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My First and Last Trip to Ulta

Pinky Swear by Ulta

Pinky Swear by Ulta (Photo credit: lindavisawesome)

I have this bizarre way of thinking:  if everyone else is doing something, I go out of my way to not do it.  If everyone else is doing something, then I know I won’t like what it is.

Case in point:  I walked into an Ulta for the first time today.  For those who don’t know, Ulta is the Costco of beauty products and brands.  They have everything, literally to make you look and smell better from the outside.  I have never seen a wall devoted to flat irons in my life.

So.  I was shopping with my mother who wanted to go to Michael’s craft store, and Ulta was two doors down.  I figured hey, I should probably check this out, finally.  See what all the buzz is about.

I should have kept walking.  There is a Peet’s Coffee at the end of the mall and I should have indulged in an iced coffee instead.

Mind you, its like 90 degrees outside.  I know many parts of the country have been dealing with heat waves since June, but out here we haven’t.  Also, in the Pacific Northwest 90 is HOT.  Anyway, so I walk into the store and immediately get slapped in the face with a deluge of perfumes.  There were a bunch of people in those aisles, spraying and spritzing from pretty little bottles.  Ugh.

So I start perusing the Smashbox, Stila and other high end brand cosmetic aisles.  I don’t know, I just wasn’t thrilled.  Probably all those testers that were in ruins in front of the sealed products.  I usually go insane over beauty products, even when I walked in the door I was doing a mental balance on my debit card, figuring I wasn’t going to get out of there without something.

I went into the back where all the hair brushes and flat irons were.  I could have delved deeper into the hair product section but I wasn’t interested.  I did find a really nice hair brush, but there was only one left and it wasn’t the color that the display was.  So I kept walking.

I ended up in the Bath section and they had big bottles of shower gel, buy two get one free.  That’s another weakness of mine, shower gels.  Love them!  I smelled one, something Lavender and Chamomile.  It smelled nothing like Lavender and Chamomile, instead it smelled like some cheap knock-off of what Lavender and Chamomile should smell like.  Then I looked at the ingredient list.

That’s when I realized I was in the wrong place.  I put the bottle down and got out of there.  On my way out the door I was slapped in the face again with the miasma coming from the fragrance section.  The whole experience was too much, really, but now I know why I never went in there.

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Massive Make-Up Kit FAIL

Today I found a huge purple case in the bathroom containing cosmetics from one of the big make-up stores (I am going to assume it belongs to the 15 year old) .  It was pretty awesome:  tons of eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, blushers, bronzers, eye pencils and all of the brushes you could want.

Hanging from the handle was the tag, which contained several “pages” of the ingredients of all the products included.  This was no healthy brand of cosmetics, the ingredients were shocking as well as completely toxic.  The first ingredient in all of the eyeshadows and powders was talc, which makes me run away screaming.  Add in the parabens, SLS, acetates, polymers…yeah, just a chemical slew of pretty colors.  That’s not the reason why I am here mentioning this make-up kit, thought.

What shocked me was this warning, listed in bold black letter after the ingredients for the blush and the bronzer:  DO NOT PUT ON LIPS.

Doesn’t say why, it just says it.  So here’s my question:  so if its safe for your face but not on your lips, why put it on your face?

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New Juni Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

Juni by Xango Nourishing Shampoo

Note:  Again, I am not a Xango Distributor.  I am merely talking about the products.

So yes, I have already done a review on Juni Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, but since Xango has reformulated their Juni line, here I am again.

Instead of a Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, Juni by Xango now have two types of shampoo and conditioner, Nourishing and Clarifying.  I will be focusing on the Nourishing here.

I liked the Juni 1.0 version of their gentle shampoo.  It was gentle, but on my unprocessed ethnic hair I had to use a lot of it and would have to shampoo twice to get my hair clean.  The shampoo did work rather nicely, but my bottle only lasted through several shampoos because it couldn’t cut through all the hair.

