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My First and Last Trip to Ulta

Pinky Swear by Ulta

Pinky Swear by Ulta (Photo credit: lindavisawesome)

I have this bizarre way of thinking:  if everyone else is doing something, I go out of my way to not do it.  If everyone else is doing something, then I know I won’t like what it is.

Case in point:  I walked into an Ulta for the first time today.  For those who don’t know, Ulta is the Costco of beauty products and brands.  They have everything, literally to make you look and smell better from the outside.  I have never seen a wall devoted to flat irons in my life.

So.  I was shopping with my mother who wanted to go to Michael’s craft store, and Ulta was two doors down.  I figured hey, I should probably check this out, finally.  See what all the buzz is about.

I should have kept walking.  There is a Peet’s Coffee at the end of the mall and I should have indulged in an iced coffee instead.

Mind you, its like 90 degrees outside.  I know many parts of the country have been dealing with heat waves since June, but out here we haven’t.  Also, in the Pacific Northwest 90 is HOT.  Anyway, so I walk into the store and immediately get slapped in the face with a deluge of perfumes.  There were a bunch of people in those aisles, spraying and spritzing from pretty little bottles.  Ugh.

So I start perusing the Smashbox, Stila and other high end brand cosmetic aisles.  I don’t know, I just wasn’t thrilled.  Probably all those testers that were in ruins in front of the sealed products.  I usually go insane over beauty products, even when I walked in the door I was doing a mental balance on my debit card, figuring I wasn’t going to get out of there without something.

I went into the back where all the hair brushes and flat irons were.  I could have delved deeper into the hair product section but I wasn’t interested.  I did find a really nice hair brush, but there was only one left and it wasn’t the color that the display was.  So I kept walking.

I ended up in the Bath section and they had big bottles of shower gel, buy two get one free.  That’s another weakness of mine, shower gels.  Love them!  I smelled one, something Lavender and Chamomile.  It smelled nothing like Lavender and Chamomile, instead it smelled like some cheap knock-off of what Lavender and Chamomile should smell like.  Then I looked at the ingredient list.

That’s when I realized I was in the wrong place.  I put the bottle down and got out of there.  On my way out the door I was slapped in the face again with the miasma coming from the fragrance section.  The whole experience was too much, really, but now I know why I never went in there.

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Thought I found a new line of healthy cosmetics. I really did.

A sample of Prussian blue.

Sample of Prussian Blue, which is also known as Ferro Ammonium Ferrocyanide. Thanks Wikipedia.

I was in a search engine kind of mood tonight (in other words, procrastinating like you would not believe) and I came across a brand of cosmetics who had come out with a healthy line of products.

I must say the front page for this line of products (let me call them Exhibit A so I won’t overuse adjectives) was very nice.  I was sold simply by reading the description, “100% natural and packed with organic ingredients”.  There was mention of Eco-Cert Certification, the packaging was award winning because it was made of an everyday vegetable, the packaging was very attractive and boy, I really liked the color of the lipstick!  I dove into the two pages of products, all excited as to the bounty I was going to be faced with.

I am going to number my disappointments:

1. No lipstick.  There was lip-gloss, but no lipstick.  There was a picture of several shades of lipstick, in the same amazing packaging, but either the company is out, or not advertising it or whatever.  Regardless of the reason, it wasn’t available to purchase.  I can adapt, so I aimed for the lip-gloss.

2.  The Lip-gloss has nice colors, the price is a bit steep at $20 but the price doesn’t matter anymore because right smack dab in the middle of the ingredients is Fragrance (parfum).  Those two words are a deal breaker for me, because Fragrance (parfum) can be absolutely anything.  Now, Fragrance is known as a trade secret, so companies do NOT have to divulge what the Fragrance is made of.  The website tells us Exhibit A’s Lip Gloss is formulated with “natural and organic ingredients”.  That is well and good, but what are those ingredients?  Traditionally, Fragrance (parfum) is generally known as an umbrella term for synthetic or chemical compounds, so in this Lip Gloss am I to assume the same thing? The website says this line of cosmetics is made without synthetic fragrances, so do I believe it? As I said, seeing that one ingredient is an absolute deal breaker, so I moved on to another product in the line.

3.  Pressed Powder!  Yipee!  Wait…no ingredients listed.  NEXT.

4.  Loose powder!  Well, not too bad, pressed is more purse friendly but…oh wait, first ingredient is talc, which my skin hates.  Never mind.

