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Cosmetic Brushes…My Take

Make-up brushes

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If I were a professional makeup artist I am sure my thoughts would be different on this matter regarding brushes.  I am no make up artist, I don’t pretend to be.  I am a female who loves make-up, that’s all.

Nevertheless…I will admit to watching several videos on YouTube regarding make-up application.  I have hooded eyes so I watch those videos about how to give yourself a crease when you really don’t have one, and I also like to watch vidoes on certain “looks”.

What I don’t get is this fascination with brushes. Granted, I miss the days of drug store cosmetic shopping and simply using the sponge applicators that came with the pans of eye shadow.  I could deal with the sponge applicators.  When I made the switch from drugstore cosmetics to Mary Kay Cosmetics, I loved the applicators, a soft sponge on side and a brush on the other, and I could work a sponge applicator like nothing.  My eye makeup looked good!  Then they changed their formula to mineral, so I gave up on that and went to natural cosmetics.

Now.  Even in the drugstores, cosmetics are coming in pots with no applicators, meaning you have to purchase your applicators separately.  Even worse, we’re being told that brushes are the way to go if you want a flawless face with professional results and that certain brushes get the job done better than others.

Like I said up top, if I was a professional my view would be different, since I am not, well, here you have it.

I think the brushes are a racket.  Watching videos on YouTube everyone talks about their MAC brushes and how awesome they are…but $56 for a powder brush?  Wow.   Then, for certain looks, you have to have an L543 or a BB304, and don’t forget a VT124 for the crease!  Of course here I am being sarcastic, but really, its all about the expensive brushes, and in order to get the look you must have the brushes.

I actually watched a video for a hooded eye look where the commentator used a finger to apply the base color, which was a standard over the counter cosmetic brand.   I was shocked and amazed because hey, cosmetic application that everyone can relate too!  A FINGER.  Ingenious.


Beauty is big business, this I understand.  The competition must be horrific.  Yet can’t we go back to basics when makeup was simplistic and didn’t cost a fortune, and we didn’t need so many accessories to apply product?

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