The Juni Nourishing Shampoo is totally different.  It has a thicker consistency, and does not take as much to get through all of my hair.  In fact, one washing gets my hair totally clean.  Nicely clean, meaning not stripped and not left with that awful squeaky, crunchy feeling after you shampoo.  The same fine ingredients are used,  so there’s no scalp issues at all.  No itching!

Juni by Xango Nourishing Conditioner

The Juni Nourishing Conditioner is just as thick as the 1.0 version, but let me tell  you about this stuff.  I wash my hair, wring out the water, apply a glop to my hair and let it sit while I do other things.  After about five minutes of the conditioner simply sitting in my hair, I can run my fingers through my hair.  The magnitude of this statement is shocking, because I have  thick, ethnic, dryunprocessed, corkscrewed hair and it tangles if you look at it wrong, so imagine what happens after washing.  This conditioner makes combing a breeze once I am out of the shower.  My corkscrews are very boingy, not weighed down with product.

So!  For unprocessed, dry, ethnic hair, the Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner are amazing products.  My hair isn’t striped and limp, its actually bouncy and shiny.  Oh, and my hair smells really, really good.  I realy hope Juni comes out with matching hair styling products  *hint*  Oh, and if you begin the hair washing process with the Juni Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil
(see earlier post), your hair, your scalp and your nose are in for a real treat.

For those wondering, the new Juni line is currently only available as a complete set.  Soon they will be offered as individual items.  Personally I can’t wait, because I use the Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner and the new Hand and Body Wash every day, and my product  levels are reaching the beginnings of half empty.  *panic*

Click here for the  complete Juni by Xango ingredient list.  The line may be reformulated, but its still vegan.

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Nessa’s Naturals

Nessa's Naturals Frosting Body Cream

One of the greatest things about this “business” I am in is finding lovely little companies run by the most beautiful people, and what an experience to fall in love with the products and the person behind them.

Vanessa at Nessa’s Naturals is amazing, and so are her products.  I am now the proud owner a hefty four ounce jar of her “Frosting” Body Cream in her Fresh Pear Scent.  I’ve always been a bit leery of products labeled “frosting” because all I can think of is a thick, greasy lotion.  She proved me wrong.  Her Body Creme is thick, but its not greasy, and when I put it on my disgustingly dry legs this morning it vanished.  My skin soaked it up so fast I didn’t have to rub it in, and that horrible tight, dry feeling is gone.  I actually wore it to work yesterday and one thing I hate is having to reapply lotion to my legs in the middle of the day.  My hands sure, because I wash them over and over, but when it comes to my legs I don’t want to deal with ashiness in the middle of the afternoon.  Nessa’s Frosting lasted all day, and the delicious smell of pears didn’t fade or turn as the day went by.

Its think and luxurious. What a skin treat.

Nessa's Natural's Red Riot Lip Stick: Bold red with a slight orange tone

I also fell in love with her lip sticks, they come in the cutest little tubes and have this unique domed shape (well unique to me) and her colors are amazing.  They are kinda like a balm with sheer yet solid color.  Blaze’N is my all time favorite, but then she came out with Red Riot.  Apparently she knows how to keep me ordering.

So go check her out over at her website, check out her many other goodies and be impressed!  She uses only healthy, good for you ingredients, so you know you aren’t getting a tube full of prettily colored chemicals.

Nessa's Natural Blaze'n Lip Stick: gorgeous orangy red

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Rose Geranium.

Rose Geranium

This post is rather indulgent on my part, since I am going to talk about my favorite and least favorite scents.  I am working on my second cup of coffee this morning, and after staring at the Badger Balm Soap Page on their website, my mind started mulling over the scents I like and dislike.

*slurps coffee*  So lets begin.

Lavender:  Hands down personal favorite.  If a product has Lavender EO, that’s almost an instant sell for me.  That being said, fake lavender scents just offend my nose.  One of the first natural products I ever purchased was a Lavender Lip Balm and I was hooked.  Lavender EO roll ons for stress and headaches is another product that gets me giddy.  My first one was from a company up in Washington State.  I purchased it a couple of years ago and loved it.  After trying to remember who the company was, I remembered:  Island Thyme Botanical Body Care and Artisan Soaps up in Orcas Island, WA.  I was completely and totally hooked with the idea of smearing lavender (and peppermint) all over my face.  From there I found Lil’s Lavender and discovered their awesome smelling lavender lotion.  They also have an amazing Lavender peppermint headache roll on.