5.  Eye Shadows!  Soft, muted colors and again first ingredient is talc.  Scratch that idea.  Even worse, at the end of the ingredient list there’s that phrase that make my eyes roll to the back of my head:  “May Contain”.  Then there’s a line of letters with numbers.  Whatever these letters and numbers mean, are they in the product or not?  May Contain?  So, if we get a batch that contains whatever it may or may not contain are we better off for it, or is it an accidental batch?

6.  Last but not least, in an attempt to find something that I absolutely had to have, I checked out the eyeliner.  This time instead of looking at the colors, I went straight to the ingredients, which were rather good save for this horrible mouthful of letters:  Ferro Ammonium Ferrocyanide.

All together now, say it five times fast.  Typing the word about made me dizzy.  To save myself from falling out of my desk chair I copied and pasted the words into my search engine and up popped several cosmetics websites that inform us of chemicals in our cosmetics and their possible toxicity levels, but I bypassed those websites in favor of the one that would prove my point without any sort of bias.

Heck yeah, I went to the FDA.  The Federal Drug Administration.  The Feds.  Their own website.  Because hey, if the government says it’s OK to use, why let’s just hop right on that train and ride it to the end of time (insert whatever level of sarcasm you see fit).  Seriously, I went to the FDA’s Color Additive Status List.  Looks like it was last updated in December 2009?  Huh.  You have to scroll down, or use the links across the top, to find the section where Ferro Ammonium Ferrocyanide lives.  Oh, and List 5?  List 5 are the colorants “exempt from certification and permanently listed for DRUG use.  (None of these color additives may be used in products that are for use in the area of the eye, unless otherwise indicated.).”  Copied and pasted from the List 5 Category.

Now, the list is in alphabetical order, so it’s not difficult to find what the Fed’s have to say about Ferro Ammonium Cyanide.  For those who aren’t intrigued by all this, let me quote what it written:  “Externally applied drugs, including those for eye area – GMP – 73.1298”.  So.  This colorant is exempt from certification, and we can use it on the eyes.  *raises eyebrows*

So then, I went to an independent website to see what they had to say about Ferro Ammonium Cyanide:

Safety Information

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists Ferric Ferrocyanide and Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide as color additives exempt from certification. Ferric Ferrocyanide and Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide are safe for use in coloring externally applied cosmetics and personal care products, including products applied to the area of the eye, when these ingredients conform to FDA specifications. Ferric Ferrocyanide and Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide are also allowed to be used in externally applied drugs. These ingredients are not allowed to be used in products intended for use on the lips.

Wait up a second.  I can use this product on my eyes, but not on my lips?  Is this the reason why cosmetic companies, who have loose, colored powders you can use as either nail polish, eyeliner, eye shadow or lipstick have a disclaimer when certain colors are not to be used on the mouth?

In addition, this product is in a brand of cosmetics that is said as being “100% natural and packed with organic ingredients”.

This is why we need to educate ourselves.  The pretty packaging and claims sometimes do not tell us what we need to know before we use a beauty product…

What we should know.


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Honeysuckle? Anyone? And other goodies from Nessa’s Naturals

I mentioned earlier Nessa’s Naturals offered a Valentine’s Day Gift set, and that I picked the Honeysuckle scent.  I got my set in the mail and not to pat myself on the back, but I picked a winner.

According to her scent list, the Honeysuckle is the “scent of honeysuckle with notes of jasmine, rose and lilacs.”  There is definitely an undertone of earthiness, as the scent isn’t an over potent floral.  If you have smelled a honeysuckle flower before you know what I am talking about.  I have smelled other versions of Honeysuckle scented bath and body products that are over the counter, and they were perfumy and just not…well, right.  I can’t get enough of this, as the scent is bright, airy, cheery and is so uplifiting!

Also in my Box of Goodness I got some other things, mostly eye shadow.  Now for those of us who are product junkies, you know the feeling a stack of eye shadow brings when you unwrap it.  Its like you just unwrapped a new you!

Vanessa over at Nessa’s Naturals has been working double time on her eye shadows, coming up with more and more wonderful colors.  I love her colors because they aren’t primary colors.  I see so many brands come out with colors that are just so obvious, and let everyone know you are wearing makeup.  I prefer neutral colors more than anything else.  I love make up, I love eye makeup, but I don’t need the circus clown effect just to go to work.

