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Survival Products: My Collection

Owens Acres Energizing Aromatherapeutic Scent

There’s some things I don’t leave the house with, especially when I have to make the 40 mile trek into work.  Some are obvious:  coffee (to drink for the trip), my purse, etc…but when you dig into my purse there are absolute must have products that I reach for over the course of my work day.

My purse is a bulging mess, and believe me when I say I try to downsize as much as I can but the same products remain.  I cannot leave the house without them:

1.  Owens Acres Headache Balm:  I think the name of the product says it all.  Comes in a twist up tube in two sizes, .15 oz. and .50 oz.  Think tube of lip balm.  Anyway, its a lovely balm with Lavender and Peppermint, great for those tense necks and pounding temples.  As well, a quick swipe beneath the nose opens up those pesky sinuses.  I order them two at a time, one to keep at home and the other for my purse.

2.  Owens Acres Lavender Lotion Bar:  Comes in 2oz or 4 oz tins, I keep the 2 oz in my purse.  Great for dry hands (and I HATE dry hands) and the Lavender is potent enough for a relaxing escape, no matter how brief.

3. Owens Acres Arnica Warm Roll On:  I have bone spurs in my neck and they are aggravated by cold weather.  When my neck hurts boy does it hurt a sickly, throbbing hurt.  The Arnica Warm really helps with the pain. I apply and wrap my neck in a scarf.

4.  Energizing Perfume Roll On:  Is a great pick me up for those work blahs.  Smells like Lime Lifesavers, it really does.

5.  Starbucks VIA:  For when Starbucks is closed and I need coffee.  The swill that’s in the work lunchroom can take the caulking off a bathtub *shudders*

6.  Tea:  when I feel chilly, which makes me miserable.  Sometimes all I need is a hot cup of tea to warm me up and lift my spirits.

7.  Owens Acres Lip Balms (bottom of page):  I keep Peach and Peppermint with me.  No color, just serious, natural moisture.  Laura just came out with Cinnamon and Pomegranate as well.

8. Owens Acres Aroma Inhaler in “Anxiety”:  yeah.


So there you have it.  I need a bigger purse.

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Owens Acres Goddess Butters

Owens Acres Goddess Butter

Laura called them butters, but I wouldn’t really describe the product as a “butter”.  Its not a creamy, thick, frosting-like consistency, it actually reminds me of coconut oil.  It melts at the moment of contact into a clear liquid that vanishes into my skin once I put it on.  I have tried the Almond (mmmm) and I purchased the Lavender, but there are also Chamomile, Coffee, Neroli, Orange, Rose, Rosemary and Vanilla scents.

No horrible synthetic scents here.  I could do a whole post on how I absolutely despise artificial scents, but I think my readers already know of my horrible disdain for fake scents, especially vanilla.  Regardless!  The Lavender smells…like Lavender.  Laura only uses pure essential oils so if you purchase the Chamomile, its gonna smell exactly like Chamomile, not some strange idea of Chamomile.

Even better with the Goddess Butters, they are flexible. I use it in my hair.

Winter is coming, lets save our skin from suffering through that  horrible dryness that comes with the season.

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Rose Geranium.

Rose Geranium

This post is rather indulgent on my part, since I am going to talk about my favorite and least favorite scents.  I am working on my second cup of coffee this morning, and after staring at the Badger Balm Soap Page on their website, my mind started mulling over the scents I like and dislike.

*slurps coffee*  So lets begin.

Lavender:  Hands down personal favorite.  If a product has Lavender EO, that’s almost an instant sell for me.  That being said, fake lavender scents just offend my nose.  One of the first natural products I ever purchased was a Lavender Lip Balm and I was hooked.  Lavender EO roll ons for stress and headaches is another product that gets me giddy.  My first one was from a company up in Washington State.  I purchased it a couple of years ago and loved it.  After trying to remember who the company was, I remembered:  Island Thyme Botanical Body Care and Artisan Soaps up in Orcas Island, WA.  I was completely and totally hooked with the idea of smearing lavender (and peppermint) all over my face.  From there I found Lil’s Lavender and discovered their awesome smelling lavender lotion.  They also have an amazing Lavender peppermint headache roll on.

