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Paperless Writing


GoogleDocs (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is what a document looks like in Google Docs, now Google Drive.

I’ve been writing since I was 10 years old.  In other words, pretty much for as long as I can remember.  I don’t know which came first, though:  my love for office supplies or writing.  Could be my writing came from my almost fetish-like adoration of writing supplies, which lead to my full on fetish-like adoration of bags.

I’ve always had to carry a bag, tote or backpack that could also handle my writing supplies.  Pens and a notebook or two, the normal 8.5×11 size (I’ve tried the smaller uber cute notebooks but the smaller paper doesn’t get me anywhere, literally) of notebook, so I needed a purse to fit those items, as well as the rest of the stuff I carry.  I would alternate between backpacks, messenger bags, tote bags, over-sized purses…anything to carry my writing implements.  For over 30 years I have done this and yes, I have quite the collection of handbags and writing supplies, but not anymore.

These days, I no longer need to drag around writing supplies, now that I have my Android phone.  After checking out quite a few Android Apps for writing, and after doing a lot of research, I finally figured out a writing system that worked for me:  Google Drive.

This wasn’t planned.  I started out with Google Docs, then two days after I got that into my phone Docs turned to Drive.  In simplistic terms, I can write in the Doc file on my phone, and when I get home to my desktop I can make changes or do more writing on the same documents using Drive as well.

To me this is super super cool.  I didn’t want to pay any money for a decent word processor for my phone because that just sounds…well, weird to me.  Drive as a free app, which also works with my desktop, is pretty stellar because I can whip out my phone and squeeze a line or two in during work without having to drag out pen and paper, and once I get home I can continue on in the same document.

I like it.  I like it a lot.  Oh, and did I say it was free?

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Cuppow: This Thing is Awesome. Oh, and I now have a Smart Phone.

My Cuppow At Work Action Shot

I cannot for the life of me remember where I came across Cuppow.  I know once I found it I posted it all over my personal Facebook page because really, how ingenious!  My friends saw my posts and commented how cool it looked, but no one had purchased one yet.

I so planned on buying one, but you, dear readers, know things come up.  I wanted it, but I had more pressing things to worry about, like taxes, getting the oil changed in my car, putting gas in my car, the dryer ate my last bra, those things.  So the Cuppow was put on my list of “wants” and I figured I would drool over the pictures until I was able to get one.

Then a friend of mine sent a message to me over Facebook saying he ordered presents and they should be here in about a week.  I scratched my head at that, thinking what on earth, he must have meant someone else.  So I never replied.  He never followed up, so I forgot about it.  Until I got a text on my phone asking if I was home, presents had come in the mail, could he come over?  Um, sure, I texted back, and not a minute later he was at my front door with a Cuppow.

I think his back is still bothering him from when I threw my arms around him.  Ooops.

I mean, how sweet and amazing for him to get me one, right?  The only thing, we are both totally lame, because neither of us had a wide-mouth Mason jar to use it with!  A day later we had that solved, but really?  No wide mouth jars?  He had none, and I had a ton of narrow mouth jars.  I found a box of wide mouth lids with bands, but no jars.  Yeah, all I can do is shake my head.

So!  Cuppow!  These things are super, super cool.  This hard, BPA free plastic lids turn your Mason jar into a leak-proof drinking vessel.  The Cuppow sits right on top of your wide mouth jar, you screw the band on and there you go, the coolest coffee cup ever.   Canning jars are the best really, because they are clean, they don’t stain, absorb flavors, you can wash them, boil them, whatever.  You can have a cup of coffee, then rinse it out and have a cup of tea without any residual flavors from the coffee.  There’s no BPA or chemical worries with a canning jar.

In the summer time I use a quart jar for iced tea at work, with tons of ice, a straw, lemon and fresh mint. A quart jar is big enough to last between breaks, and if I need to I can slap the lid and band back on it.  They really are handy, and the Cuppow makes them handier.

(Shameless Starbucks Plug:  The pint jars are perfect for Via.  Just sayin’)

The only downside is the glass gets hot if you’re drinking hot beverages, but a quick Etsy search will come up with plenty of options for cozies for your jars. With or without handles.  Oh, and for those of you, like me, who have tons of narrow mouthed jars, I was informed the Cuppow people are going to come out with narrow-mouthed lids before the summer.  NICE!

On another topic, we finally got our phones upgraded, so I now have a Smart Phone.  A Samsung Exhibit II4G for Android.  I have been totally geeking out ever since I got the silly thing.  WordPress has an app, so of course I downloaded it, as well as some other cool writing apps.  Even Etsy for Android is just amazing.  I use Dolphin as a browser and don’t worry, the geek simply wipes off.  🙂


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