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Finally Found the Best Insulated Travel Bottle

20 oz. Kleen Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle in Deep Purple-my action shot!

Insulated travel mugs have been the bain of my existence for quite some time because I have yet to find one that does everything I need it to do.  Finding cute mugs that hold a lot of coffee (meaning more than 16 ounces) isn’t too difficult, but finding a travel mug that kept my coffee hot was impossible to find.  No matter how long I preheated the cup, my coffee got cold before I could finish it.

Really.  This was something that stressed me out on a regular basis.  It’s the little things.

I purchased a Kleen Kanteen Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle  in the 20 ounce size in Deep Purple and got the Cafe Cap as well.  My purpose was to use this for hot drinks, so the loop cap that came with it is sitting…somewhere.  I have no idea where it is.  The nice thing about the Cafe Cap is that it snaps apart so it’s super easy to clean, but that’s not the best part.  The best part is my hot drinks stay hot.

For example, I made hot tea at work around 10AM.  I got home around 3PM, put my cup on the kitchen counter and forgot about it.  When my mother was doing the dishes at 7PM the tea was still steaming hot.  Seriously.  Then yesterday I got myself ice water around noon, and used my Kleen Kanteen.  Again, I left my cup on the kitchen counter and forgot about it until this morning around 9AM.


Kleen Kanteen Cafe Cap

Right now I am finishing the coffee I poured for myself hours ago.  Still hot.

So this is my product recommendation:  GET A KLEEN KANTEEN INSULATED WIDE MOUTH WATER BOTTLE, especially now the fall/winter months are approaching.  Hot coffee and tea are a must, and keeping your beverages for more than an hour is worth the $40 some bucks.  Best money I spent of a travel mug EVER.

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