I have to laugh at myself, here.  Back in the day I spent hours on-line trying to find local, lavender products.  My how times have changed.  I would still recommend both companies, and that Lil’s Lavender lotion is amazing.

Rose Geranium: for a soap this is my favorite.

Lavender Rose:  Kettle Care has an amazing fragrance oil I purchased several years ago and I still have a bit left.  Its packaged in an amber-colored bottle and still smells amazing.  (Side Note:  Their Joint Ease Lotion with Arnica is the absolute amazing product.  I have arthritis in my neck and this stuff eases the sickening pain I get).

Another side note:  Kettle Care was my first experience with a home based industry and the amazing, healthy products that comes from such an industry.  I have been hooked every since.

Peppermint:  I have a love-hate relationship with Peppermint EO.  I love how much it clears my head from headaches or sinus pressure, how peppermint tea makes my stomach feel better, but other than that, I am not a fan.  Its sad, because I have two huge containers of Heather’s Tummy Care Peppermint Tea for when the IBS starts.  I cannot stand peppermint tea, having drank way too much of it over the course of my life, but it works.  I deal with peppermint because it works.  Owens Acres Headache Balm (thanks, Laura!) is the best for my sinus and regular headaches (feels great on the back of my neck) and I use it all the time but still, peppermint.  *sigh*

That being said, I simply cannot stand lip products with Peppermint OR Vanilla.  OK, so I have a weakness for Owens Acres Peppermint Lip Balm but its super strong, strong enough to clear my nose; but a “flavoring” of Peppermint in a lip stick or a lip gloss usually makes me hit the “back” button on my browser.  I once found an amazing lip color.  I mean, amazing!  I had to have it, the color was the color, if you know what I mean.  I checked out the ingredients, realized it was flavored with a peppermint-vanilla “blend”, and moved on to something else.  Seriously, folks.  Can’t stand it.  I still have dreams of that lipstick color.

One more, and then I will stop.  I have an aversion to body products that smell like baked goods.  Chocolate cake soap?  Sugar Cookie scrub?  I just…no.

So there you have it.  My likes and dislikes.  I realize I am picky and maybe a bit shallow in my choices, but hey.  I’m set in my ways, and I can thank Mom for that.  So tell me, what scents do you like/dislike?

*slurps coffee*

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Eve Organics Lip Products

Eve Organics Brandy Lip Stick

I was the luckiest girl in the world when I received three lip products in the mail from Eve Organics.  Happiness!

I have the lip gloss in Miami Sunrise, which is described on the website as a “matte, bright coral”.  It may sound pink but it isn’t.  On my warm skin tone it looks amazing.

The lip stick in Brandy, which is a plummy brown.  Very subtle in color but rocks your lips.

The lip liner in Sedona Clay, which I can only describe as a deep chocolate-red brown.  A great neutral color that supports the Brandy lip color yet adds a brownish warmth to the Miami Sunrise.

A blurb about the lip gloss:  I have seen and tried lip glosses, both healthy and unhealthy, that claim to be “not sticky”.  I have yet to try a lip gloss that hasn’t passed the “not sticky” test, until now.  Eve Organics lip gloss isn’t really like a gloss, its more like a lip creme.  There’s no stickiness at all, there’s no blops, and you don’t feel like you’ve eaten an entire basket of greasy french fries.  It also doesn’t feel like its all over your face after speaking a couple of sentences.  I hate that about some glosses, they are so slick they feel like you’ve eaten a plate of ribs (no, I am not hungry).

A quick word about the liner:  this was my first “healthy” lip liner and there’s no reason to go back to a n OTC liner:  it performs just as well as any other “unhealthy” lip liner I have used.

