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This is What Happens When I Blog After Work

2010 05 22 - 6724 - Jim Thorpe - Fruit Smoothie


What makes me healthy isn’t going to necessarily make everyone else healthy. If I have my friends homemade soy fruit smoothie with added protein powder I feel like a million dollars.  It doesn’t mean that works for everyone.  Not everyone drinks soy.  Soy, to me, is an acquired taste, but since I have been drinking soy for as long as I can remember, it doesn’t bother me.  Especially now that I know what milk does to my body.

Its not a good thing. *shudders*

One of my biggest reason for having this blog is to show how we can take charge of our own health, by educating and making aware of what’s out there.  I learn from reading and trying things…no one could have EVER told me a gluten free foundation was going to save my life.  Nor that drinking tea on a regular basis would make me feel better, or that stretching would get my body to loosen up.

I don’t sit here and preach that I know it all.  I don’t.  I also don’t sit here and pretend I am a perfect weight, for I am not.  I just found out how to listen to my own body, my entire body.  Health isn’t just what you put in your body, there’s also you mind, your heart, the entire being.  One thing effects another.

Its a journey, for sure.  So far, I feel better, but that’s not the biggest reward.  The reward comes from educating.  That puts a smile on my face.  I consider myself blessed because there are others out there like me who want to grow old in the most fabulous way.  I don’t want to be a statistic that ends up part of an article on CNN.  How’s that for motivation?

So to my readers:  enjoy and live.  Have a big cup of tea, or a delicious smoothie, or heck, even a cup of coffee.  Wow, that sounds really good right now, even at almost 1 AM.

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