These are the colors I got:  Prim, Tutu, Visitor, Galatic, Macchiato, Dash, Lily, Nectar and untamed.  Here’s a list and pictures of her new shadows that I am now the proud owner of:

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Massive Make-Up Kit FAIL

Today I found a huge purple case in the bathroom containing cosmetics from one of the big make-up stores (I am going to assume it belongs to the 15 year old) .  It was pretty awesome:  tons of eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, blushers, bronzers, eye pencils and all of the brushes you could want.

Hanging from the handle was the tag, which contained several “pages” of the ingredients of all the products included.  This was no healthy brand of cosmetics, the ingredients were shocking as well as completely toxic.  The first ingredient in all of the eyeshadows and powders was talc, which makes me run away screaming.  Add in the parabens, SLS, acetates, polymers…yeah, just a chemical slew of pretty colors.  That’s not the reason why I am here mentioning this make-up kit, thought.

What shocked me was this warning, listed in bold black letter after the ingredients for the blush and the bronzer:  DO NOT PUT ON LIPS.

Doesn’t say why, it just says it.  So here’s my question:  so if its safe for your face but not on your lips, why put it on your face?

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Eve Organics Lip Products

Eve Organics Brandy Lip Stick

I was the luckiest girl in the world when I received three lip products in the mail from Eve Organics.  Happiness!

I have the lip gloss in Miami Sunrise, which is described on the website as a “matte, bright coral”.  It may sound pink but it isn’t.  On my warm skin tone it looks amazing.

The lip stick in Brandy, which is a plummy brown.  Very subtle in color but rocks your lips.

The lip liner in Sedona Clay, which I can only describe as a deep chocolate-red brown.  A great neutral color that supports the Brandy lip color yet adds a brownish warmth to the Miami Sunrise.

A blurb about the lip gloss:  I have seen and tried lip glosses, both healthy and unhealthy, that claim to be “not sticky”.  I have yet to try a lip gloss that hasn’t passed the “not sticky” test, until now.  Eve Organics lip gloss isn’t really like a gloss, its more like a lip creme.  There’s no stickiness at all, there’s no blops, and you don’t feel like you’ve eaten an entire basket of greasy french fries.  It also doesn’t feel like its all over your face after speaking a couple of sentences.  I hate that about some glosses, they are so slick they feel like you’ve eaten a plate of ribs (no, I am not hungry).

A quick word about the liner:  this was my first “healthy” lip liner and there’s no reason to go back to a n OTC liner:  it performs just as well as any other “unhealthy” lip liner I have used.

The lipstick:  I have tried several mineral lipsticks, and I’ve had issues with every single one.  Part of my problem is that I cannot get past the performance of drugstore lip stick.  I know its all those unsavory ingredients that make the OTC lip sticks do so well in regards to color, wear and the like, but so far I haven’t seen an adequate replacement.  I don’t know if I ever will, to be honest.  I like the Brandy, though, because it has good color, I don’t have to cake it on to get color, and with the lip liner I get pretty good wear out of it.

The ultimate winner was wearing the liner with the gloss.  I got great color, great wear, no stickiness, and a lot of compliments.

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What I Ask From Beauty Products

yellow hat flower

Yellow Hat Flower

I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way, so I am going to throw this out there.

When it comes to beauty products, I ask one thing of them. To make me feel pretty on the inside.

Looking good doesn’t really pertain to what I am talking about. We can be done up with all sorts of product, but are we pretty? On the outside sure, but what about the inside? Is that perfume you are wearing uplifting you, or does it matter only what others think? That lipstick, sure its a stunning color but does it warm you from the inside?

I am talking about putting a product on and feeling good about wearing it. Colors, aromas, textures, purpose…all these things can make us feel good and that is what I am looking for in a product. I want to put on a scent and be uplifted. I want an eye color to make me feel pretty. I want a foundation to give me confidence.

In other words, its more important to me to feel pretty on the inside more so than on the outside.   Agape & Zoe Naturals are a prime example.  Their fragrance, Green, is listed as “a refreshing combination of cucumber and mandarin, with a hint of mint”.  I absolutely LOVE the smell, its refreshing and clean and unique.  My best friend turns her nose up at it, but that’s just fine, because for me its uplifting and wonderful and clean and puts a sparkle in my eye.

Another example is Owens Acres Lavender Lotion Bar.  My friend doesn’t like it because its heavy and she’s not a fan of lavender, but I put it on and my skin is softened and the smell is fresh lavender.  Its soothing like a warm blanket, or a hot cup of tea, no matter where I am.

