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New Juni Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

Juni by Xango Nourishing Shampoo

Note:  Again, I am not a Xango Distributor.  I am merely talking about the products.

So yes, I have already done a review on Juni Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, but since Xango has reformulated their Juni line, here I am again.

Instead of a Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, Juni by Xango now have two types of shampoo and conditioner, Nourishing and Clarifying.  I will be focusing on the Nourishing here.

I liked the Juni 1.0 version of their gentle shampoo.  It was gentle, but on my unprocessed ethnic hair I had to use a lot of it and would have to shampoo twice to get my hair clean.  The shampoo did work rather nicely, but my bottle only lasted through several shampoos because it couldn’t cut through all the hair.

The Juni Nourishing Shampoo is totally different.  It has a thicker consistency, and does not take as much to get through all of my hair.  In fact, one washing gets my hair totally clean.  Nicely clean, meaning not stripped and not left with that awful squeaky, crunchy feeling after you shampoo.  The same fine ingredients are used,  so there’s no scalp issues at all.  No itching!

Juni by Xango Nourishing Conditioner

The Juni Nourishing Conditioner is just as thick as the 1.0 version, but let me tell  you about this stuff.  I wash my hair, wring out the water, apply a glop to my hair and let it sit while I do other things.  After about five minutes of the conditioner simply sitting in my hair, I can run my fingers through my hair.  The magnitude of this statement is shocking, because I have  thick, ethnic, dryunprocessed, corkscrewed hair and it tangles if you look at it wrong, so imagine what happens after washing.  This conditioner makes combing a breeze once I am out of the shower.  My corkscrews are very boingy, not weighed down with product.

So!  For unprocessed, dry, ethnic hair, the Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner are amazing products.  My hair isn’t striped and limp, its actually bouncy and shiny.  Oh, and my hair smells really, really good.  I realy hope Juni comes out with matching hair styling products  *hint*  Oh, and if you begin the hair washing process with the Juni Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil
(see earlier post), your hair, your scalp and your nose are in for a real treat.

For those wondering, the new Juni line is currently only available as a complete set.  Soon they will be offered as individual items.  Personally I can’t wait, because I use the Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner and the new Hand and Body Wash every day, and my product  levels are reaching the beginnings of half empty.  *panic*

Click here for the  complete Juni by Xango ingredient list.  The line may be reformulated, but its still vegan.

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New Juni By Xango: Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil

New Juni by Xango Hair & Scalp Treatment

Disclaimer:  I am not a Xango Distributor.  I am just talking about their products.

Yeah, I know I’ve already done a Juni by Xango review, but here I am to do another.  Xango reformulated the entire line and reintroduced it at their @011 International Convention.  The packaging and logo have changed, the same wonderful, healthy ingredients are still the same, and they added three new products, one being the new Juni Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil.

The website says “Nourishing mangosteen, purifying rosemary, stimulating peppermint, cleansing thyme, balancing cedarwood and soothing lavender help cleanse and increase hair density while stimulating the scalp”.  I don’t have a problem with hair density at all, really, but this product is awesome for an entirely different reason:

Its awesome for your sinuses.

The prevailing scent is peppermint, toned down a bit with the rosemary and lavender essential oils, but its still potent enough to open up your sinuses.  I put a drop on the tip of each finger (the oil comes in a cute little glass pump bottle which makes doing this easy) and go right for the sinus cavities in my head:  the top of my head, behind my ears, at the base of my neck.  If you’re like me and have sinus pressure due to the weather change, this oil will bring a welcome relief to stuffiness.  Massage gently, don’t use too much pressure, and the peppermint will open up your sinuses.

When I first applied the oil I was thinking, sure this might be great for my hair by OMG my sinuses!  I can breathe!

So yes, the Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil is great for your hair and scalp, but your sinuses will benefit from it as well.

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