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Finally Found the Best Insulated Travel Bottle

20 oz. Kleen Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle in Deep Purple-my action shot!

Insulated travel mugs have been the bain of my existence for quite some time because I have yet to find one that does everything I need it to do.  Finding cute mugs that hold a lot of coffee (meaning more than 16 ounces) isn’t too difficult, but finding a travel mug that kept my coffee hot was impossible to find.  No matter how long I preheated the cup, my coffee got cold before I could finish it.

Really.  This was something that stressed me out on a regular basis.  It’s the little things.

I purchased a Kleen Kanteen Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle  in the 20 ounce size in Deep Purple and got the Cafe Cap as well.  My purpose was to use this for hot drinks, so the loop cap that came with it is sitting…somewhere.  I have no idea where it is.  The nice thing about the Cafe Cap is that it snaps apart so it’s super easy to clean, but that’s not the best part.  The best part is my hot drinks stay hot.

For example, I made hot tea at work around 10AM.  I got home around 3PM, put my cup on the kitchen counter and forgot about it.  When my mother was doing the dishes at 7PM the tea was still steaming hot.  Seriously.  Then yesterday I got myself ice water around noon, and used my Kleen Kanteen.  Again, I left my cup on the kitchen counter and forgot about it until this morning around 9AM.


Kleen Kanteen Cafe Cap

Right now I am finishing the coffee I poured for myself hours ago.  Still hot.

So this is my product recommendation:  GET A KLEEN KANTEEN INSULATED WIDE MOUTH WATER BOTTLE, especially now the fall/winter months are approaching.  Hot coffee and tea are a must, and keeping your beverages for more than an hour is worth the $40 some bucks.  Best money I spent of a travel mug EVER.

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Cuppow: This Thing is Awesome. Oh, and I now have a Smart Phone.

My Cuppow At Work Action Shot

I cannot for the life of me remember where I came across Cuppow.  I know once I found it I posted it all over my personal Facebook page because really, how ingenious!  My friends saw my posts and commented how cool it looked, but no one had purchased one yet.

I so planned on buying one, but you, dear readers, know things come up.  I wanted it, but I had more pressing things to worry about, like taxes, getting the oil changed in my car, putting gas in my car, the dryer ate my last bra, those things.  So the Cuppow was put on my list of “wants” and I figured I would drool over the pictures until I was able to get one.

Then a friend of mine sent a message to me over Facebook saying he ordered presents and they should be here in about a week.  I scratched my head at that, thinking what on earth, he must have meant someone else.  So I never replied.  He never followed up, so I forgot about it.  Until I got a text on my phone asking if I was home, presents had come in the mail, could he come over?  Um, sure, I texted back, and not a minute later he was at my front door with a Cuppow.

I think his back is still bothering him from when I threw my arms around him.  Ooops.

I mean, how sweet and amazing for him to get me one, right?  The only thing, we are both totally lame, because neither of us had a wide-mouth Mason jar to use it with!  A day later we had that solved, but really?  No wide mouth jars?  He had none, and I had a ton of narrow mouth jars.  I found a box of wide mouth lids with bands, but no jars.  Yeah, all I can do is shake my head.

So!  Cuppow!  These things are super, super cool.  This hard, BPA free plastic lids turn your Mason jar into a leak-proof drinking vessel.  The Cuppow sits right on top of your wide mouth jar, you screw the band on and there you go, the coolest coffee cup ever.   Canning jars are the best really, because they are clean, they don’t stain, absorb flavors, you can wash them, boil them, whatever.  You can have a cup of coffee, then rinse it out and have a cup of tea without any residual flavors from the coffee.  There’s no BPA or chemical worries with a canning jar.

In the summer time I use a quart jar for iced tea at work, with tons of ice, a straw, lemon and fresh mint. A quart jar is big enough to last between breaks, and if I need to I can slap the lid and band back on it.  They really are handy, and the Cuppow makes them handier.

