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Technical I am Linked!

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Ever have way too much going on?  Well, that’s been me.  Ever jump into something before really thinking it out?  Me again.

So!  I now have my collective act together when it comes to this blog.  I have had several issues and I think I have fixed them all.  I can now see notifications, and this blog is now linked to Twitter @theholistichick as well as The Holistic Chick over on Facebook.  As well, all notifications from this blog are going to an email account I actually use, so now I can see comments and requests from my email.

I know I was frustrated with not having every thing linked together, and I simply blamed it on user error.  I just wasn’t smart enough to figure it all out, so if I upset anyone because I did not reply, my most heartfelt apologies for giving the perception I was ignoring anyone.  I wasn’t, I was in over my head with thinking I could blog and be cool and be done.

Not so much. Its a lot more work than I thought.


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