The lipstick:  I have tried several mineral lipsticks, and I’ve had issues with every single one.  Part of my problem is that I cannot get past the performance of drugstore lip stick.  I know its all those unsavory ingredients that make the OTC lip sticks do so well in regards to color, wear and the like, but so far I haven’t seen an adequate replacement.  I don’t know if I ever will, to be honest.  I like the Brandy, though, because it has good color, I don’t have to cake it on to get color, and with the lip liner I get pretty good wear out of it.

The ultimate winner was wearing the liner with the gloss.  I got great color, great wear, no stickiness, and a lot of compliments.

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Juni by Xango Gentle Body Bar

Juni by Xango Products

I know I’ve already done a review on the bottled Juni by Xango products, when I did so I had yet to use the Gentle Body Bar.  Due to trying to get out of the house on time yesterday, I used my Juni Bar.

Monday.  That word alone should bring about nods of understanding from my readers.  Trying to get out of the house on time, two hours of sleep the night before, find time to eat, take allergy meds, make a lunch…yeah.  All in the time of an hour!  I had unwrapped my Juni Bar completely a few days ago, just so I could smell it while I worked on my computer.  As I headed to the shower, wondering how on earth I was going to get to the bank and Starbucks before starting my hour commute to work, I grabbed the bar.

Now.  I love bars of soap more than anything, especially natural bars of soap because I can use it all over and for everything, which is very handy when I am showering in a hurry but still need to be clean.  That Juni Bar was AWESOME.  Lathered up quick and rich and I used it to wash my hair, face, my body, shave…one bar of soap did it all.  My hair felt GREAT afterwards, not gummy and not weighed down at all.  The soap did not bother the sensitive skin on my face or anywhere else on my body.

Even better?  It didn’t vanish.  Some handmade soaps, you use it once and the bar is half gone.  I don’t think the imprint is gone yet, this is a sturdy bar of soap!  I will have it for a while for sure, its a good, solid 3 ounces, and I figure as long as I keep it dry between uses I shouldn’t have an issue.

The  ingredients, like the smell, are just yummy.  We have shea butter, orange oil, lavender oil, safflower seed oil, among other things, as well as the mangosteen pericarp.  This soap is not drying or irritating and leaves your skin feeling really good and clean without that sticky, drying feeling I usually end up with after using a standard bar of soap.

You should know that I sweat, and its easy to get funky by the end of my work day, so much so that I need to shower before bed.  I got home from work 12 hours later still feeling pretty good in my skin, and this morning I smell my arm and I can still smell the soap.  Don’t get me wrong, its not perfumy or flowery or heavily scented, there are no scents other than the oils in the soap.

Bottom line?  WINNER.  Its foamy and smells good and cleans and my hair liked it.  I was out of the shower in 10 minutes and I was able to hit the bank, hit the Starbucks drive thru AND make it to work on time.

I smelled good the entire time.  If I was offered a case of this wonderful  product I would take it.  Its multi purpose, gentle yet effective, and healthy.

Oh, and if you unwrap it and leave it on your desk, it makes your work area smell really good. *grins*

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Juni by Xango Product Review

Juni Products by Xango

Blogger Disclaimer:  This review is solely regarding the Juni by Xango products.  I will not be talking about the business opportunity.  I am not, in any way, affiliated with Xango.  I simply tried the product.

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to try the Juni Body Care line by Xango.  We were discussing the line over at Healthy Beauty Social and I had visited the Xango website and was really impressed with the ingredient list, which was listed in full in the website.

Each Juni product contains mangosteen pericarp oil, an oil the folks at Xango are very proud of and is the core of their products. From what I could find, the mangosteen fruit has been used in Southeastern Asia for years, and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Xango has mangosteen juice, supplements, a meal pack plan to send to impoverished nations, a facial care line and Juni.