(Shameless Starbucks Plug:  The pint jars are perfect for Via.  Just sayin’)

The only downside is the glass gets hot if you’re drinking hot beverages, but a quick Etsy search will come up with plenty of options for cozies for your jars. With or without handles.  Oh, and for those of you, like me, who have tons of narrow mouthed jars, I was informed the Cuppow people are going to come out with narrow-mouthed lids before the summer.  NICE!

On another topic, we finally got our phones upgraded, so I now have a Smart Phone.  A Samsung Exhibit II4G for Android.  I have been totally geeking out ever since I got the silly thing.  WordPress has an app, so of course I downloaded it, as well as some other cool writing apps.  Even Etsy for Android is just amazing.  I use Dolphin as a browser and don’t worry, the geek simply wipes off.  🙂


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Owens Acres Herbal Teas for Travel…and Work?

Owens Acres Headache Travel Tea TinEach day I work I spend 2 hours and 80 miles in my car.  Sometimes, when I get to work my nerves or gone, or almost gone.  Not complaining at all, I chose to live so far away from the city, but still the traffic, other drivers, road conditions, weather, tend to make me less cheery than usual.

I drink Owens Acres tea on a regular basis, going so far as to keep a Zip Loc Baggie of tea with a few of her self fill tea bags in my purse for therapeutic purposes while I am sitting at my desk conversing with humanity.  Now with this absolutely adorable little tins, and teas for specific ailments, no more baggies for me.

Owens Acres Jet Lag Travel Tea

There’s five of these wonderful, caffeine free teas.  Headache Tea, Serenity Tea, Jet Lag, Upset Stomach, Headache, and Sweet Dreams (I wouldn’t recommend Sweet Dreams while at work, seriously you’ll be beneath your desk snoozing) all in round, screw-top 2 ounce tins at $3.95 each.

I get those “work” headaches, you know,”those” headaches.  My usual relief is a quick trip to the local Starbucks for a caffeine infusion (if I have the time, I will ask for a Gold Coast pour-over) but if I find my break is no where in sight I will run into the kitchen for a quick cup of hot water.

Owens Acres Upset Stomach Travel Tea

IfI get stressed out my stomach gets horribly upset, and in that case coffee is the last thing on my mind.  The job I do is stressful as well as relentless at times, and anythianything that works to keep the calm is welcome.  I am thinking the same with travel, after dealing with airports, planes, checking in, hotels, humanity…yeah, sometimes you just need to give yourself a break.  For those of us who don’t travel, we need breaks as well.

All five types of tea are available together for $19 and they will throw in a charmed tea ball, you get to pick the tea ball you would like out of many.

Owens Acres Strawberry Tea Ball Charm


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Orchard Delight Tea from Owens Acres…SO GOOD.

Fleur d'hibiscus

Hibiscus Flower

I got my Owens Acres order yesterday, and I got absolutely lovely things, of which I will discuss at length when I have more time, but I couldn’t wait to blog about her Orchard Delight Tea.  I got home froom work and brewed up a nice steamy cup in  my ingenuiTEA Teapot and when I poured it into my cup the smell made my eyes open wide.  Fruity, with a hint of something warm, there’s chamomile in it but I swear I scented a tiny touch of ginger.

One of the nifty things about the ingenuiTea Teapot is that you can watch your tea steep.  Floating around with the flower leaves were chunks of apples, pears and apricots (which I ate after my tea was through steeping) and I mean REAL DRIED CHUNKS.

I strained my tea into my mug and took a healthy sniff:  I got a ton of hibiscus, which is always a winner for me, a touch of the chamomile and all that wonderful fruit.  I like my tea strong, it brewed up like a thick burgundy wine, for some reason I thought of mulled wine.  Hmmm.

The tea is blended perfectly.  There’s not too much of one thing, and everything comes together in an absolute beautiful flavor.  This tea isn’t loaded down with ingredients, there’s the dried Pears, Apricots and Apples, then Hibiscus Flowers, Lemon Verbena and Chamomile. Its warming and so very soothing and delicious.  It was perfect before bed, hot, but I could imagine it cold over ice with a touch of sugar (I like sugar in my tea, brings out the flavors) as well.

