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So who is doing what to survive the holidays?

There’s no way around all of the stuff that is throw at us:  the ads, the shopping, families, friends, work, weather, the madness in general.  Working in a customer service oriented job adds to the mayhem (I know this for a fact) because everyone has agendas, schedules, reasons, excuses, you name it to be difficult.  Stress hits nearly everyone.  I haven’t found a way to avoid it, short of crawling under a rock until Spring hits.

I spent nearly all day pulling together my shopping list so I could get my holiday shopping done.  I followed the “Support Indie” mantra, and I am so very grateful the shop owner let me send her an email with my choices instead of checking boxes and going back and fourth from the order page back to the product pages on her website.  No big deal for small orders, but for my big holiday order it takes up quite a bit of time.  So I got that done.

So lo and behold, right after I send my email I check my personal Facebook page and a dear friend of mind posts on my wall that my Christmas present is coming in the mail.  Oooops!  So another email to the shop owner, throwing on one more item for her to ship to my friend directly.  **big hugs to Owens Acres**

The shopping part isn’t that big of a deal for me.  Its everything else.  Schedules, work, traffic, weather…especially weather.  This past week I was lucky to have dry but below freezing temperatures driving to and from work.  I was also lucky this weekend, I didn’t have to work and why do I hear the sanding truck outside on our street?  Oh yeah, it rained and its like 25 degrees out.  Yay.

Work is something else.  Anyone who works any sort of customer service this time of year deserves a healthy dose of extra good karma.  Some people just…wow.  To top it all off, there’s the co-workers as well.  For me, at least, that’s a whole different category of mayhem.

Oh, and of course, trying to not get sick on top of everything else.  My work place is a hotbed of disease.  Colds linger for months as it gets transferred from one person to another.  Last year I was sick for two whole months.  The year before I was diagnosed with asthma, which turned out to be seasonal asthma only.  This year I have been taking my Vitamin C with Rosehips and Echinacea regularly (I know Echiniacea has been given a bad rap, but hey, it works for me) and trying to get enough rest and drinking tea and trying to eat decently.  So far I have been lucky to avoid any sickness, while the people around me have been dropping like flies.

Sometimes I want to simply disengage from everything.  Certain people with their issues and their dispositions and quirks and such are beginning to wear at me.  I wonder if its possible to stay in bed from now until the New Year, give everything and everyone a chance to calm down…

…and I wonder if a pony will fit in my stocking.

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Sick? Maybe…

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower 2

Hibiscus Flower

Spent time today with my fellow blogger and friend, naturalbeautyvixen for a lovely several hours of carbs and caffeine.  On my drive home I started feel that ‘great, getting a cold feeling’ and by the time I got home I went straight to bed.

Now, I am drinking strong peppermint and hibiscus tea (thank you, Owens Acres) and dosing myself with Vitamin C capsules (with Rose Hips).  I have a box of Emergen-C Immune Defense Formula, which also contains hibiscus extract, but the stuff tastes absolutely hideous.  If I have to…

There’s no one to blame for this but myself.  Horrible stress, mixed with me not taking care of myself brought me to this place.   I admit, I wasn’t sleeping,  wasn’t eating right, wasn’t taking my vitamins, and now I am totally useless.  Well, that’s being dramatic.  I am not too far gone but I feel I am teetering on the edge.

What’s sad and funny about this situation is that I am not ignorant in how I need to take care of myself.  In theory is one thing, in practice is another.


Being unable to take standard OTC cold remedies (yet I long for the days I was able to swill Nyquil and call it a night) I have alternate ways to deal with a cold.  Tea.  Organic cough and cold salves.  Cough drops.  When it gets real bad, Advil for fever and Benadryl for the runny nose.  Hey, you have to do what you have do.  Sometimes staying home isn’t a luxury. Life does go on.

So, lesson learned.  I need to take care of myself better, lest I find myself in the situation I am in now:  blogging while listening to New Order.  When I started this post I was listening to The Smiths. *blushes*

Time for more tea…

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