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A Trip to the Grocery Store…

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English: Different potato varieties. – The potato is the vegetable of choice in the United States. On average, Americans devour about 65 kg of them per year. New potato releases by ARS scientists give us even more choices of potatoes to eat. Deutsch: Verschiedene Kartoffelsorten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…well, not just any grocery store.  Chuck’s Produce and Street Market in Vancouver, WA is my go-to place for groceries.  I have many reasons, one being the wonderful ladies and gentlemen behind the deli counter who are so nice to my mom and myself when we shop on Tuesdays.  *waves hello and gives thanks for the pickled onions*

Part of our produce selections was a bag of organic russet potatoes (a half a potato with vegetarian chili chases the winter chill away, fyi) and for the first time in my life I smelled a potato.  Not that I could get away from it.  That bag smelled so earthy, rich and yes, REAL.  Those potatoes smelled as if they were just dug from the ground.  I have purchased potatoes before (many times) but this was the first time that earthy smell really hit me.  Think about it: the ground gave up this delicious, good for you potato.  No added colors, preservatives, chemicals, nothing.  Just potatoes.

For those who don’t eat a whole lot of “real” food, I implore you to become one with the glorious root vegetables that are prevalent this time of year.  Oh, and put down those bags of baby carrots.  Have a real carrot, with the green tops still on.  Carrots are sweet, did you know, and the majority of their nutrients come from the skin and the layer beneath.  Baby carrots are shaved down regular carrots, so the majority of the nutrients were wasted for the ease of convenience.  Wash your carrots, then eat them.  Don’t peel them.

It’s crazy but yes, a bag of potatoes inspired me for this post.  It was a toss-up between the potatoes, or the amazing oranges that were available.  Thin-skinned, easy to peel globes of nutrition.  When I walked into Chuck’s I smelled the oranges before I saw them.  I only got four of them, my mother doesn’t eat oranges because she’s been disappointed once the rind comes off.  Not these.  We have to go back to get more.

Chuck’s isn’t everywhere, sadly.  For those not in the area, check online to see if there is an organic market in your area, then give them a visit.  The earth gives up an abundance of fruits and vegetables, full of flavor and color and beauty.  No big food marketing campaign and replicate what food can do in its natural state.

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My “Why I Do Not Drink Milk” Story

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Yesterday, I was asked what I thought about milk.  Not raw milk, I’ve no experience with that at all.  I’m talking about the pasteurized stuff that comes in the gallon jugs at the grocery store,  that comes in chocolate or strawberry flavors, that is served in our schools, that is heavily advertised with pretty people wearing milk mustaches have never seen a product so heavily advertised as being the best thing for our bodies.  It is believable, really, until you see the ads are sponsored by the dairy council?


My Milk Story starts with no politics, no indignant feelings towards dairy lobbyists, nothing like that.   I simply could not drink it.

I don’t recall if I was lactose intolerant when I was born, or why my mother didn’t give me milk when I was little.  Up until the age of 13, when it came to milk I drank soy baby formula in cans.  Prosobe, I think it was called, I don’t even know if it’s around anymore, but that’s what I drank, ate my cereal with.  I remember the smell of it vividly, and I also remember how to make it:  one can, along with three cans of water, made a pitcher.  We’re not talking fancy vanilla flavored soy or anything like that, this was the 70’s and soy was NOT flavored back then, and it didn’t come in half gallons.  I drank that stuff until I was 13 years old, when I decided it was time to be a grown up and drink real milk for a change.  I latched onto the cow and didn’t let go for five years.  I drank milk like it was going out of style.  I could never get enough of it.

I should stop here and let everyone know that other than a case of the chicken pox, I don’t recall any other childhood illnesses while I was drinking baby soy formula.  No ear infections, croup, none of that standard stuff kids always get.

Then I spent five years drinking cow’s milk.  Those five years were the sickest years of my life.  I was always coming down with throat infections.  Not strep, it was never strep, just some sort of infection the emergency room doctors couldn’t figure out, no matter how many throat cultures they did.  I would get antibiotics and they would send me on my way.  Also, during that time period I got the one and only ear infection I would ever have in my life.  It was the most painful experience I have ever had.  Having all four wisdom teeth dug (literally) out of my head at the same time was no match for this ear infection.   The pain was horrific. I was stuck on horrid amounts of antibiotics for that as well.  I will never forget that first night on antibiotics, I didn’t want to miss a dose so I stayed up all night, talking on the phone with my friend Patrick who was sweet to stay up with me.  We were on the phone until five in the morning.  I never forgot that.

Because of that ear infection, I developed sensitivity to penicillin, and I can no longer take it.  Period.  As well, that ear infection left me hard of hearing in both ears for two months afterwards.  Hard to listen to your Sony Walkman when your ears are inflamed.   Shortly after that episode, my mother began seeing a health guru, who got her to change her diet, got her to take out her aggression towards her mother by beating pillows, and got her drinking rice milk and eating all sorts of veggies.  Mom was meditating for an hour every night and doing yoga.  She seemed so healthy so I decided I would somewhat follow her route.  The first thing I gave up was milk because I found out how awful it was for humans, how it caused ear infections and the like.  An ear infection was something I was determined never to experience again.