As well, I received a sample of Eve Organics Limelight Eyeshadow.  Never would I have thought this color would be my color, but I wear it and I get a smile on my face.  A BIG smile.  This eyeshadow makes me feel goofy and happy.  Don’t ask me why.  It just does.  Its the most perfect green, and I mean perfect.  Check out the picture on the link and notice the awesome gold flecks in all that green.  Its AWESOME!

Perchance I am asking too much from the products I use?  I don’t think so.  I am blessed to use clean, wonderful products that delight as well as beautify.  With life being, well, life, when was the last time you were delighted by anything or anyone?

We gotta find the happiness.  Its out there.

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One of the Many Nice Things Regarding Natural Cosmetics

…the kind you eat

Image via Wikipedia

There are  plenty of reasons to use natural cosmetics, but I am going to focus on just one at this time:  you don’t have to chisel it off before bed. 

Back in my day of using OTC cosmetics (oh heck, I’ll say it, I was a fan of Mary Kay Cosmetics for about two years) I would come home and begin the process of getting all the product on my face off.  I used nearly the entire line each and every day for work:  after I washed, toned, moisturized and used the Day Solution for sunscreen protection, I used the foundation, the powder foundation, eye primer, eyeshadows, liner, mascara, lip primer, lip liner, lipstick and gloss.  I had horrible skin which I thought was oily, so I spend the day touching up with the powder.  By the time I got home I was caked in foundation.  Granted, my eyeshadow always looked as if it were just applied (their eye primer is amazing stuff, but my eyes watered miserably, oh how we suffer for beauty) but the rest of my face was caked in powder, so much so I had wrinkles around my eyes and around my nose I would get lines of powder from the oil in my skin.

The worst part was getting it all off.  The eye makeup part wasn’t a problem, I went through bottles of Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover.  The biggest issue was my face, getting all of that makeup off my face and out of my pores.  My face never seemed clean, I had a dark patch on my right cheek where the pores were clogged and I was breaking out on a regular basis.  When MK came out with their Mineral Foundation, I used the Eye Make up Remover on my face because I couldn’t get that stuff off my face.  Several uses later I was breaking out in blisters, so that was the end of my MK journey.

Now I use  less product that actually makes my face look good even after I take off my makeup, and its easy to remove.  Could be I am using better product, or I now know what kind of skin I have…regardless, I no longer have to chisel.

This morning I did the following to my face:

Washed with Clairvoyant Beauty’s Detoxifying Clay Cleanser with DMAE

Scrubbed with Sugared Beauty’s Happy Face (freaking out because my 2 oz jar is almost empty and this stuff is a MUST.)

Clairboyant Beauty’s Simply Rosewater Toner

Dabbed some Clairvoyant Beauty’s Gentle and Healing Rosewater Eye Cream around the eyes(with hayfever my eyes weep and the corners of my eyes get red and irritated, this solves that problem)

For Makeup I did the following:

Gluten Free Beauty’s 2-Step Foundation Set (I cannot say enough about this.  BEST. FOUNDATION. EVER.)

Sweet Libertine Eyeshadows in Cafe Au Lait and Freakshow

Gluten Free Beauty’s SunKiss Me Lip Gloss…the most amazing color and lip gloss ever.

and I was out the door.  I blotted three times over the course of the 10 hours I was out of the house.

When I came home I goofed around, then I realized I still had to take my make up off.  See, its good stuff if you forget you’re wearing it, right? So this is what I did to my face this evening:

All Natural Face Natural Oil Makeup Remover (BEST EVER) and a hot washcloth.  I rinsed several times then just let the hot washcloth sit on my face a couple times.

I will interject here about the glories of Gluten Free Beauty’s foundation:  my skin looked really good even after the foundation came off.  All those good oils she uses really makes a difference.  Now back to our regular programming…

Tones with The All Natural Face Non Alcohol Rose Petal and Elderflower Blossom Toner.

All Natural Face Argan Oil Roll On around the eyes.

Gluten Free Beauty’s Facial Moisture Serum (my face soaks this up like I soak up coffee in the morning.  This stuff is EXCELLENT)

And that’s it.  I think I spent 10 minutes “washing” my face with the oil makeup remover becaue I simply like to stand there with that hot washcloth on my face.  No chiseling, no scrubbing, no drying my face out to regulate the oil production.

