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on November 6, 2011

Owens Acres Products by

I have two amazing blog sisters, both whom I have been blessed to actual meet in person. We met over at Healthy Beauty Social, got to chatting on-line, and have decided to meet in person.

Natural Beauty Vixen is the closest to me, so she’s easier to visit, but last weekend I was fortunate enough to drive about 150 miles to visit Melissa Whitman.  I still have to blog about that visit, it was a major milestone for me as I had never driven that far before on my own, as well as the complete excitement of meeting such a warm, wonderful person for the first time.  So be looking for that post from me.

In the meantime, I have posts to share!  I have been supplying them products  from Owens Acres products and here are the links to their blogs.

Melissa Whitman

Natural Beauty Vixen

I am still getting around to working on my blog post for my trip to see Melissa, be looking for it very soon.

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