen try them.  The Cinnamon is made  with pure essential oil, and just enough to give a nice flavor without being overpowering.  The Pomegranate is juicy but not sweet.  I cannot stand overly sweetened lip balms:  I once had a coffee-flavored lip balm which was so heavy on the stevia it was unbearable and I ended up throwing it out.  These aren’t artificial or sticky or icky goopy sweet, they are made with Fruit and Nut Oils, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil and pure Essential Oils and/or Flavorings.  There’s no color, no micas, no nothing.  Just a pure, simple lip balm that heals chapped lips and works on those annoying cracks in the corner of your mouth.  Regular size is $2.95, Jumbo is $4.95, or a set of one of each for $7.50

Owens Acres Hand Stamped Dragonfly Lavender Sachets

And finally, Lavender Sachets in Stamped Dragonfly Muslin Sacks.  These are just too adorable.  You get a bag of four for $10, up to a bag of 16 for $32.00.  They are great as a quick gift, to decorate on packages or hang from the rearview mirror of your car.

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Detour!Fail and Stress

Lewis and Clark Bridge

Lewis and Clark Bridge, Mt. St. Helens in the background.

There was a major accident in my county, which closed the highway (news report is here).  Eventually the detour was closed due to several accidents as well.  I could have made my way to work, but I had two options for a detour:  33 extra miles or 43 extra miles.  After driving in circles (took me that much to realize the detour was closed due to accidents) I nearly had a breakdown trying to figure out what to do and where to go.  The 33 extra mile detour (making my entire trip 73 miles) was literally over-the-river and through-the-woods on a two lane mountain road that would have eventually dropped me off at the foot of the Coast Range.  The other option (made by a co-worker) was to drive the opposite direction to Rainier, take the Lewis and Clark bridge into Longview, WA and head down I-5.  That would have been a grand total of 83 miles.

I am taking an impromptu vacation day, at the suggestion of my boss.

Its not that I didn’t try to get there…I actually was on the Scappoose-Vernonia Hwy and had driven about two miles when I saw the back-up of traffic.

I was never so happy to come home in my life.  Once I was headed in the direction of home the release of all that stress that had piled on me as I was counting down minutes and planning furiously how to get into town had left me absolutely exhausted.  Even though I left the house nearly three hours before I had to be at work,  there was no traveling East out of Columbia County in a timely manner.

I don’t know of the status of the victims of the original accident.  I really hope everyone is all right.  There I was, concerned about being late for work and some poor woman was laying in the center median in the middle of a four-lane highway after being thrown from her car.

And my problems are…?


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Words Can Sting…

Autumn is back

…even without the intention.

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Survival Products: My Collection

Owens Acres Energizing Aromatherapeutic Scent

There’s some things I don’t leave the house with, especially when I have to make the 40 mile trek into work.  Some are obvious:  coffee (to drink for the trip), my purse, etc…but when you dig into my purse there are absolute must have products that I reach for over the course of my work day.

My purse is a bulging mess, and believe me when I say I try to downsize as much as I can but the same products remain.  I cannot leave the house without them:

1.  Owens Acres Headache Balm:  I think the name of the product says it all.  Comes in a twist up tube in two sizes, .15 oz. and .50 oz.  Think tube of lip balm.  Anyway, its a lovely balm with Lavender and Peppermint, great for those tense necks and pounding temples.  As well, a quick swipe beneath the nose opens up those pesky sinuses.  I order them two at a time, one to keep at home and the other for my purse.

2.  Owens Acres Lavender Lotion Bar:  Comes in 2oz or 4 oz tins, I keep the 2 oz in my purse.  Great for dry hands (and I HATE dry hands) and the Lavender is potent enough for a relaxing escape, no matter how brief.

3. Owens Acres Arnica Warm Roll On:  I have bone spurs in my neck and they are aggravated by cold weather.  When my neck hurts boy does it hurt a sickly, throbbing hurt.  The Arnica Warm really helps with the pain. I apply and wrap my neck in a scarf.

4.  Energizing Perfume Roll On:  Is a great pick me up for those work blahs.  Smells like Lime Lifesavers, it really does.

5.  Starbucks VIA:  For when Starbucks is closed and I need coffee.  The swill that’s in the work lunchroom can take the caulking off a bathtub *shudders*

6.  Tea:  when I feel chilly, which makes me miserable.  Sometimes all I need is a hot cup of tea to warm me up and lift my spirits.