The Juni line consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Bar Soap and a Hand Refresher.  The Xango website claims “The Juni family of products is a family that embraces simplicity, purity and safety…very ounce of Juni is enriched with an exclusive blend of mangosteen actives, saturating your skin, scalp and follicles with phytonutrient goodness. Combined with pure botanicals and fresh lavender—the signature essential oil blend—Juni calms, cleanses, purifies and hydrates your hair and body…Juni offers wholesome hair & body products that blend the most powerful phytonutrients of the mangosteen with other family-friendly botanicals for a pure and simple revitalization that doesn’t go against nature. It’s a natural clean.”

The ingredients for each individual product is listed and even though don’t quite understand the mangosteen thing, the ingredients are pretty impressive.  You can find them here.  There is no doubt there are no sulphates or silicones or parabens, this stuff is pretty healthy.

I was most impressed at the availability of the ingredients of the products on the website.  These days ingredients are difficult to come by.  Some products list “Key Ingredients” only, leaving you wondering what’s the rest of them.  Based on that availability, and the fact the ingredients read as healthy, I was curious about the product.

I was most curious about the Hand Refresher, because I use hand sanitizers and the Juni Hand Refresher is considered a “plant based alternative to traditional hand sanitizers.”  This product works, smells amazing (due to the cinnamon in it) and leaves my hands feeling clean.  The bottle is a perfect size to keep in your purse (2 fl oz) and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky.  This is a great alternative to standard hand sanitizers.  If I was giving grades, I would give the Juni Hand Refresher an A+.

The Juni Body Wash was a real treat as the scent captivated my nose immediately, turning my shower into a very enjoyable experience.  Its very gentle yet cleansing, has a gorgeous foam and leaves your skin soft and clean.  Actually, once I smelled it I really didn’t care what it did, the fact that it smelled so good won me over.  I have super reactive skin, and this formula is gentle and soothing.  The Lavender scent comes through above the other scents, which makes your shower an uplifting, refreshing experience.  I give the Juni Body Wash an A+ as well.

The Juni Shampoo…let me start out by telling everyone I have thick, natural, ethnic hair, so two washes get good results for me.  Because there are no sulfates, this shampoo doesn’t have insane lather, it lathers gently and cleans and doesn’t bother my scalp.  In fact, my hair nicely clean but not squeaky clean, which tells me y hair wasn’t stripped of its oils.  The only negative thing is that if you have a lot of hair, it will take time to work this through your hair.  I give the Juni Shampoo a B.

 The Juni Conditioner was a shock.  This stuff is super thick, and when I leave it on for about five minutes it leaves my hair bouncy and soft but not heavy…and my hair does not bounce.  It does now.  I did not expect the conditioner to work on my thick, dry hair, but it did.  Be warned, as you go thru the bottle the stuff is so thick you really have to shake the bottle to get the product to the top.  I give the conditioner an A.

The Juni Lotion is my least favorite, but that doesn’t mean its not effective.  The Juni products are meant to be gentle enough to use on the entire family, and my skin is so dry I usually have to go hard-core with my moisturizers to be effective on my dry, reactive skin.  I have to apply this several times a day, it washes off easily, so there’s reapplying to your hands after washing, no doubt about it.  It works into my skin well, and it leaves skin soft and silky without being greasy or leaving a heavy residue, and the breakouts of eczema I had on my arms are diminishing (that I did not expect) but it doesn’t work on my legs very well, and about halfway through the day I feel the need to reapply.  I grade the Juni Lotion a B, because those patches of eczema are almost gone.  For sure I am not flaky and scratchy anymore.

Overall, I am impressed with this line of products.  Most importantly, I am extremely impressed with their website and how up front their product information is.  I have purchased products from direct sale companies before, but this is the first who had a website that seems dedicated to education.

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Why I let my hair go Natural, and Something About Me.

Hand of Fatima

Image by Abby Cadaver via Flickr

There’s a wonderful article over at The Healthy Beauty Project about embracing the natural texture of your ethnic hair.  It got me thinking about my own hair and the path its taken.

