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Honeysuckle? Anyone? And other goodies from Nessa’s Naturals

I mentioned earlier Nessa’s Naturals offered a Valentine’s Day Gift set, and that I picked the Honeysuckle scent.  I got my set in the mail and not to pat myself on the back, but I picked a winner.

According to her scent list, the Honeysuckle is the “scent of honeysuckle with notes of jasmine, rose and lilacs.”  There is definitely an undertone of earthiness, as the scent isn’t an over potent floral.  If you have smelled a honeysuckle flower before you know what I am talking about.  I have smelled other versions of Honeysuckle scented bath and body products that are over the counter, and they were perfumy and just not…well, right.  I can’t get enough of this, as the scent is bright, airy, cheery and is so uplifiting!

Also in my Box of Goodness I got some other things, mostly eye shadow.  Now for those of us who are product junkies, you know the feeling a stack of eye shadow brings when you unwrap it.  Its like you just unwrapped a new you!

Vanessa over at Nessa’s Naturals has been working double time on her eye shadows, coming up with more and more wonderful colors.  I love her colors because they aren’t primary colors.  I see so many brands come out with colors that are just so obvious, and let everyone know you are wearing makeup.  I prefer neutral colors more than anything else.  I love make up, I love eye makeup, but I don’t need the circus clown effect just to go to work.

These are the colors I got:  Prim, Tutu, Visitor, Galatic, Macchiato, Dash, Lily, Nectar and untamed.  Here’s a list and pictures of her new shadows that I am now the proud owner of:

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So what’s been going on…

Pamper Me Set from Nessa's Naturals


January is over with.  for some, it’s a tough month with the weather and everything else.  I can’t believe its February 1st.  I had to pinch myself this morning, just to make sure I made it through the night.


Not to say it wasn’t easy, I will be honest.  I did catch some sort of cold, but it was the basic upper-respiratory annoying madness.  Thankfully, it did not materialize into bronchitis, which seemed to be going around the office (the place is a hot bed of disease, but what office isn’t?) so I lucked out there.  Sadly, my cold came up when we were having “weather events” here (read “snow in the lower elevations to include the valley floor”) so I was stuck in town for two days working extra hours.


Needless to say, I survived.  In the madness of life I forgot what keeps me going, and that is writing.  I’ve always written, and I created this blog because my ego told me I have something to say that others are interested in  :).  My writing has been sparse…oh heck, can we say non-existent?  That’s going to change.


With February here, I am back in the writing saddle. There’s lovely products to talk about for sure, and with the hope of Spring comes my love of Springy-scents.  I find myself to be a seasonal gal, as I don’t wear the same things all year round.  My moods change with the weather, so I cannot wait for the mail to drop off my lastest acquisition from Nessa’s Naturals.  Had I been more on the ball I would have mentioned this before the ordering expiration date, so I do apologize for the lag.


The Pamper Me Set is on its way to me now (and I got one shipped to my dear friend Amy in St. Louis) and I cannot wait.  It was made FOR ME in the scent I chose, so it wasn’t grabbed off of some shelf and put in a box.  That’s what I love about custom orders, your products aren’t made until you order it.


Out of all the scents available I chose Honeysuckle:


Honeysuckle Vine

Honeysuckle Image via Wikipedia



Perfume Roll On (5 ml)


Dry Oil Body Mist (2 oz)


Frosting Sugah Scrub (4 oz)


Frosting Body Cream (4 oz)


Lipstick (in your color choice).


Nessa’s Naturals uses only organic, unrefined, natural and wildcrafted ingredients in her products, so no garbage to worry about.  Remember, our skin is our largest organ, so what we use on the outside gets inside as well!



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