Check out to check out the ingredients, and see how healing and antioxidant rich this tea is.

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I got the strainer for my birthday and can I just say its completely perfect and easy to use. Wish I asked for the 32 oz instead of the 16.

Check it out here at Adiago Teas…mine came from Amazon.

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Finally nice weather…

Iced tea with lemon.
Image via Wikipedia

Summer always shows up when it darn well wants to here in the Pacific NW, with the blue sky and sunshine I am assuming its going to stick around for a while.

The Cottonwood has been blowing regularly, and there’s drifts of it in spaces, like snow.  Needless to say, allergies are just awful this year and every other person I know has a wet, spongy cough which is treated with an inhaler and allergy meds.  I’ve been fairing not too bad this year, I’ve been taking extra Vitamin C.  I’m not saying I have no hayfever symptoms at all, but I have yet to reach the point where I am clawing my eyes out and fumbling for a Benadryl. 


The rain has been a sort of a blessing because in my space the world is green and lush.  My lavender plant is thriving to the point of taking over the pot it’s in.

When I drive home from work at night, I roll the window down and I can smell the wonderful aromas of hay and lavender.  Hayfever be damned, I am going to enjoy what is around me. 

Now.  There’s been a lot of press regarding diet drinks and how they don’t help with weight loss.  I plan on offering my own opinion in the form of tisanes.  I went over to Owens Acres and ordered several different teas.  She has some new ones and my stash of Summer Sunset has been depleted.  I had a difficult choice picking what I wanted (one of everything, please, no gift wrap needed) but I have a goodish supply coming so look for a post soon on the benefits of tea over diet drinks.

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Holistic Chick Readers Now have a Gift!

Owens Acres has offered a discount for Holistic Chick readers for orders on her website!  Just enter in the coupon code Holistic at the end of your order to receive 10% off.

Mother’s Day is approaching, last year I made lovely gift baskets using products only from Owens Acres and the compliments were amazing.  Not only did I give the gift of health, I was able to give lovely homemade lotions, teas, soaps and salves and I didn’t spend a fortune.  You bet I will be doing it again this year.  She’s also doing her beading again, so her lovely nature jewelry is back.

So give the gift of health this year for Mother’s Day.  Flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last.  I would prefer to give my mother a lovely bag of dried flowers she can steep in hot water and drink for her health, like this gorgeous new creation, Summer Solstice:

Owens Acres Summer Solstice Tea

Contains Raspberry Leaf, Lavender, Sunflower Petals, Rose Petals, Calendula and Spearmint.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of the flowers and herbs that are in this tea, thanks to

Raspberry Leaf:  astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

Lavender:  helps with nervous system, like help get rid of stress, calm nerves; also helps with an upset tummy.

Sunflower Petals:  contain Carnitine, an amino acid, a nutrient that helps the body turn fat into energy.

Rose Petals:  known for their regenerative effect on the nervous system as well as their purifying effects on the body.

Spearmint:  good for mild heartburn, indigestion and upset tummies.

Even with all this goodness, the tea still sounds delicious!

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Review: Owens Acres California Gold Fruit Tisane


Owens Acres California Gold Tisane

Owens Acres California Gold Fruit Tisane contains dried Persimmons and Pears, Chamomile, Calendula, Sunflower Petals and Orange Peel Chunks.  Called a “Tisane” because there’s no actual tea in this.

I used a Japanese Self Fill Tea Bag instead of a traditional strainer, and I steeped it for about 15 minutes in a mug that’s about 22 oz.  I like my tea strong, needless to say.  Still steaming hot (that water was BOILING) I admired the color and inhaled the glorious steam coming off of it.  The only way I can describe the color, other than the fact that its yellow, is by this picture:

sunlight through daffoldil

Image by jiva via Flickr

Seriously, the sun shining through a daffoldil is EXACTLY how this brewed up, its just the most gorgeous yellow I have encountered in a hot tisane.