7.  Owens Acres Lip Balms (bottom of page):  I keep Peach and Peppermint with me.  No color, just serious, natural moisture.  Laura just came out with Cinnamon and Pomegranate as well.

8. Owens Acres Aroma Inhaler in “Anxiety”:  yeah.


So there you have it.  I need a bigger purse.

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New Juni Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

Juni by Xango Nourishing Shampoo

Note:  Again, I am not a Xango Distributor.  I am merely talking about the products.

So yes, I have already done a review on Juni Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, but since Xango has reformulated their Juni line, here I am again.

Instead of a Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, Juni by Xango now have two types of shampoo and conditioner, Nourishing and Clarifying.  I will be focusing on the Nourishing here.

I liked the Juni 1.0 version of their gentle shampoo.  It was gentle, but on my unprocessed ethnic hair I had to use a lot of it and would have to shampoo twice to get my hair clean.  The shampoo did work rather nicely, but my bottle only lasted through several shampoos because it couldn’t cut through all the hair.

The Juni Nourishing Shampoo is totally different.  It has a thicker consistency, and does not take as much to get through all of my hair.  In fact, one washing gets my hair totally clean.  Nicely clean, meaning not stripped and not left with that awful squeaky, crunchy feeling after you shampoo.  The same fine ingredients are used,  so there’s no scalp issues at all.  No itching!

Juni by Xango Nourishing Conditioner

The Juni Nourishing Conditioner is just as thick as the 1.0 version, but let me tell  you about this stuff.  I wash my hair, wring out the water, apply a glop to my hair and let it sit while I do other things.  After about five minutes of the conditioner simply sitting in my hair, I can run my fingers through my hair.  The magnitude of this statement is shocking, because I have  thick, ethnic, dryunprocessed, corkscrewed hair and it tangles if you look at it wrong, so imagine what happens after washing.  This conditioner makes combing a breeze once I am out of the shower.  My corkscrews are very boingy, not weighed down with product.

So!  For unprocessed, dry, ethnic hair, the Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner are amazing products.  My hair isn’t striped and limp, its actually bouncy and shiny.  Oh, and my hair smells really, really good.  I realy hope Juni comes out with matching hair styling products  *hint*  Oh, and if you begin the hair washing process with the Juni Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil
(see earlier post), your hair, your scalp and your nose are in for a real treat.

For those wondering, the new Juni line is currently only available as a complete set.  Soon they will be offered as individual items.  Personally I can’t wait, because I use the Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner and the new Hand and Body Wash every day, and my product  levels are reaching the beginnings of half empty.  *panic*

Click here for the  complete Juni by Xango ingredient list.  The line may be reformulated, but its still vegan.

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Owens Acres Holiday Line Up

Laura is way ahead of me, and has sent me an email with her Holiday Line Up.  Her website has been updated (check it out, she’s completely redone the entire layout) with all of the newest goodies.

Now I REALLY want soup.

Here’s the goodies:

New!  Organic Bean Soup Blends
New!  Poet Teas (4 new teas, gifts, and accessories named for famous poets)
New!  Gifts of Tea
New!  Products for Men
New!  Handstamped party favor and gift tags
New!  Travel Products (FAA approved sizes!)
New!  Herbal Teas
New!  Tea Balls with Charms (one of our hottest items paired with our herbal teas!)
New!  Goddess Butters
New!  Shabby Lavender Sachets (these are already flying out the door!)

Always popular as holiday gifts:

  • Lavender sachets, eye pillows, and gifts
  • Herbal Teas
  • Healing Salves
  • Home Spa Products
  • Handcrafted Artisan Soaps (new patterns)
  • Natural Solid & Roll On Perfumes
  • Gifts Under $10 & $20
  • Green Home Products
  • Natural products for pets

Don’t forget, my readers have their own discount code:  HOLISTIC.

Every year I give Owens Acres as gifts to friends and family (who doesn’t love one stop shopping without leaving the house) and get the most amazing compliments when the thank you notes come about.

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Just Sayin’…

I think I might survive this.

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Facial Acupuncture

The lovely Todra tells of her recent foray into the world of facial acupuncture. I have more and more friends use acupuncture for a variety of issues, friends whom I never in a million years would have thought they would try alternative medicine.

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