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Eve Organics Lip Products

Eve Organics Brandy Lip Stick

I was the luckiest girl in the world when I received three lip products in the mail from Eve Organics.  Happiness!

I have the lip gloss in Miami Sunrise, which is described on the website as a “matte, bright coral”.  It may sound pink but it isn’t.  On my warm skin tone it looks amazing.

The lip stick in Brandy, which is a plummy brown.  Very subtle in color but rocks your lips.

The lip liner in Sedona Clay, which I can only describe as a deep chocolate-red brown.  A great neutral color that supports the Brandy lip color yet adds a brownish warmth to the Miami Sunrise.

A blurb about the lip gloss:  I have seen and tried lip glosses, both healthy and unhealthy, that claim to be “not sticky”.  I have yet to try a lip gloss that hasn’t passed the “not sticky” test, until now.  Eve Organics lip gloss isn’t really like a gloss, its more like a lip creme.  There’s no stickiness at all, there’s no blops, and you don’t feel like you’ve eaten an entire basket of greasy french fries.  It also doesn’t feel like its all over your face after speaking a couple of sentences.  I hate that about some glosses, they are so slick they feel like you’ve eaten a plate of ribs (no, I am not hungry).

A quick word about the liner:  this was my first “healthy” lip liner and there’s no reason to go back to a n OTC liner:  it performs just as well as any other “unhealthy” lip liner I have used.

The lipstick:  I have tried several mineral lipsticks, and I’ve had issues with every single one.  Part of my problem is that I cannot get past the performance of drugstore lip stick.  I know its all those unsavory ingredients that make the OTC lip sticks do so well in regards to color, wear and the like, but so far I haven’t seen an adequate replacement.  I don’t know if I ever will, to be honest.  I like the Brandy, though, because it has good color, I don’t have to cake it on to get color, and with the lip liner I get pretty good wear out of it.

The ultimate winner was wearing the liner with the gloss.  I got great color, great wear, no stickiness, and a lot of compliments.

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