Therefore, I gave up milk, and then the coughing started.  I coughed constantly for just over a month.  I went to the doctor and I was told my body was getting rid of all of the casein that had built up in my lungs; it was very common for people who quit the dairy to go through a detox process.  The garbage coming out of my chest was thick and just nasty, and that was only after drinking milk for five years.  Five years!  I know people who have consumed milk for years, even decades, and I had all those problems after only five year

I was sold.  I wasn’t going to touch milk again.  It was easy, no milk and no ice cream, but cheese was tough.  I had tried my mom’s cheese alternatives, almond cheese and soy cheese and just no.  I went back to my soy milk and figured that was a major step.  My mother, who never got the taste for soy, drank rice milk.  I admit, soy is an acquired taste.  I can’t deny that.  Texture as well.  Major breakthroughs have been made when it comes to soy milk, but I never did buy the ads that said it tasted just like milk.  It doesn’t.  Not at all, and the texture is wrong.

So there I was, on my non-dairy kick.  By this time, I was in community college, and I was given an assignment to write a paper on something (I really don’t remember what) so I chose to write about how cow’s milk can negatively affect our health.  We had to read our papers aloud to the rest of the class as part of the assignment.  One of my fellow students actually started crying because I would dare suggest not giving children milk, which is what they needed to grow into strong, healthy adults.  She would not listen to a word I said, and thought I was Satan incarnate for even thinking milk was not healthy.  I told her I was allergic to it, she said that there must be something wrong with me (it’s called Lactose Intolerance, but I might as well have spoken Klingon to her).  I tried to reason with her by giving her facts, but she didn’t want to hear anything bad about milk.  As I recall, she left the class in tears.  She didn’t speak to me for the rest of the semester.

All that over milk.  Wow.

The events I mentioned above occurred about 20 years ago.  I never had one of those odd throat infections nor have I had an ear infection since I stopped drinking pasteurized cow’s milk.  I know of the political and health reasons to not drink it, but for me, I don’t have to hop on a single bandwagon.  Simply, milk does not do my body good.

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Lovely Posts…

Owens Acres Products by

I have two amazing blog sisters, both whom I have been blessed to actual meet in person. We met over at Healthy Beauty Social, got to chatting on-line, and have decided to meet in person.

Natural Beauty Vixen is the closest to me, so she’s easier to visit, but last weekend I was fortunate enough to drive about 150 miles to visit Melissa Whitman.  I still have to blog about that visit, it was a major milestone for me as I had never driven that far before on my own, as well as the complete excitement of meeting such a warm, wonderful person for the first time.  So be looking for that post from me.

In the meantime, I have posts to share!  I have been supplying them products  from Owens Acres products and here are the links to their blogs.

Melissa Whitman

Natural Beauty Vixen

I am still getting around to working on my blog post for my trip to see Melissa, be looking for it very soon.

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A Little Thing Makes a Big Difference

About a month ago I was performing an experiment on myself by not eating fast food AT ALL for two weeks.

Fast food is simply a way of life, especially if you’re in a hurry.  If I am not motivated to get out of bed at a certain time to pack a lunch or even have breakfast I go for the fast food.

The breakfast issue I will touch on in a later post.  That’s its OWN issue.

Anyway.  I work swing, which means 2:30PM to 11PM.  I also live an hour away from my job.  A typical night is me getting home at midnight, staying up until at least 3AM, then trying to get motivated to get out of bed before 1030.  If I am awake early I plop myself in front of my computer and I read my blogs and email and everything else.  I have to be in the shower by 1230, and sometimes I don’t make it.  I have to be out of the house by 1:15.

I won’t lie, most mornings I am no so organized and I leave the house without consuming anything but coffee.  So!  I hit the Starbucks as I head out of  town for a beverage, the next town over I hit Burger King for two Whopper Jr’s without condiments or tomato OR Subway for a full size Cold Cut Combo.

I did this regularly.

Went to my nurse practitioner and my blood pressure was off the charts.  My medication was upped.

Eat Fresh at Subway…it works if you don’t concern yourself with the sodium content.  I found out that the Cold Cut Combo has nearly 1300 mgs of sodium in it.  So I quit eating them.  Quit eating fast food all together.  Went back to the NP and my blood pressure dropped like a ton of bricks.  Hint taken.

So I now go out of my way to NOT eat anything processed.  No fast food at all, even scaling WAY BACK on the frozen dinners, even the so-called “healthy” ones.

Here’s my reason for no longer eating processed food:  two weeks ago at work I had a complete meltdown.  The workload was too much, the stress was overwhelming and I couldn’t stop crying.  My gut (IBS) was AGONY and I was miserable and stressed out and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I excused myself and went home early, to the tune of almost four hours.  After driving home for an hour I felt a bit better, my friend (whom I live with) saved dinner for me.  I filled up my plate with salad, fresh broccoli and half a chicken breast and ate.  With my dinner I had a cup of lovely Summer Sunset tea from

The change was immediate and in my mind, miraculous.  I felt so much better.  It was the last day of my work week and it had been a crazy week with an abundance of stress, not eating right, not sleeping right and constantly being on the move.  That homemade meal made such a difference in how I felt I vowed right then and there that processed foods do nothing but throw us off track by overloading us with chemicals.

It was a wake-up call on a grand scale.  It’s too bad I am so freaking hard-headed it took me to bolting out of work to realize what the issue was.

I highly suggest you try it.  Quit eating processed foods for a week, and see how you feel.  Really feel.  Our bodies weren’t built to tolerate such an influx of chemicals.  No wonder American’s are so unhealthy and overweight and in poor health:  we’re poisoning ourselves.

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