I used to treat my hair like the nasty auntie on your mother’s side of the family:  I would abuse it, mold it to my will, make it sit up and beg, wash, rinse, repeat.  I had no idea of the damage I was doing to my hair, and I really didn’t care, as long as it was straight and cute nothing else mattered.  I would get  a box of straighter from the drugstore twice a month, make sure my Pink Condition and Ultra Sheen jars were stocked up, set my curling iron on Inferno setting and go to work trying to get my thick hair straight.  I generally kept my hair short because there was so much of it.

Straightening my hair was a relief, really.  It was easier to deal with and the feel of water on my scalp in the shower was delicious.  I washed my hair all the time, which was the reason why I relaxed so much, and I did nothing to protect it:  I didn’t wrap it every night, I didn’t moisturize as much as I should, I washed it nearly every day, and I fried it with heat just as much.  My hair kept up with me (unlike that nasty old auntie on my mother’s side) and didn’t let me down the entire time.  Sure, sometimes the ends got gross and every so often I would leave the relaxer on too long and my hair would over process (which isn’t a good thing) but for the most part, my hair did what I wanted it to.

Then I stopped.  My last relaxer I simply let grow out.  I cut off the ends and let it go.  That was several years ago, and I haven’t straightened my hair since with any method.  I realized my hair isn’t really kinky, I have corkscrew curls.  The hair around the nape of my neck and around my ears is bone straight.  I wash and condition daily, I use Coconut Oil as a styling product/moisturiser, I comb it, throw in an elastic headband and that’s it.

Now.  I didn’t go back to the natural texture of my hair due to outside influences, such as going back to my roots, sticking it to the man, going green, going healthy, going to the store, nothing like that.  Me leaving my hair alone stemmed mainly from one revelation:  my hands.

I have been abusing my hands since I was 10, when I got my first typewriter.  Maybe even before than, because I have been writing for as long as I can remember.  Moving on to my first job, where I was scooping ice cream.  Then I was a barista for YEARS, and I mean old school, not this push button madness we have going on now.  I type constantly, at home and at work.  The result of all this abuse as well as the gene pool I swim in?  Reduced strength and mobility.  I went to Occupational Therapy and took their squeezy test thing where they measure the pounds of pressure  your hands can squeeze.  For a female my age, 75# for the dominant hand and something like 60# for the non-dominant hand (don’t quote me on this) so that was the expectation when the therapist put the squeezy thingie in my right hand.  I took the test three times for my right hand, and five times for my left.  The therapist blinked at the results and said I definitely have a problem.  My right hand topped out at 25# and my left hand reached 16# and I was sweating just to get that far.

Well, now I knew why I had a hard, painful time brushing my hair because it hurt to hold onto the handle of a hairbrush.  I had to go to a battery powered toothbrush because I couldn’t hold onto a manual toothbrush.  My wrists will suddenly give out, especially at inopportune times when I am holding a cup of coffee.  I’ve had many a moment when I am holding a cup, and the next thing I know the cup is on the floor because my hand and wrist gave out, my left side is well known for doing this.  I can’t use a knife to cut anything, like meat, my friend has to do it for me.  The last time I brushed my hair, and switched from my right hand to my left to get my entire head, my left hand was in a brace for two weeks.  The pain was incredible.  So I keep my hair short and manageable.  I gave up squeezing a curling iron open long ago, I just can’t do it anymore.

Typing hurts, but I still do it.  I have to do it for my job and I do it at home because I am a writer, dammit, and I will grit my teeth and deal with it.  When its really bad I’ll use salves and balms, when its unbearable I go to my prescription of Motrin, but life goes on.  If I can’t write, then we start the quality of life discussion with my nurse practitioner.

So that’s the reason for the hair.  I haven’t been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel (my mom had surgery on both hands for that) but I do have tendonitis, arthritis and Overuse Syndrome.  I can manage with that.  If I have to type with a pencil in my teeth, I can go there too.

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One of the Many Nice Things Regarding Natural Cosmetics

…the kind you eat

Image via Wikipedia

There are  plenty of reasons to use natural cosmetics, but I am going to focus on just one at this time:  you don’t have to chisel it off before bed. 