I have to laugh at myself, here.  Back in the day I spent hours on-line trying to find local, lavender products.  My how times have changed.  I would still recommend both companies, and that Lil’s Lavender lotion is amazing.

Rose Geranium: for a soap this is my favorite.

Lavender Rose:  Kettle Care has an amazing fragrance oil I purchased several years ago and I still have a bit left.  Its packaged in an amber-colored bottle and still smells amazing.  (Side Note:  Their Joint Ease Lotion with Arnica is the absolute amazing product.  I have arthritis in my neck and this stuff eases the sickening pain I get).

Another side note:  Kettle Care was my first experience with a home based industry and the amazing, healthy products that comes from such an industry.  I have been hooked every since.

Peppermint:  I have a love-hate relationship with Peppermint EO.  I love how much it clears my head from headaches or sinus pressure, how peppermint tea makes my stomach feel better, but other than that, I am not a fan.  Its sad, because I have two huge containers of Heather’s Tummy Care Peppermint Tea for when the IBS starts.  I cannot stand peppermint tea, having drank way too much of it over the course of my life, but it works.  I deal with peppermint because it works.  Owens Acres Headache Balm (thanks, Laura!) is the best for my sinus and regular headaches (feels great on the back of my neck) and I use it all the time but still, peppermint.  *sigh*

That being said, I simply cannot stand lip products with Peppermint OR Vanilla.  OK, so I have a weakness for Owens Acres Peppermint Lip Balm but its super strong, strong enough to clear my nose; but a “flavoring” of Peppermint in a lip stick or a lip gloss usually makes me hit the “back” button on my browser.  I once found an amazing lip color.  I mean, amazing!  I had to have it, the color was the color, if you know what I mean.  I checked out the ingredients, realized it was flavored with a peppermint-vanilla “blend”, and moved on to something else.  Seriously, folks.  Can’t stand it.  I still have dreams of that lipstick color.

One more, and then I will stop.  I have an aversion to body products that smell like baked goods.  Chocolate cake soap?  Sugar Cookie scrub?  I just…no.

So there you have it.  My likes and dislikes.  I realize I am picky and maybe a bit shallow in my choices, but hey.  I’m set in my ways, and I can thank Mom for that.  So tell me, what scents do you like/dislike?

*slurps coffee*

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What I Ask From Beauty Products

yellow hat flower

Yellow Hat Flower

I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way, so I am going to throw this out there.

When it comes to beauty products, I ask one thing of them. To make me feel pretty on the inside.

Looking good doesn’t really pertain to what I am talking about. We can be done up with all sorts of product, but are we pretty? On the outside sure, but what about the inside? Is that perfume you are wearing uplifting you, or does it matter only what others think? That lipstick, sure its a stunning color but does it warm you from the inside?

I am talking about putting a product on and feeling good about wearing it. Colors, aromas, textures, purpose…all these things can make us feel good and that is what I am looking for in a product. I want to put on a scent and be uplifted. I want an eye color to make me feel pretty. I want a foundation to give me confidence.

In other words, its more important to me to feel pretty on the inside more so than on the outside.   Agape & Zoe Naturals are a prime example.  Their fragrance, Green, is listed as “a refreshing combination of cucumber and mandarin, with a hint of mint”.  I absolutely LOVE the smell, its refreshing and clean and unique.  My best friend turns her nose up at it, but that’s just fine, because for me its uplifting and wonderful and clean and puts a sparkle in my eye.

Another example is Owens Acres Lavender Lotion Bar.  My friend doesn’t like it because its heavy and she’s not a fan of lavender, but I put it on and my skin is softened and the smell is fresh lavender.  Its soothing like a warm blanket, or a hot cup of tea, no matter where I am.

As well, I received a sample of Eve Organics Limelight Eyeshadow.  Never would I have thought this color would be my color, but I wear it and I get a smile on my face.  A BIG smile.  This eyeshadow makes me feel goofy and happy.  Don’t ask me why.  It just does.  Its the most perfect green, and I mean perfect.  Check out the picture on the link and notice the awesome gold flecks in all that green.  Its AWESOME!

Perchance I am asking too much from the products I use?  I don’t think so.  I am blessed to use clean, wonderful products that delight as well as beautify.  With life being, well, life, when was the last time you were delighted by anything or anyone?

We gotta find the happiness.  Its out there.

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