Some Paranoid Writer Stuff:

1.  All the links for the stuff I mentioned is over on the right hand side of the blog page under Favorite Places to Shop

2.  Don’t know why I used the blackberry picture for this post, I thought it was pretty.

3.  Do what works for you and your face.  I just gave an example of what works for me, and believe me, it took months to find products that worked.  Several times I wanted to run to my nearest big box store and throw myself onto the highly waxed floor in the cosmetic aisle in front of the Cover Girl display, but I stuck it out.

Enjoy.  We can either be gifts to this world and the people in it, or we can be miserable wrecks.

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Cosmetic Brushes…My Take

Make-up brushes

Image via Wikipedia

If I were a professional makeup artist I am sure my thoughts would be different on this matter regarding brushes.  I am no make up artist, I don’t pretend to be.  I am a female who loves make-up, that’s all.

Nevertheless…I will admit to watching several videos on YouTube regarding make-up application.  I have hooded eyes so I watch those videos about how to give yourself a crease when you really don’t have one, and I also like to watch vidoes on certain “looks”.

What I don’t get is this fascination with brushes. Granted, I miss the days of drug store cosmetic shopping and simply using the sponge applicators that came with the pans of eye shadow.  I could deal with the sponge applicators.  When I made the switch from drugstore cosmetics to Mary Kay Cosmetics, I loved the applicators, a soft sponge on side and a brush on the other, and I could work a sponge applicator like nothing.  My eye makeup looked good!  Then they changed their formula to mineral, so I gave up on that and went to natural cosmetics.

Now.  Even in the drugstores, cosmetics are coming in pots with no applicators, meaning you have to purchase your applicators separately.  Even worse, we’re being told that brushes are the way to go if you want a flawless face with professional results and that certain brushes get the job done better than others.

Like I said up top, if I was a professional my view would be different, since I am not, well, here you have it.

I think the brushes are a racket.  Watching videos on YouTube everyone talks about their MAC brushes and how awesome they are…but $56 for a powder brush?  Wow.   Then, for certain looks, you have to have an L543 or a BB304, and don’t forget a VT124 for the crease!  Of course here I am being sarcastic, but really, its all about the expensive brushes, and in order to get the look you must have the brushes.

I actually watched a video for a hooded eye look where the commentator used a finger to apply the base color, which was a standard over the counter cosmetic brand.   I was shocked and amazed because hey, cosmetic application that everyone can relate too!  A FINGER.  Ingenious.


Beauty is big business, this I understand.  The competition must be horrific.  Yet can’t we go back to basics when makeup was simplistic and didn’t cost a fortune, and we didn’t need so many accessories to apply product?

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A Minor Rant

Colours - make up

Image via Wikipedia

I bet you all can already guess I love cosmetics.   A brand new tube of lipstick always puts a smile on my face, I am not ashamed to admit it.  I have tried all sorts of colors, types, department store, drugstore, expensive, cheap…I’ve tried it.

Over the past year I have devoted myself to educating myself and others about the dangers in typical over the counter cosmetics and beauty products.  I never thought beauty products were unhealthy, I believed in all the print ads and the pretty models when they said this one product is going to make a difference in your life.  I felt special when I raided the Clinique counter of their facial cleansers and toners, I loved the eye shadows at MAC.

Then a friend started selling a direct sales brand of cosmetics and I was in heaven all over again.  I had personalized service and she ran a tab for me as well so I could always have what I wanted, and believe me I used every single item that was offered:  cleansers, masks, microdermabraision, moisturizers, toners, eye cream, something to even out my skin tone…and all of this was before I actually put any makeup on.  Then came the color and primers and everything else.  I had the best eye shadows ever in my entire life, a whole selection of lipsticks and liners and glosses. I enjoyed doing myself up every day.

Then the line changed their formulation for their cosmetics:  they came out with a powder mineral foundation that was supposed to be the greatest thing, they changed the formulation of eye shadows from whatever they were to mineral, their lipsticks became scented with vanilla…suddenly cosmetics weren’t as fun anymore.  The mineral foundation was full of talc (which my face did not like) the eye shadows did not last on my eyelids, the eye primer made my eyes burn, the mascara made  the inside of my eyelids break out, and I cannot stand the smell of fake vanilla.

So I started my search for healthier cosmetics.  It didn’t happen overnight, I spent tons of time online looking for eye shadows, lipsticks, and especially foundation, and not only foundation, but there were veils and sheers and all this other stuff THAT WAS LOOSE.

