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Product Giveaways. My Opinion.

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This is a topic myself and Natural Beauty Vixen discussed at our latest visit with one another, although meetings of the minds is more like it.  I like to think we’re out to change the world, but then again I have always had an ego about myself.  🙂 Oh, and these reflections are my own based on our conversation.  She has nothing to do with it  🙂

Anyway, we’ve been around the internet and follow other blogs and the like, and one thing I have notice, among many things, are product giveaways, especially to gather more members to a blog or community or the like.  I have seen for myself a promise of a wonderful product giveaway, seen the traffic such a thing has generated, and see all those folks who signed up vanish once the giveaway is over.

Don’t get me wrong, I love free stuff.  Who doesn’t?  There’s nothing wrong with giveaways, I think it is a very kind and generous thing to do, but I do not think its a good idea for generating hits on a website, Facebook, or whatever social media you can think of.  All its doing is generating short term traffic and how many of these winners actually stick around and participate on the blog/in the community, and isn’t that the goal we are striving for?

Granted, I get a bit huffy when I come across giveaways and they are for new sign ups only.  I think to myself hey, I am here, every day, contributing and reposting on Facebook and Twitter and I can’t enter?  Shallow, for sure.  I don’t disagree with that at all, I can be as shallow as a puddle of water at times, but how about we folks who stick around and play in the sandbox on a regular basis?

As well, I like to think folks come to my blog and visit my Facebook page because I have something interesting to say which touches some part of them.  I don’t want traffic based on what I am handing out, I want traffic because of my words, my ideas, my ramblings, me.  Egotistical?  Could be.  Fantasy world?  I won’t tell you about the unicorn beneath my desk.  He kicks and has bad gas.

It breaks my heart to see communities and bloggers sell themselves short like this, and to see their disappointment when all these folks who subscribed for the giveaway vanish once its over.  I believe content is the key to serious readers and subscribers.  Yes, I offer a discount code over at Owens Acres, but I am not giving anything away and my readers make their own decision to go visit that site or not.  As well, you don’t have to subscribe to get the discount code.  Its simply there if anyone chooses to use it.   Owens Acres is very generous that way.

In the same vein, my Facebook account is linked to this blog.  I have a personal FB account, and before I got everything figured out and was able to separate my blog postings to its own FB page, my “friends” were reading everything, from my blog to my sometimes unholy discussions with my coworkers.  My Holistic Chick FB page is growing…slowly, and yes I do a fist pump when I see someone else “liked” my page, but I can’t belittle myself and my readers by bribing them for “likes” with a product giveaway.

Maybe I am too old fashioned.  Maybe thinking the written word is going to make a difference isn’t forward thinking in this day and age, that educating the masses is only saved for video and handouts.  I created this blog because I was very serious in my intentions of living better and healthier, and I believe my words have depth and meaning, and I am going to stick with that.

Now, about this stinky unicorn beneath my desk…

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