Its chamomile heavy, but the Sunflowers and the Calendula mellow it so its even more soothing.  the fruit adds a gentle sweetness that is like biting into a piece of fresh fruit, not like eating candy.

I came home after an absolutely cruddy day at work and dove right into this to settle my frayed nerves and upset tummy from said nerves.  I have a passion for Calendula in tea because its good for tummies.


Lets look at some of the health benefits of this lovely blend:

Persimmon: I found a whole slew of valuable information here

Pear: Great information about the health benefits of pears here

CalendulaHere, thanks to

ChamomileHere, thanks again to

Sunflower Petals:  My brain hurt after reading up on the benefits of the petals of a Sunflower.  Sunflower petals contain Carnitine, which is an amino acid, a nutrient that helps the body turn fat into energy.  You can buy it as a supplement.  I found information all over the internet.  If you click on the highlighted word above, it wills send you to a very useful link.

Orange Peel:  I honestly had no idea orange peels were good for us, but I found a very interesting article here.   I actually bookmarked this website, it was easy to read and had lots of good information on other things.


Now that I am finished researching and highlighting and linking, my cup in empty.  I could imagine how wonderful this would be iced.  If you need a tea to take the edge off  and help you slow down, this bright refreshing cup is a must.

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Regarding my vitamin post, and an Owens Acre Update

My package from Vitacost came today at roughly 2PM.  Not to bad for free shipping and I ordered on Tuesday.  As well as the Vit C with Rose Hips and the Echinacea, I got a box of that Emergenc-C stuff that I see everywhere.  I read the ingredients on all the different types and ended up with the Immune Defense Formula.  Each packet (mix with 4-6 oz of water) has 1000mgs of Vitamin C, 15 mg of Zinc, all sorts of other vitamins but also has added 100 mg of hibiscus extract as well as 25 mg of elderberry concentrate.  I have never tried this but with the diseases I face at work I figured I would give it a go.

The taste is HORRIBLE.  There’s no two ways around it.  Thank God its just a small amount to drink but GAH.  I am not going to give up on it yet, though.

My Owens Acres Box came as well.  Once I ripped the tape off I simply stuck my nose in and breathed in the goodness.  I am now the proud owner of her Botanical Scents Fruit Salad Roll-Ons.

Owens Acres Fruit Salad Roll on

The Fruit Salad is on only synthetic scent out of the rest which are aromatherapeutic,  such as Simply Lavender, Oh So Citrus (I keep that in my purse, its a boost of sunshine ANYTIME), Energizing (with ginger, Grapefruit, Lime and Juniper essential oils), Calming (with Lavender, Lemongrass and Orange essential oils, great for kids), as well as  Honey Orange (with Orange Blossoms and Honey).  All are listed here.

I got two tea samples as well.  Orchard Delight,

Owens Acres Orchard Delight Fruit Tisane

which has dried Pears, Apricots, Apples, with hibiscus flowers, Lemon Verbena and Camomile.  The smell is flowery, you can get a little of the hibiscus and the sweet of the dried fruits.  The other is the California Gold,

Owens Acres California Gold Fruit Tisane

which is sunshine in a bag, as I hope you can tell by the picture.  The California Gold has dried Persimmons and Pears, Chamomile, Calendula, Sunflower Petals, and Orange Peel chunks.  The smell?  Sweet, flowery and a bit earthy.  My next post will be how they taste, as right now I am still drinking coffee. *grins*


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Owens Acres Fruit Teas are Here!

I cannot wait for my package to show up from Owens Acres,  the new fruit teas are up on the website here.  I know I am going to love them, because I love all of their teas, but once I try them I will definitely be back to tell everyone about them.

California Gold Fruit Tea

Also, the Four Thieves Herbs are ready as well, and that will be showing up in my package as well.  If you’ve read my previous post about the illnesses I have to come in contact with on a daily basis, you know my excitement for this product is huge.

Owens Acres Vinegar of Four Thieves

The tea I simply cannot wait to try, as tea is my go to fix for everything and anything.

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