Back in my day of using OTC cosmetics (oh heck, I’ll say it, I was a fan of Mary Kay Cosmetics for about two years) I would come home and begin the process of getting all the product on my face off.  I used nearly the entire line each and every day for work:  after I washed, toned, moisturized and used the Day Solution for sunscreen protection, I used the foundation, the powder foundation, eye primer, eyeshadows, liner, mascara, lip primer, lip liner, lipstick and gloss.  I had horrible skin which I thought was oily, so I spend the day touching up with the powder.  By the time I got home I was caked in foundation.  Granted, my eyeshadow always looked as if it were just applied (their eye primer is amazing stuff, but my eyes watered miserably, oh how we suffer for beauty) but the rest of my face was caked in powder, so much so I had wrinkles around my eyes and around my nose I would get lines of powder from the oil in my skin.

The worst part was getting it all off.  The eye makeup part wasn’t a problem, I went through bottles of Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover.  The biggest issue was my face, getting all of that makeup off my face and out of my pores.  My face never seemed clean, I had a dark patch on my right cheek where the pores were clogged and I was breaking out on a regular basis.  When MK came out with their Mineral Foundation, I used the Eye Make up Remover on my face because I couldn’t get that stuff off my face.  Several uses later I was breaking out in blisters, so that was the end of my MK journey.

Now I use  less product that actually makes my face look good even after I take off my makeup, and its easy to remove.  Could be I am using better product, or I now know what kind of skin I have…regardless, I no longer have to chisel.

This morning I did the following to my face:

Washed with Clairvoyant Beauty’s Detoxifying Clay Cleanser with DMAE

Scrubbed with Sugared Beauty’s Happy Face (freaking out because my 2 oz jar is almost empty and this stuff is a MUST.)

Clairboyant Beauty’s Simply Rosewater Toner

Dabbed some Clairvoyant Beauty’s Gentle and Healing Rosewater Eye Cream around the eyes(with hayfever my eyes weep and the corners of my eyes get red and irritated, this solves that problem)

For Makeup I did the following:

Gluten Free Beauty’s 2-Step Foundation Set (I cannot say enough about this.  BEST. FOUNDATION. EVER.)

Sweet Libertine Eyeshadows in Cafe Au Lait and Freakshow

Gluten Free Beauty’s SunKiss Me Lip Gloss…the most amazing color and lip gloss ever.

and I was out the door.  I blotted three times over the course of the 10 hours I was out of the house.

When I came home I goofed around, then I realized I still had to take my make up off.  See, its good stuff if you forget you’re wearing it, right? So this is what I did to my face this evening:

All Natural Face Natural Oil Makeup Remover (BEST EVER) and a hot washcloth.  I rinsed several times then just let the hot washcloth sit on my face a couple times.

I will interject here about the glories of Gluten Free Beauty’s foundation:  my skin looked really good even after the foundation came off.  All those good oils she uses really makes a difference.  Now back to our regular programming…

Tones with The All Natural Face Non Alcohol Rose Petal and Elderflower Blossom Toner.

All Natural Face Argan Oil Roll On around the eyes.

Gluten Free Beauty’s Facial Moisture Serum (my face soaks this up like I soak up coffee in the morning.  This stuff is EXCELLENT)

And that’s it.  I think I spent 10 minutes “washing” my face with the oil makeup remover becaue I simply like to stand there with that hot washcloth on my face.  No chiseling, no scrubbing, no drying my face out to regulate the oil production.

Some Paranoid Writer Stuff:

1.  All the links for the stuff I mentioned is over on the right hand side of the blog page under Favorite Places to Shop

2.  Don’t know why I used the blackberry picture for this post, I thought it was pretty.

3.  Do what works for you and your face.  I just gave an example of what works for me, and believe me, it took months to find products that worked.  Several times I wanted to run to my nearest big box store and throw myself onto the highly waxed floor in the cosmetic aisle in front of the Cover Girl display, but I stuck it out.

Enjoy.  We can either be gifts to this world and the people in it, or we can be miserable wrecks.

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