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Finally Found Ear Buds That Stay in my Ears!

I have tried standard, in-the-ear earbuds.  I have tried the iPod earbuds that come with the iPod’s.  I tried wrap-around-the-ear sport earbuds, thinking those were what I needed.



JVC Inner Ear Sport Clip Headphones


Standard iPod Earbuds



Even the totally cool looking JVC earbuds did not stay in my ears, and I was constantly adjusting them.  They were comfortable, but if you wear glasses they tend to get on your nerves.  It’s too bad, they are super cute.

So I ordered the iLuv Fit Active Sport Earphones, thinking why not?  They came today, so off to the gym I went with my new ear-gear.  They are funny looking, but are totally comfortable and once they were in, they were in.  I didn’t have to fiddle with them once, or push them back in because there were on the verge of falling out.

Needless to say, WINNER.


iLuv Fit Active: the Winner!


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