Everything came in little jars, and you needed fluffy brushes to apply.  All sorts of brushes:  contouring, lining, blush, foundation and lets not forget the numbers of the brushes.  I can’t keep them straight.  Whatever happened to the little sponge applicators?  I liked the little sponge applicators, they work for me.  I never bought the line that brushes had to be used to get a more professional, polished look.

Lets go back to my issue:  everything is loose.  Loose foundations, eye shadows, blushes, veils, shimmers, bronzers.  Touch ups are no longer a simple compact with a little pad, now you have to carry around the container and the coordinating brush.  Even though there are those new “locking lids”, its really difficult to be discreet when you have to click open the container, shake product onto the lid, then take the kabuki brush and swirl it around, while not trying to shake the powder all over you and everyone else.

The eye shadows:  love the colors, hate the big mess, hate the brushes.  The days of clicking open a compact and having colors there in one place are long gone, now we have messy jars and brushes and mess.  There’s more glittery colors out there than matte, and I am of the age where I am not into glitter.  Also, for the most part colors come individually, so instead of having a set of colors together that compliment one another, you have to figure out on your own what color goes with which other colors.  Believe me when I say I once ordered from one shop four different times trying to get the right brown.

Samples are cool, but there still isn’t enough product to make a difference.  I have a collection of 20 different colors of foundation powders,   What I thought was the right color when I put it on turned out to NOT be the right color after the oils on my face broke through (which doesn’t take long, stupid skin)  so I turned to another sample.  I used almost the entire thing on my face so I didn’t have a whole lot to touch up with, so I used a lighter color, which made my face look as if I dipped it into a floured cake pan.

I got fed up.  I wanted to take all of my jars and dime bags and huck the whole entire wad into the garbage can…but then I found hope.  Hope in a plastic Petri dish looking container.  I finally came across a foundation that was not a powder, that did not need brushes, that didn’t change color over the course of the day and blended into my skin so flawlessly due to its yummy oils I didn’t need an exact color, the foundation came in three colors and the “deep” suited me perfectly. 

I did end up finding a pressed mineral powder, so I consider the face part of my makeup routine taken care of.  I am still looking for healthy pressed eye shadow.  I love eye shadow but I simply hate the mess that comes with all of the little jars.  Today, out of frustration and just to be pissy,  I went to the drugstore and actually bought a $2.99 pressed eye shadow trio in three very pretty colors.  Each color is imprinted with where the color should go:  Brow bone, Crease, Lid, and there’s a sponge applicator as well as a little brush for application. Eye shadow for Dummies.  Love it.  On the back of the compact I am promised “all day crease-resistant color, and the coordinating shades take the guesswork out of creating the perfect eye look”.  Hey, if its written it must be true, right?  I am going to get a lot for my $2.99, right? As soon as I got into my car I put it on, and as soon as I sat down at work my eyes started to water, but I didn’t let it bother me because I had product that was easy to work with.   I got a box of tissues and dealt with it, eventually it went away.

Fast forward to about 8 hours later, I am still at work, writing this article and looking at my new eye shadows in their pretty little black case.  I realize I have to peel away at some labeling in order to find the ingredients, which was a pain because I was supposed to separate the back label, not rip the entire thing off.  Eventually I came across the ingredient list.  I will only point out the ingredients I know are bad and there’s a word or two I can’t even pronounce:  Talc (that might ingredient that made me switch to natural cosmetics after my face broke out in an oozy, drippy rash), Dimethicone, Trimethylisiloxysilicate (a silicone derivative, the Cosmetics Database considers it a low hazard ingredient),  Nylon-12, (a bulking and opacifying agent, considered a clay alternative in reducing shine, is able to expand and contract with facial movements without filling in small lines, creating a full and smooth appearance, is considered hypoallergenic and sterile), Synthetic Fluorphlogopite all I can find is that it’s an artificial mica), Methyl and  Propylparabens,  Dimethicone/Methicone Copolymer, Tin Oxide (I am just going to give the link to the OSHA listing for Tin Oxide and leave it at that ).And this is about half the ingredients.  MAY CONTAIN:  Aluminum Powder, Carmine, Ferric Ferrocyanide (inorganic pigments used as colorants.  Also known as Iron Blue, Prussian Blue, and is known as the antidote to chronic Thallium poisoning), among other things.

Seriously.  I think I can deal with the messiness more than an ingredient list such as the one I listed above.

I am on the hunt for healthy pressed eye shadows now.


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